Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Change your Dating Life Once and FOREVER!

I'm currently taking applications for two or possibly three new students who would like to change their dating life forever.  You will eat, sleep, and breath the hollywood single lifestyle with me right at your side.

You will live WITH ME (that's right, we live and party at my fucking house!) and get personally trained by me 1-on-1 style twice a month.  I'll be around to talk about texting, to text your dates for you while you're learning, and we'll even be hanging out at least once a month to just go out and have fun (sarging optional and probable).  You'll get an inside look at my game and how it works, how I talk with women, how I text, and how you can live the lifestyle of a man with abundance.  We'll fix your clothes, your walk, your body language, and handle any and every concern you've got as I plug you right into the exclusive Hollywood lifestyle.  I'll even go on double dates with you if that's what it takes!


Simply email me: and we'll hop on the phone and see if you're a good fit for the program.  Remember, this is a TOTAL immersion training for guys who want the absolute best dating instruction possible.  Because of the nature and amount of time it takes to train in this way, spots are extremely limited, like for real.  So shoot me an email if you're considering it and i'll be glad to answer any questions you might have and talk about if this type of thing is right for you.  I look forward to hearing from you.



  1. For anybody reading this, I was in the final Pickup Mansion program last year & was lucky enough to be coached by Jake multiple times to strongly influenced my game. Actually, between The 30/30 Club and my first 1on1 with him before the Mansion program, he's probably been one of the biggest factors of me getting me where I am. So where am I now? This was my last year...

    -- 50 lays in 1 year (couple happened outside mansion)
    -- SNL Threesome + among others
    -- 2 marriage proposals
    -- maintained 10 girl rotation with filtering new girls in/out
    -- banging a different girl every day of the week (if not more)
    -- banging up to 4 girls in one day (2 a day became normal)
    -- bunch of <10 minute pulls
    -- pulled & fucked blonde hottie from the Playboy Mansion (she bought me breakfast)
    -- Took 18yo cheerleader's virginity plus bunch of anal virginities
    -- went out 5 nights & banged 7 girls
    -- met an amazing chick who I'd let be my exclusive gf because frankly I know what's out there & she ticks all the boxes. Since meeting this girl, only time I fucked a new girl is when she opens & chases me. It happens a lot.

    That's all I can think of for now but this shows what is possible with the drive & the right coaching.

    Thanks again Jake!

    1. Amazing stats Raijn, and thanks for the recommendation. Remember the guy you were years ago with bad style, baby face looks, and very little game? That guy is LOOOOOONG gone. Enjoy your new lifestyle of options and happiness, you've earned it.