Friday, September 26, 2014

Texting E-Book Update

Hey guys,  I've been getting a lot of emails wondering about progress on my texting e-book.  As of right now, I am finished writing the body of the texting e-book!  I'm currently searching out resources for internal formatting and external cover, spine, back design, etc.  then it'll be ready for you guys to swallow up.  I'm estimating it'll be about a hundred pages or so.  

I need your help!

 I would still like to add some more examples from the phones and lives of my students into the book so that I can explain some common texting issues guys have, so if you've got a texting thread that starts with callback humor, or you've got a shorter thread (20 total texts max), send it to:

I just might put it in the book!  And I assure you guys... it's on the way :)

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