Thursday, February 22, 2018

Come see me speak in Chicago!

Yo!  So i'll be speaking in Chicago on Thursday night, March 1st, 2018.  Yes, that's 1 week away!

This is a free event hosted by a member of the Chicago Lair, so if you're interested in coming, email me or and I'll send you the details.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Sherlock Holmes of Pickup

When you start a habit of approaching and that habit continues for years, one of the side effects of that habit is you start to be able to read women very well, even simply by looking at them.  I had a client two weeks ago who is a mentalist for a living.  That means he travels around from city to city doing mind-reading tricks on people for conventions or special events.  Anyways, he came to LA for a few days to train with me, and here's what he had to say about the weekend:

I arrived in Los Angeles around noon on Thursday. Shortly after arriving at my hotel, I received a phone call from Jake. Jake went over the goals for the 1on1, and we set up where we’d meet up later in the evening. The goals Jake had for me were not lofty at all. His goal for me was just to take me to next level above where I’m at right now. I was fine with this because it was realistic, and I wasn’t expecting to be great at pick up after 2.5 years being out of the game.

One thing I noticed about this trip that I was not as nervous for this 1on1 like I was for others. This is my third 1on1 since January 2014.

Jake and I met at a fast-casual restaurant for dinner. Jake and I talked about our history and how we both came into the game. I have been off and on for the last 10 years since my divorce. Jake’s stories were very funny, and I found it very inspiring how much he dedicated himself to it, as he says he is not a natural at this stuff. After about an hour talking, we both headed to the first bar to do some approaches.

When we left I didn’t feel very anxious about doing some approaches but as soon as I walked through the door at the bar I felt that nervous energy that always brings my state down. Jake and I took a lap around the bar. I noticed Jake was extremely social with everybody he came in contact with. He was definitely the man to know at the bar that night. 

After about 30-45 minutes I finally digged up the courage to make some approaches. The first two were quick, low energy, and went nowhere. The highlight of the night came when Jake pointed out a girl showing a lot of skin in the shoulders. We saw her leave her friends and Jake told me to position myself near a entrance way that the girl will have to come through when she came back from the ladies room. I waited about five minutes until I finally saw her coming through. I locked eyes on her, pointed at her hair, and delivered the Trading Hair opener. I don’t even know if I finished or not before the girl grabbed my chest, and then my hand and squeezed like she was really into it. She then walked away. I probably should’ve followed her but I was quite surprised with the reaction from the girl. That usually doesn’t happen ever!

I made a few more approaches but could never spit out the attraction routines after my openers. I guess I found it quite the achievement that I actually opened that I just abandoned the rest of the interaction. Not good on my part.

We went to two more bars that night and my approaches did not seem to improve at all. What I probably got the most out of the workshop was watching Jake approach and interact with girls. It came so naturally to him. Never once did it appear like he was spitting out routines. I saw him only open once with a routine and that was a pair of black girls with Trading Hair. They both were going nuts over it! Jake pushed the envelope a little too much with these girls and we eventually had to leave for another set. 

Jake spotted a Canadian girl with two friends and he opened her. He talked to her for a good 30-45 minutes with me listening in and observing. He fb closed her but could’ve easily made out with her. In fact, he even asked me if I wanted to see that happen but I misunderstood him and said “no, lets move on.”  I wish I could’ve seen this and taken it in.

Day Two

Jake and I met up at a Starbucks to start the day off.  We discussed what happened the night before, what went wrong, and what I needed to do that night to improve. He went over a few sexy stereotypes for me but we both agreed there really wasn’t one for the profession that I am in; therefore, Jake decided to go with a fashion strategy that is current, timeless, and has mass appeal. We spent the next 6 hours shopping for clothing all over Hollywood.  For me this was the highlight of the weekend.  Jake cared so much about picking the perfect outfit for me that he would constantly refuse the store clerk’s fashion advice.  Jake knew exactly what he wanted for and was determined to get it!

After shopping for a jacket, pants, rings, shirt, and shoes we finally had it.  Jake was so excited about what he created.  I was quite impressed too but it was so different than what I’m used to. We then headed to Jake’s barbershop to get my haircut and beard trimmed.  This was the finishing touch that I needed.  After all was said and done, Jake and I agreed that I looked like a totally different person and was ready for a big night out for some approaches.  We went out to eat, and then headed back to our places to rest an hour or two before going out.

I ubered over to the first bar of the night and met Jake there.  It was more of my style of bar.  The music was not as loud and not near as crowded. There were loads of hot women here though. Once again I had problems “self starting” with the approaches and Jake obviously knew it. I finally got pissed off at myself and decided to show Jake what I did for a living and opened a table full of Grecian girls with a mind reading effect. This blew their minds and immediately got me into state. When I got into state I opened a friend of theirs with Horse Girl and I was off flying for the rest of the evening. I made a few quick approaches before I ran into a hot blond with her almost as equally hot brunette friend with the Horse Girl routine. The blonde ate it up and I was locked in with these two for a while. I delivered the Whatever song and totally butchered it. Oh well, it was my first time doing it live in front of someone so I’m not going to beat myself up too much over it.  Jake came over and winged me when he noticed I started struggling. We talked for a while and eventually gave the girls my business card before I left. This was a huge mistake on my part as I should’ve number closed the blonde as I probably would’ve gotten in. I kinda wish we would’ve stuck around pulled these two but I had more work to do.

Most of the bars were completely dead because of it being right after New Years’. We concluded the night by going to one last bar. Nothing here to really approach. Just a bunch of old ladies. We concluded the night here.  Jake seemed very please with my improvement from the night before. I was quite happy with myself too mostly from how I did with the hot blonde at the first bar we went to
Day Three

Jake and I met for coffee and immediately took an Uber to Santa Monica to do some game at an outdoor bar near the ocean.  This was a very nice place and the girls here were unbelievably hot and may have intimidated me a bit. It was time to put my new fashion and skills to the test.  Once again I had trouble self starting to get out of the gate.  When I did my approaches were very sloppy and I really seemed nervous.  Jake, on the other hand, was in his element. 

My education today was just watching Jake and taking in everything that he did with girls. This was the true education for me during the weekend. Where I didn’t do too hot with approaches, watching Jake made up for it because I now do or think whatever Jake does in any difficult situation I find myself with a girl.  It was at that daytime spot where I realized that Jake possesses a skill that left quite the impression on me.  Jake would look around the place with me and point to a girl, then he would tell me about that girl's past and present dating life and how she viewed herself, just by observing the clothes she was wearing, her body type, and the friends she was hanging out with.  This is a very valuable skill to have in my line of work, and I immediately referred to Jake as the "Sherlock Holmes" of pickup.

We finished up a that bar and went for some pizza nearby.  This is where Jake hit me with some sound philosophy regarding where I am at the moment. I was thinking too much on the negative things and what I couldn’t do instead of things I am doing well and where I am at NOW. We headed back to the hotel for a few hours rest before heading back out to Hollywood for some night game.

That night we returned to first bar we went to on Thursday night.  I didn’t waste anytime opening here because I wanted to finish strong.  The first approach was a blowout.  The second approach was a cute blonde with her black friend.  She responded very well, and I was able to make it through a few attraction routines before she wanted to see one of my mind reading effects.  After I finished the routines and did a little comfort game my state lowered considerably.  Jake held everything up for a while but I just ran out of stuff to say which is my biggest weakness when going out talking to girls.  We eventually exited the group thinking we would see them again later in the night (we didn’t).  The rest of the night was bad for me and Jake could tell I was really tired from the busy weekend.  We decided to conclude the evening with Jake telling me where I was at and what I needed to work on when I returned home.  Even after a bad final night I knew I could approach and do well in sets but the key for me was just self starting.

I highly recommend a 1on1 with Jake.  If you have trouble approaching like me, it is well worth just to go out and hang with Jake for the weekend and watch how he interacts with women.  I believe he could pick up any woman he wants after watching him this weekend.  He was able to give me every single detail on why my approaches were going bad.  He even gave me a few new routines to learn when I am met with certain contingencies during a set.  Jake also customized a few routines with me that go very well with my mind reading act that I perform regularly.  I am very excited to use these.
Since coming home I always think WWJD (what would Jake do) when approaching any situation.  I have had many problems with a girl from work the past few months and my first night back I continuously said and did stuff around her that Jake would’ve done during our 1on1.  Her behavior towards me that night was completely different and more submissive than ever before.  Well it resulted in me taking her home and making out with her, something I’ve rarely done the past few months during our troubles.  

Jake’s dominant struggles are the REAL DEAL.  I can’t wait to practice these because they are indeed a game changer.  Just the fashion makeover alone was worth the money in going out there because, as I learned over the weekend, it is truly your ticket to the door!  Women will look at you and take you way more seriously with a Jake makeover. Trust me! I know from experience!  I do believe we accomplished our goal of taking me to the next level which is giving me the tools to the toolbox to go out and approach and have success with it.  The key is just me going out 3x/week and 50 approaches a month.  It will be done and I can't wait to see where it takes me.  I will definitely have another 1on1 with Jake and I recommend you do as well!

Thanks for the review Chad!  And if you're wondering what chad's makeover looked like and where we bought some of his clothes and jewelry, follow me on my NEW INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT by CLICKING HERE! 

You'll also see other makeovers, tips and short clips from me, and blah blah blah...

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Here's Your Stupid Black Friday Special

Alright, alright... I'll do it.  If you wanna get a deal with me today is your day.  As most of you know who've been reading awhile, I usually do a coaching special once a year about this time, so if you're into that, I'll offer you 3 deals today.  Oh, and this special goes until Monday, so if you wanna take me up on this, it's best you do it NOW so you don't forget and miss the deal.

Deal number 1:

My workshop price this year has been $1500 per night, and since lately I've had a lot of clients wanting to do three sessions in one weekend, I've been giving them the third session for free ($3000 total for the weekend).  This means usually we'll do a makeover on Friday or some day game, go out that night, then repeat that on Saturday.  If you want that same amount of coaching and you wanna get that deal before Monday, I'll do that same deal for you for $1999.  However!  I'm only allowing you to get a maximum of 2 of these deals per person ($3998), so don't try sending me $8000 for 4 weekends because in 2018 I've only got 52 of them and this year I plan on putting hundreds of guys in my program when I release it to the public (read:  Facebook advertising, among other things).  That's right, it's happening.  So this literally is your last shot ever at this deal.  If you wanna take me up on it, just pay me via paypal (my id is or if you're a GFF member I can process your card on file.

Deal 2:

If a workshop isn't for you and you'd rather get me on the phone or on Skype/Facetime, then I'll make you a deal for that too.  This year my one hour rate has been $250 per hour, and yes that's actually what I charge.  The deal on my website for Girlfriend Fastlane Members has been 5 hours for $999 and you can text me at your leisure with a minimum of a 15 minute call when we chat.  If you're interested in jumping on the phone with me for 5 hours, that deal (until Monday!) is $699.  And again, you can only buy a max of 2 of these for $1398.  This is the best deal I've offered in a very long time. If you wanna take me up on it, just pay me via paypal (my id is or if you're a GFF member I can process your card on file.

Truthfully, I'm a little bit scared of offering you these deals too, because the past two years there have been guys who send me $10,000 paypal payments and then I'm coaching cheap all year long, but they've gotten great deals and so good for them (and I've now learned my lesson).  Now they're banging girls and that's why yesterday I had 8 students text me personally on my phone to thank me for my help in getting them laid.  Thanks you guys!  It really made me feel great yesterday.

Oh!  And in addition to that I'd like to congratulate KM (you know who you are) on a successful close the other night!  We chatted on the phone the other day about how he's been getting hotter and hotter women and how he has lost a couple after date 1, and as a result of our talk on the phone I predicted to him that he would get laid that night, and that's exactly what happened!  So nice work man!

So anyways, happy black Friday guys, and now you know why I'm putting a maximum on the amount of coaching I offer.  My time is getting very valuable to me, and next year at this time the deal will probably be double these prices because demand has been soaring lately.

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That's it for today guys, enjoy your holidays and I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together in 2018!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Frame Control The Cops (and women) While You're High

Hey guys,

So last night I frame controlled the cops when they came to my place at 1:20am... and I was high.

In this week's 1 hour weekly Q & A session at I talked all about the experience and also gave some rock solid tips on frame control.

The first tip was when and how to give in., and what happens when you do.  Remember that when you are dominance struggling with a women (or the cops) to make sure to minimize the amount of time spent talking about your wrongdoing by being quick to admit fault when you're wrong.  This is not an easy thing to do, and it allows you to spend more time on socially dominating your opponent with their own mis-calibrations.

Now, what to do when the woman tries to abuse her now dominant standing over you is a totally different story, so if you'd like to hear more on that, the full story about the cops, and rest of my tips on Frame Control (available only to Girlfriend Fastlane members), checkout my weekly "Office Hours" live Q & A for 10/19/17 by simply logging into

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Anyways guys that's it for today...

Have a dating topic you'd like to discuss?  Comment below!  I'd be happy to give it a write.

And as always, Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Another Live Training Review

Hey guys!  Jake here.  I went out with a Girlfriend Fastlane member this weekend and wanted to share his review with you (it's below).  Enjoy!  And if you'd like to be a part of our amazing group and claim your free 30 minute phone consultation with me, simply email me and we'll get you in!  There's still time to get in and acquainted before our live online training this Thursday at 3pm Pacific!  

And now for the review!  Thanks again Ray for joining me, and this is his review:  


There is something magical about learning under the guidance of a mentor in the field versus trying to learn on your own. I have taken a boot camp before, and a 1on1 with other dating coaches and I learned some small tips. However, I wish I would have worked with Jake sooner, as training with him was like getting private basketball lessons from Michael Jordan. At the end of my training, I felt confident with the plan Jake has given me the tools to upgrade my game to the next level and spur me along my goal of being able to walk into a place and pick up the hottest girl in the room. 

Day 1 
Day one started with meeting Jake in person for lunch in Hollywood. I have gotten phone coaching from him previously, but meeting him in person was a different experience. His presence when he walked into the room, was apparent as I caught girls in the lunch spot checking him out. We discussed my identity and what type of girls I am looking to date. It was insightful as we could tailor my current fashion. We went out to the mall, and I got to observe Jake use physical gestures and his natural game to talk to people throughout the day. He helped me pick out an entire outfit, so I had my ticket in when talking to my target girls. I was skeptical on how Jake would help with my hair since I have a short hairstyle. However, with his connections, he found a legit barbershop in West Hollywood that gave me a sick fade.  

Later that night we went to a bar, where Jake observed my game and gave me pointers to improve my game. I called a 2 set to approach. My fashion helped get my foot in the door to speak; however, my game still needs some work. Luckily, Jake jumped in when he saw me struggling with the set. We ended up pulling those girls out of the venue around 1 am and going to another bar. It was unbelievable to see Jake spit natural game, and see how a girl who was initially a complete stranger was all over Jake. I kissed my girl and got a number close. However it was getting late, and Jake noticing the bigger picture told the girls to go home, since we had work to do, and it would not be wise to get drunk and sleep with these girls who would hinder Day 2. 

Day 2

The following Day, met Jake and we go to Santa Monica at an outdoor bar venue. Ended up approaching more sets, under the guidance of Jake, and he gave me tips to slow down, as I was relying too heavily on routines. He had me focus more on relating to the girls and work more on my natural game, as up to this point I have been relying on routines to heavily. While at this day game spot, a girl approaches me from a group of 5 girls for a birthday party and ask me to talk to her friend. I laugh, as I never have girls approach me. I tell her to have her friend not be shy and just talk to me lol. I was not into the girl. However, it was fun bantering with the group. 

I then approached one of the hottest girls in the venue, and she was attracted, however, I made the mistake of helping the girl look for her friends. This backfired immediately as guys started pulling her away from me while we walked to another area of the bar, and I was not aggressive enough to jump back in and take her away.  Jake explained to me what I did and then had me go approach other sets. I was able to attract a sexy mixed girl, and number closed, she was also down to meet up later in the night. Jake tells me while I was gone, that she was talking to Jake about how I am probably talking to other girls and how hot I am lol. Another highlight was seeing Blake Griffin from the Clippers. 

We take a quick break for dinner, then head off to a themed bar in Hollywood. I use a situational opener to approach a 2 set in the venue and meet a girl who is a match maker; it was funny to see her explain to Jake how she matches people up and gets them dating. However what Jake is doing is much stronger than someone using dating algorithms to match you, as Jake is showing you how to fish rather than providing you the fish. I also had a good experience with adversity as I ended up using a 1950s housewife role play which backfired, and a group of 4 girls was telling me to go away. I laughed and told them I am not going anywhere, and that they were more than welcome to go away. It was good to know that whatever happened that night, which I could handle it. We end up going to another bar, and I get into a physical dominance struggle where the girl slapped me as I was making fun of her. However, it was fun for me as me, and the girl was laughing the whole time. The bar closes, and I end up number closing a different girl outside the bar. 

Day 3

The final day, plans got altered as I had an instant date with a girl I met that morning. I ended up going to Disney Land with her and didn't get back to Hollywood until late in the evening. Jake told me to meet him at one of the most popular bars in Hollywood. The line was out the door and spilling over to the next block. I was waiting in line and overheard some people complain that they would not be getting inside. I was feeling slightly intimated by the huge line. However when Jake arrived he fived me, and we skipped the line, as he knew the staff and got us right into the venue. I felt like I was rolling with the mayor of Hollywood. Inside I ask Jake to demo a dominance struggle for me. It was quite the feat to observe as he had a physically dominant lesbian punk rocker chick, go from being closed off to smitten like a kitten over Jake. I approached a few more sets, and had a successful dominance struggle of my own; however the girl was out with her friends for a birthday night out, and I did not follow up with her. 
I end up running into Jesus from the tv show Walking Dead, and it was cool to see a celebrity being down to earth and chat with me. 

Later we see a pickup instructor "Tyler" out with his students, and it was great to see him show Jake respect, by admitting that Jake's game is on another level. Later that night as we are standing in a circle talking with Tyler and his students, a girl is walking by in a flower dress which was previously approached by Tyler and his students and walks across the circle to hug Jake. It was quite the feat as Jake had not spoken to her previously. However, she was attracted by his dominance. Jake could have easily pulled that girl, however being a good coach, he was more invested in my success. 
The night ends with me getting a number close off a girl who was already approached by Tyler's students. Jake gave me an overview of lessons from our time together and helped me to understand what skills I needed to work on to propel me towards my goals. 


It has been a week since I had my 1on1 coaching with Jake and already reaping the benefits. I went from getting 5% of girls attracted to me, to closer to 50% attracted to me. My first day out on my own after training with Jake, I was able to get 3 number closes, with one of them transitioning to a date with a hot 18-year-old girl.   Some of the lessons learned include learning how not to look so needy while I am talking to girls, how to read girls emotional state to help with relating to them, and how to improve my verbal game. To anyone who wants to improve their game and is on the fence about getting coaching, I recommend jumping off that fence and contacting Jake asap. Getting live training with Jake is one of the best decisions I have made in helping me get closer to my goal of being free to date the hottest girls possible. 


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Live Training Review

Yo!  So here's the newest review from training a couple weekends ago with a Girlfriend Fastlane member Wayne.  

So Wayne attended the infamous NYC workshop with myself, Brad P, Glenn P, Hyper, and another old coach where a bunch of crazy things happened.  Unfortunately at that time I didn't get a chance to work with Wayne much and see his game, and since then my understanding is he's had a couple girlfriends and kind of gotten out of the game, worked on his career, etc. and now he wanted to get back into it.  

Wayne showed up and his clothes and hair were bad.  I don't want to rag on him too bad, so let's just say his look was dated and he desperately needed an update.  So we took him to my hair guy who I take all my clients to and got his hair cut and styled.  I decided to go with a kind of rich hipster look for him, so we kept his hair simple and decided to go for shirts as showpieces.  

We chose a couple busy looking hipster shirts for Wayne, which he didn't like and had to trust me on. He trusted me until we got to the first bar and upon walking in got about 10 compliments on his shirt. Compliments literally started less than 1 minute into being at the bar, when a guy came up and said he loved that shirt and asked where he could buy it.  After that, girl after girl were complimenting him on it as well, and if you're wondering what else we bought, we did some skinny blue jeans from Diesel that were dyed black and would wear through with some blue.  For shoes I picked some Yves Saint Laurent black leather shoes that slip on.  These are $1500+ brand new and we got some very slightly used ones for $350.  They looked incredible and really step up his look.  

For anyone reading who is curious about fashion, it's really something that can take you from a guy who is a "no way" for a girl and turn you into a "who is that" type of guy.  This was definitely the case with Wayne.  His look turned out fantastic, and literally now he can talk with any 10 he wants to and she'll give him a shot.  

So the first night we're out we got a ton of attention right away and on our first lap around the bar these two really hot girls opened me.  We all talked and the girls were in high state and super attracted, so we decided to all bounce to a new bar, where Wayne made out with his girl.  He said in this video that I did too, but in actuality I didn't.  It's an honest mistake from a guy who was sucking face and just thought I was too, lol. 

The next day we hit a super busy daytime beachy hot spot and the girls here were hot hot hot.  Holy shit they were hot (think short shorts and none are wearing bras).  Wayne again was all day getting tons of love, and the birthday girl was into him but in my opinion was not in his league with his new clothes, haircut, etc.  This is something that happens when you get a makeover.  Remember, your value to women is only perceived by them in the moment they meet you!  

In Wayne's case, he was hitting on a girl (the birthday girl) who was now (because of his new look) not even close to hot enough for him.  Literally if he was dating her other people would think he was dating down.  Let this be a lesson to you!  Your value isn't what it was when you were 13, or even what it was last week.  You should continually be striving to raise your standards.  

Soon enough we walk to the bar and two other girls open us.  One is a super hot Asian girl who offers to buy us drinks, and the other is not hot at all, so guess who i'm getting... lol.  Anyways, I pair off with the unattractive girl to lead her on and Wayne ends up making out with the Asian girl after some coercion from me.  We all decide to leave and the girls ask us if they can meet us later.  We agree, but they ended up not coming.  Could have been that it was 45 minutes away from them where we went, or it could have been the line was too long (the owner let us by the line).  I suppose it could have been that they both wanted to hookup and knew I wasn't touching the friend as well.  Who knows.  

So we grab food and Wayne's in-state and starting to naturally talk to hot women even in line at the pizza place.  This is an amazing thing for wayne, who up to this point has been pretty apprehensive.  Nice work Wayne!  

We went out that night again and had more great results.  I got to show Wayne how to use his look to his advantage when girls open him.  When I walked in I was opened by two girls and then another two girls opened within a minute, so I merged the groups and then got number closed by a girl.  This brings up another important point about game that's seldom talked about:

When a girl opens you, it's important for you to be neutral and reserved, to test the girl, and then to show her attraction.  After that you should attract her a little bit.  In other words, when you're approached, your game should be to do what girls do normally when you approach them!  A lot of guys mess this up and try to get the girl attracted right away when they get approached.  Just let them try and try while you sit back and judge.  

Overall this was a great weekend and a complete transformation.  Wayne went from seldom approaching to being one of the best-dressed and most complimented guys in every venue we went to.  He was able to approach hot women and make out with them and he got some phone numbers as a result.  

Thanks Wayne again for making the trip to Hollywood!  

That's it for today guys.  If you're interested in some training and transformation, shoot me an email to  I'd be happy to answer any of your questions and we can make arrangements.  

Also, don't forget that is currently open for the next 18 members who would like to join!!!  If you're still frustrated and it might possibly slightly help to have me explain everything to you on video, this is the place for you!  We've got 5 tutorials up and running so far, each with TONS of HD VIDEO and full written explanations.  They are "how to flood your life with women", "how to meet her", "lifestyle design", "how to attract her," and "how to get logistics."  I even do weekly live Q& A sessions and our next one is this Thursday at 3pm pacific time.  You can ask me anything you want, personally!  

Oh, and this is just a checkout page.  The site is so new I haven't gotten to the marketing yet.  There's a full money back guarantee as well, so you've got nothing to worry about.  

Thanks for reading, can't wait to see you in the website!