Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The BEST Texting e-Book E V E R is coming!

After years of thinking about a texting e-book and students asking me to write one, i've finally began writing!  In fact, i've been writing for 4 days non-stop and i'm already about halfway done with the book.  I can already tell you this will likely be the most pragmatic, comprehensive texting e-book on the market.

The days of wondering what the hell to do are about to be over!

And before I finish up the book, I really want to make sure that I include everything that you guys would like to see covered, so PLEASE comment below and let me know if there's anything special you would like me to include.

Thanks and keep tuning into my blog.  This will be the first place I will announce it's completion.

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  1. -How long do you take to respond to a general text from a girl?
    -Do you ever ignore their texts intentionally?
    -How long before you send sexually suggestive texts?

    Thanks Jake!

  2. I have always found with texting that if a girl likes you and isnt already totally satisfied with the number of men in her life she will reply and come out no matter what I send and if not, she wont no matter what I write.

    Aside from making sure not to ask her out too soon or too late (so you become a texting buddy) I have never managed to make any of the texting strategies I have read about work for me. In real-world terms that means it has worked for me with girls i could have got on a date through any other texts but never on girls that were not as solid. If fact some of the text threads out there are almost cheesy and have lost me women I was pretty sure would come had I been a bit more "normal" and less gamey. Perhaps this is because I live outside the US for much of the year and theres a cultural difference?

    I would say I want to believe Jake. I want to think there is something that could get a few of the "on the fence" girls into me. Actually, I am a surefire sale, I will but just to see what you have come up with. Could you please include an explanation of why you think this is better than something simple (like a punch first text then back and forth banter leading to me asking her out maybe 8-12 texts later)? If your stuff works better than just normal texting and I hope it does so I can learn and get better, I want to know why your stuff works and why its better.

    1. Great question Anonymous. And funny you ask that. In the texting e-book, I specifically and thoroughly address the exact grey area you're talking about, where it's tough to get girls who are on the fence about you. I describe why and how it happens, how to identify it happening, how to prevent it, and how to deal with it once it has.

      One big reason I believe this system is better than others is that I specifically outline how to establish or maintain dominance through your texting, instead of just texting and hoping to get a response. Another reason the system works is because I outline exactly how to know where you're "at" before you start texting in the first place, so that you can come up with a pre-planned strategy before you even start, and also still keeping it simple along the way.

  3. One problem I have is that texting takes up way to much time. I don't even that many women in my life, but when I actually do have someone to text with it can eat up half a day. Last time I threw my phone in a drawer so I could actually get some work done and next time I pull it out I see "I've obviously offended you..."

    The other problem I have is that I can start strong with something from the 30/30 text thread, but it quickly degrades to mundane shit.

    Finally, when I do get something sexual I have no idea how to respond. I woman texted me a short strip tease with the comment "remember me?" I had no idea what to say.

    I guess the short version is that I have no idea what I'm doing and should probably just wait for the book.... Looking forward to it!

    1. Great questions Jon. I'll address them one by one.

      Texting eating up half a day? I get the same thing. SUPER annoying. You're doing it the right way. Do whatever your priority is to do, like work, school, whatever, then text when you're ready to text. Yes, ditch her the whole day if you're busy. When you decide to text and you've gotten a "obv i've offended you" text, respond with "Deep into my work all day sorry, what's up :)" This is a great way to be non-reactive to her scorn and keep things on a good energy level while letting her know you do have priorities in life. This attitude keeps her far more attracted to you because it's tougher for her to gain the compliance of you texting her whenever she feels like she wants you to. Nice work so far, now just see it through.

      As far as texts on 30/30 go, they're great to just get a response, but I also am not a fan of many of them because that's all they're designed to do, get a response. I prefer using texts that I know will end up in me having a high chance to get a date. I'll discuss those in my e-book. I'm glad you're recognizing this, it shows you've got a lot of situational awareness and you're not just mindlessly plugging texts into your phone.

      My response to the short strip tease would be:


      Then i'd wait for 5 minutes for her to text back and handle her next text back to me based on how she's communicating that makes her feel. Sometimes they'll be like "You're an asshole! YOu know you remember me" and i'll be like "haha, of course. What's up?" Other times they might send more and i'll say "Ahhh, my memory is coming back a little bit.... send me more" or something like that. The only way you can go wrong with "no" in that situation is if you don't know how to handle it if conflict would arise. And as you would guess, if this is the case that's exactly what you SHOULD be texting so that you can learn.

      Thanks for your reply! Hope this helps you out a bit.

  4. Good to see you back, Jake!

    I'm pretty sure you've done it before on the blog, but I would love to see real-life examples with step-by-step commentary on what was behind your texts. I think you broke down exactly WHY you said what you said, and the subtext of what the woman was saying. It was like hearing the thoughts of a grandmaster as he was playing chess.

    1. Wouldn't miss having these types of examples in the book! Thanks for reading

  5. Projected Date? Also hope the book contains information on to "unfuck" yourself after saying something dumb. Examples, situations, etc.

    1. Unfortunately I have no projected date yet. Since this is my first product launch, website, etc. I really have no idea how long it's going to take to get all that done with, although I do have an expert helping me out.

      As far as unfucking yourself, understand first what you did wrong, then knowing that information, I would try and communicate or subcommunicate to the girl something that would demonstrate to her the opposite behavior of what you did the first time.

      I can give you a better answer if you're a bit more explicit. What exactly did you do wrong?