Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fuck Jake Pavelka

For about a year and a half now i've been bringing you the best advice I can muster right here in this blog.  I've covered everything from getting nude pics on your phone to how to be a ruthless player and steal chicks right out from under other guys.  I've given you my latest openers, tips on polarizing your game, tips on how to wade your way through the harshness of learning pickup while maintaining a clear head, and perhaps most importantly i've tried to warp your mindset and lifestyle through posts like "Quit Your Job... Now" and "She's not even in the fucking room!"

After all of this, i'm proud to announce....* drumroll *... that when you type in "jake p" in Google, that finally...  yes finally.... I have edged out the competition.  I am proud to announce that I now come in #1 on Google search results, before Jake Pavelka's You Tube videos.  Fuck Jake Pavelka!

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