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Monday, May 14, 2018

See, Here's the Problem...

We all know that women "want" (or think that they want) long-term relationships, marriage, etc.  We see this idea repeated in mainstream media over and over, and women will even tell you to your face that they want long term relationships.  So then why is there a HUGE divorce rate in the US?  What's the huge problem causing this???

The problem is that women's natural actions don't support long-term relationships.   

That's right, I said it.  The actions of women are what cause divorce, not men.  In fact, I'm quite sure that most men are perfectly chill and happy in a long term relationship, and the majority of us certainly aren't taking actions to kill our relationships.  The majority of us just aren't wired that way.  

But back to women.  Why are they killing relationships they get themselves into?  

Because it's in their nature.  

You see, women are constantly unknowingly taking actions (however small) to gain dominance in their relationships, and it's because there is a strong biological mechanism at play.  You see, if a woman can mate with a dominant man and then somehow turn him into a beta-male, then she gets to go out and mate with another dominant male, and if she has another baby then her genes now have a better chance of success than they might have if she only mated with one man.  Pretty simple, right?  Well, this kind of thing happens in a lot in nature.  

So here's how this plays out in real life:  

Man and woman meet.  They have sex and get into a relationship.  Dominance amongst them is established or not established at whatever level happens naturally between them.  From that point on, the woman continues her screening process of trying to gain dominance over the man.  As she attains dominance bit-by-bit over time, she loses attraction towards the man at that same rate.  

Why?  Because... 

Women are attracted to dominant men.  

If you're a dominant man, women will be attracted to you.  Once you "have" a woman, as your level of dominance wanes, so does her level of attraction to you.  

This is where it gets bad for a man.  

When a woman gains dominance and loses attraction to the man she's with, the amount of fights, drama, bullshit, and unhappiness skyrocket until the relationship is over.  As the woman is losing attraction to the man, she'll blame it on HIM.   From that point her mission becomes getting out of the relationship in a way that benefits her the most.  After all, it's his fault.  Remember?  

So who is to blame?  

Well, nobody is to blame really.  Women aren't knowingly engaging in this process, they're simply continuing their screening process during the relationship.  The man's not to blame either because he has no idea how to deal with all the woman's tests over and over.  In my experience, most men simply want to avoid conflict so they can have a peaceful, happy day.  So if the woman is upset or mad, they seek to quell the matter at hand, and in doing so they often give up small pieces of the dominance they once had...  

It's like men are constantly trading their dominance in the relationship for peace that they never get.  

Why does it work out this way?  It works out this way because women are wired to screen constantly for dominance in men (like I mentioned earlier).  It's how they obtain the best suitor for them.  And once they've "chosen" a man, they need constant reassurance that they've chosen correctly.  The way they do that is through small dominance "challenges" throughout the relationship... and yes, this continues even through the course of a marriage. 

So everyone loses.  The women loses a man who could have been (and probably is) a good man.  The man loses his relationship (and half his shit), and any kids are completely fucked over from having a chance at a decent loving upbringing independent from our government's family court system (also quite fucked).  

Ouch... like big fucking ouch.  

Oh!  And by the way this doesn't just go for straight couples.  These roles are often played out among homosexual couples and transsexual couples as well... 

So what's the solution to all of this, you ask?  

The solution is education and practice.  As men, we should educate ourselves on how this happens so that we can practice handling these individual bouts (or dominance struggles as I call them) as they happen in the moment.  To me, this is the only solution to the problem.  

What's this process called?  It's called Maintenance Dominance.  In other words, you should establish dominance early on in your relationship, then when small dominance struggles come up, you should use them as opportunities to maintain your dominance (and therefore her attraction to you) in the relationship.  

It's that simple.  

We recognize that these situations are going to happen, and we simply handle them one by one, and in doing so the woman stays attracted to us because she's reminded of our dominance.  

That's all she really wants anyways...


Ever feel like this has happened to you?  A woman loses her attraction towards you and then blames you for it and leaves immediately and in dramatic fashion, taking whatever she can from you in the process??? 

Well you're not alone, and the bad news is that you're doomed to repeat this agony throughout your whole life unless you learn to handle these struggles effectively.  

Step 1.  The first step to handling this stuff is to educate yourself.  When a little "struggle" happens to you, try recording it on a voice memo on your phone, or if you can't do that then do your best to remember what was said and write it down.  

Step 2.  Find a way "through."  Once you've failed at being dominant, you now are aware of one way NOT to get things right.  This is a prerequisite to getting things right, so instead of beating yourself up, brainstorm some other ways of handling her ploy for dominance, or simply login to your account and I'll tell you the answer on the forum.  I'll even show you visually how to handle the struggle in my weekly "office hours" live chat and you can see first-hand what you should have done.  

Step 3.   Once you know the proper way to handle that particular dominance struggle, you simply wait for it to happen again and you fight the battle when it happens.  You DO NOT talk about fucking Fight Club, lol.  In other words, you don't tell the girl the theory behind what she's doing.  She won't get it and you'll just end up looking weird to her.  Just let the next struggle happen and dominate when it happens.  In this manner you are taking the lead in your relationship by ensuring it's longevity  through your preparedness and conscientious approach.   

Congratulations, you've now got a legit shot at happiness...


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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Pickup Mansion 2018/2019

I've got some EXCITING NEWS for you today!!!

Years ago, guys would fly to Los Angeles to change their lives by joining the "pickup mansion."  They lived in a purpose built home for picking up women and participated in weekly theory sessions and once monthly weekend bootcamps.  Although the program was 12 months long, many of the guys stayed 2 or even 3 years just because they loved the atmosphere of going out with like-minded guys and having so many women around all the time.

Our success was wild...

100% of the guys got laid more than they dreamed of.  Many of the guys got married, got girlfriends, got multiple girlfriends, got rotations, became more successful in business, and overall every single guy grew leaps and bounds in his level of confidence.  Today our students run their own companies, travel the world, have kids, and some are teachers themselves.

That program ended as our industry started to see a decline in TV promotion and people started to wonder if pickup was a thing anymore.  In fact, if you're 21 years old today, you were 11 years old when the "pickup" industry was hot, and you probably wouldn't have even heard of this type of thing in any form of mainstream media since then.


Well, I'm happy to say that right now there is a resurgence happening (at least from my point of view) in the level of interest in learning dating skills. has been active for 6 months and people have been emailing me and texting me asking about the possibility of starting another program like the mansion program we had years ago.

The answer to the question "Will there be another pickup mansion program in Los Angeles" depends on YOU.

Right now I've got 3 guys who have been seriously asking me to start up the program, and it's enough interest that I've decided to get everything going as soon as everyone is ready.    We've talked about a date of January 1st, 2019.  However, I'm willing to start as soon as guys are ready.  After all, summer is around the corner and there will be no shortage of pool parties and bikinis in Hollywood.  It's already begun!

So here we go!  As of TODAY, I'm officially opening up slots for Pickup Mansion 2018/2019!  And as of today I'm officially taking deposits to reserve those spots.

The BAD NEWS:  Unfortunately you can't just send me money and get accepted to this program because I'm not about to let just anyone in.  The right group of guys will be motivated to change their lives, and I plan on creating a positive dynamic for everyone involved.  This means I must have met and trained you personally before I'll even consider your involvement in the program.  One exception to that would be if you get a personal recommendation from Brad P.  because he has trained you before.

The other bad news is that right now I've got solid interest from 3 guys, and I only plan on taking 4 guys unless we get 8 guys total (so that we can have two residences).  There are no guarantees on anything obviously, however if you are interested you should at least shoot me an email ( to ask me any questions about the program that you have.

The GOOD NEWS:  The good news is that there's still time to get into this program, and as of today there are slots open.  The other good news is that if you're interested in being a coach for me, this training program is the way to do it.  Think of it like college for pickup coaches in training.  Obviously I'm not requiring that anyone work for me, but if you're the type of guy who might want a future in the dating industry, this is the way.

The PROGRAM is simple.  You live with fellow students (not me) and we go out in the field to bars and clubs two nights per week.  One night per week we meet for theory and for arranging dates and doing phone game with the girls you've met.  In other words, this is NOT a one weekend per month training program, it's a 3 NIGHTS PER WEEK training program.  Oh, and full access to and more importantly, ME.  That means text me when you need a text to send her, call me when you need a wing, and invite me on your double date.  We'll make your success happen.

The COST.  This is the big one I'm sure everyone is wondering.  The "old" pickup mansion program was $5000 per month and as the program got bigger we were able to offer the program for less than that.  For that price you got 4 hours of theory per month and one weekend group workshop.   ZERO 1-on-1 training was given for that price.

As I'm sure you're aware, right now I charge $1500 for a one-night training.  That means that going out two nights per week with me and doing theory session would alone be over $12,000 per month!

Obviously the program is NOT going to be $12,000 per month, and it's not even going to be $5000 per month like the old mansion program was...   In fact, the program isn't even going to be $4000 or even $3000 per month...

This program is $2499 per month for 12 months with a $2500 deposit. 

Imagine fixing your dating life ONCE AND FOREVER.  Imagine never worrying that you'll be alone ever again.  Imagine a year of your young life spent in Hollywood living a DREAM that others can't or won't.  Imagine looking back when you're 60 and remembering that one time in your life that you WENT FOR IT.


A place specifically designed for picking up women.
Training every week with a top pro.
Guys on the same path as you.
Mornings with sweaty, snoring hotties next to you.
And much much much much more!

Email me and we'll jump on the phone to discuss details, availability, and start date.

I can't wait for you to join us!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Single Best Opener in the Entire World (And it's NOT "Hi"...)

Today I'm going to tell you what the absolute single best style of opener is in the entire planet.  It's something I use (and you probably already use sometimes), it's NATURAL af, it's canned because it's planned, and NO GIRL will ever suspect just from your opener that it's something made up to talk to her.  The best part about that is you're not going to open girls and immediately have them say "I have a boyfriend" like you see in every YouTube video where guys claim the best opener is "Hello" or "Hi, my name is Josh" or some other terrible load of shit like that.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Come see me speak in Chicago!

Yo!  So i'll be speaking in Chicago on Thursday night, March 1st, 2018.  Yes, that's 1 week away!

This is a free event hosted by a member of the Chicago Lair, so if you're interested in coming, email me or and I'll send you the details.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Sherlock Holmes of Pickup

When you start a habit of approaching and that habit continues for years, one of the side effects of that habit is you start to be able to read women very well, even simply by looking at them.  I had a client two weeks ago who is a mentalist for a living.  That means he travels around from city to city doing mind-reading tricks on people for conventions or special events.  Anyways, he came to LA for a few days to train with me, and here's what he had to say about the weekend:

I arrived in Los Angeles around noon on Thursday. Shortly after arriving at my hotel, I received a phone call from Jake. Jake went over the goals for the 1on1, and we set up where we’d meet up later in the evening. The goals Jake had for me were not lofty at all. His goal for me was just to take me to next level above where I’m at right now. I was fine with this because it was realistic, and I wasn’t expecting to be great at pick up after 2.5 years being out of the game.

One thing I noticed about this trip that I was not as nervous for this 1on1 like I was for others. This is my third 1on1 since January 2014.

Jake and I met at a fast-casual restaurant for dinner. Jake and I talked about our history and how we both came into the game. I have been off and on for the last 10 years since my divorce. Jake’s stories were very funny, and I found it very inspiring how much he dedicated himself to it, as he says he is not a natural at this stuff. After about an hour talking, we both headed to the first bar to do some approaches.

When we left I didn’t feel very anxious about doing some approaches but as soon as I walked through the door at the bar I felt that nervous energy that always brings my state down. Jake and I took a lap around the bar. I noticed Jake was extremely social with everybody he came in contact with. He was definitely the man to know at the bar that night. 

After about 30-45 minutes I finally digged up the courage to make some approaches. The first two were quick, low energy, and went nowhere. The highlight of the night came when Jake pointed out a girl showing a lot of skin in the shoulders. We saw her leave her friends and Jake told me to position myself near a entrance way that the girl will have to come through when she came back from the ladies room. I waited about five minutes until I finally saw her coming through. I locked eyes on her, pointed at her hair, and delivered the Trading Hair opener. I don’t even know if I finished or not before the girl grabbed my chest, and then my hand and squeezed like she was really into it. She then walked away. I probably should’ve followed her but I was quite surprised with the reaction from the girl. That usually doesn’t happen ever!

I made a few more approaches but could never spit out the attraction routines after my openers. I guess I found it quite the achievement that I actually opened that I just abandoned the rest of the interaction. Not good on my part.

We went to two more bars that night and my approaches did not seem to improve at all. What I probably got the most out of the workshop was watching Jake approach and interact with girls. It came so naturally to him. Never once did it appear like he was spitting out routines. I saw him only open once with a routine and that was a pair of black girls with Trading Hair. They both were going nuts over it! Jake pushed the envelope a little too much with these girls and we eventually had to leave for another set. 

Jake spotted a Canadian girl with two friends and he opened her. He talked to her for a good 30-45 minutes with me listening in and observing. He fb closed her but could’ve easily made out with her. In fact, he even asked me if I wanted to see that happen but I misunderstood him and said “no, lets move on.”  I wish I could’ve seen this and taken it in.

Day Two

Jake and I met up at a Starbucks to start the day off.  We discussed what happened the night before, what went wrong, and what I needed to do that night to improve. He went over a few sexy stereotypes for me but we both agreed there really wasn’t one for the profession that I am in; therefore, Jake decided to go with a fashion strategy that is current, timeless, and has mass appeal. We spent the next 6 hours shopping for clothing all over Hollywood.  For me this was the highlight of the weekend.  Jake cared so much about picking the perfect outfit for me that he would constantly refuse the store clerk’s fashion advice.  Jake knew exactly what he wanted for and was determined to get it!

After shopping for a jacket, pants, rings, shirt, and shoes we finally had it.  Jake was so excited about what he created.  I was quite impressed too but it was so different than what I’m used to. We then headed to Jake’s barbershop to get my haircut and beard trimmed.  This was the finishing touch that I needed.  After all was said and done, Jake and I agreed that I looked like a totally different person and was ready for a big night out for some approaches.  We went out to eat, and then headed back to our places to rest an hour or two before going out.

I ubered over to the first bar of the night and met Jake there.  It was more of my style of bar.  The music was not as loud and not near as crowded. There were loads of hot women here though. Once again I had problems “self starting” with the approaches and Jake obviously knew it. I finally got pissed off at myself and decided to show Jake what I did for a living and opened a table full of Grecian girls with a mind reading effect. This blew their minds and immediately got me into state. When I got into state I opened a friend of theirs with Horse Girl and I was off flying for the rest of the evening. I made a few quick approaches before I ran into a hot blond with her almost as equally hot brunette friend with the Horse Girl routine. The blonde ate it up and I was locked in with these two for a while. I delivered the Whatever song and totally butchered it. Oh well, it was my first time doing it live in front of someone so I’m not going to beat myself up too much over it.  Jake came over and winged me when he noticed I started struggling. We talked for a while and eventually gave the girls my business card before I left. This was a huge mistake on my part as I should’ve number closed the blonde as I probably would’ve gotten in. I kinda wish we would’ve stuck around pulled these two but I had more work to do.

Most of the bars were completely dead because of it being right after New Years’. We concluded the night by going to one last bar. Nothing here to really approach. Just a bunch of old ladies. We concluded the night here.  Jake seemed very please with my improvement from the night before. I was quite happy with myself too mostly from how I did with the hot blonde at the first bar we went to
Day Three

Jake and I met for coffee and immediately took an Uber to Santa Monica to do some game at an outdoor bar near the ocean.  This was a very nice place and the girls here were unbelievably hot and may have intimidated me a bit. It was time to put my new fashion and skills to the test.  Once again I had trouble self starting to get out of the gate.  When I did my approaches were very sloppy and I really seemed nervous.  Jake, on the other hand, was in his element. 

My education today was just watching Jake and taking in everything that he did with girls. This was the true education for me during the weekend. Where I didn’t do too hot with approaches, watching Jake made up for it because I now do or think whatever Jake does in any difficult situation I find myself with a girl.  It was at that daytime spot where I realized that Jake possesses a skill that left quite the impression on me.  Jake would look around the place with me and point to a girl, then he would tell me about that girl's past and present dating life and how she viewed herself, just by observing the clothes she was wearing, her body type, and the friends she was hanging out with.  This is a very valuable skill to have in my line of work, and I immediately referred to Jake as the "Sherlock Holmes" of pickup.

We finished up a that bar and went for some pizza nearby.  This is where Jake hit me with some sound philosophy regarding where I am at the moment. I was thinking too much on the negative things and what I couldn’t do instead of things I am doing well and where I am at NOW. We headed back to the hotel for a few hours rest before heading back out to Hollywood for some night game.

That night we returned to first bar we went to on Thursday night.  I didn’t waste anytime opening here because I wanted to finish strong.  The first approach was a blowout.  The second approach was a cute blonde with her black friend.  She responded very well, and I was able to make it through a few attraction routines before she wanted to see one of my mind reading effects.  After I finished the routines and did a little comfort game my state lowered considerably.  Jake held everything up for a while but I just ran out of stuff to say which is my biggest weakness when going out talking to girls.  We eventually exited the group thinking we would see them again later in the night (we didn’t).  The rest of the night was bad for me and Jake could tell I was really tired from the busy weekend.  We decided to conclude the evening with Jake telling me where I was at and what I needed to work on when I returned home.  Even after a bad final night I knew I could approach and do well in sets but the key for me was just self starting.

I highly recommend a 1on1 with Jake.  If you have trouble approaching like me, it is well worth just to go out and hang with Jake for the weekend and watch how he interacts with women.  I believe he could pick up any woman he wants after watching him this weekend.  He was able to give me every single detail on why my approaches were going bad.  He even gave me a few new routines to learn when I am met with certain contingencies during a set.  Jake also customized a few routines with me that go very well with my mind reading act that I perform regularly.  I am very excited to use these.
Since coming home I always think WWJD (what would Jake do) when approaching any situation.  I have had many problems with a girl from work the past few months and my first night back I continuously said and did stuff around her that Jake would’ve done during our 1on1.  Her behavior towards me that night was completely different and more submissive than ever before.  Well it resulted in me taking her home and making out with her, something I’ve rarely done the past few months during our troubles.  

Jake’s dominant struggles are the REAL DEAL.  I can’t wait to practice these because they are indeed a game changer.  Just the fashion makeover alone was worth the money in going out there because, as I learned over the weekend, it is truly your ticket to the door!  Women will look at you and take you way more seriously with a Jake makeover. Trust me! I know from experience!  I do believe we accomplished our goal of taking me to the next level which is giving me the tools to the toolbox to go out and approach and have success with it.  The key is just me going out 3x/week and 50 approaches a month.  It will be done and I can't wait to see where it takes me.  I will definitely have another 1on1 with Jake and I recommend you do as well!

Thanks for the review Chad!  And if you're wondering what chad's makeover looked like and where we bought some of his clothes and jewelry, follow me on my NEW INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT by CLICKING HERE! 

You'll also see other makeovers, tips and short clips from me, and blah blah blah...

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Thanks for reading.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Here's Your Stupid Black Friday Special

Alright, alright... I'll do it.  If you wanna get a deal with me today is your day.  As most of you know who've been reading awhile, I usually do a coaching special once a year about this time, so if you're into that, I'll offer you 3 deals today.  Oh, and this special goes until Monday, so if you wanna take me up on this, it's best you do it NOW so you don't forget and miss the deal.

Deal number 1:

My workshop price this year has been $1500 per night, and since lately I've had a lot of clients wanting to do three sessions in one weekend, I've been giving them the third session for free ($3000 total for the weekend).  This means usually we'll do a makeover on Friday or some day game, go out that night, then repeat that on Saturday.  If you want that same amount of coaching and you wanna get that deal before Monday, I'll do that same deal for you for $1999.  However!  I'm only allowing you to get a maximum of 2 of these deals per person ($3998), so don't try sending me $8000 for 4 weekends because in 2018 I've only got 52 of them and this year I plan on putting hundreds of guys in my program when I release it to the public (read:  Facebook advertising, among other things).  That's right, it's happening.  So this literally is your last shot ever at this deal.  If you wanna take me up on it, just pay me via paypal (my id is or if you're a GFF member I can process your card on file.

Deal 2:

If a workshop isn't for you and you'd rather get me on the phone or on Skype/Facetime, then I'll make you a deal for that too.  This year my one hour rate has been $250 per hour, and yes that's actually what I charge.  The deal on my website for Girlfriend Fastlane Members has been 5 hours for $999 and you can text me at your leisure with a minimum of a 15 minute call when we chat.  If you're interested in jumping on the phone with me for 5 hours, that deal (until Monday!) is $699.  And again, you can only buy a max of 2 of these for $1398.  This is the best deal I've offered in a very long time. If you wanna take me up on it, just pay me via paypal (my id is or if you're a GFF member I can process your card on file.

Truthfully, I'm a little bit scared of offering you these deals too, because the past two years there have been guys who send me $10,000 paypal payments and then I'm coaching cheap all year long, but they've gotten great deals and so good for them (and I've now learned my lesson).  Now they're banging girls and that's why yesterday I had 8 students text me personally on my phone to thank me for my help in getting them laid.  Thanks you guys!  It really made me feel great yesterday.

Oh!  And in addition to that I'd like to congratulate KM (you know who you are) on a successful close the other night!  We chatted on the phone the other day about how he's been getting hotter and hotter women and how he has lost a couple after date 1, and as a result of our talk on the phone I predicted to him that he would get laid that night, and that's exactly what happened!  So nice work man!

So anyways, happy black Friday guys, and now you know why I'm putting a maximum on the amount of coaching I offer.  My time is getting very valuable to me, and next year at this time the deal will probably be double these prices because demand has been soaring lately.

Is all this too rich for you and you're curious about what Deal number 3 is, here you go:

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That's it for today guys, enjoy your holidays and I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together in 2018!