Friday, July 13, 2018

Rapid Socialization

Last night I literally had a dream that I was on Joe Rogan's podcast and we were talking about what I do.  He asked me about dominance struggles and about the first rule of attraction, and then I said "Well, yeah.  Basically what I do is rapid socialization of my clients until they have the ability to function on their own without me.  It takes as little as 3 months."  

Then I woke up... instantly.  "Wow, what a cool phrase!"  I thought.   

So for those of you who have read me for awhile and are familiar with how i teach, this concept of rapid socialization shouldn't be new or mind-boggling or anything like that.  The idea is just that the socialization process doesn't have to take years and instead it can take only a few months to complete. 

Let me explain.  

Say you're a natural alpha dude who learns over the course of his lifetime that he's cool, great looking, great with women, etc.  Still, it takes YEARS to learn how to talk to women, what to say, how to say it, where the boundaries are, etc.  In the end (if you're very lucky), you're the alpha male and you have sex with a bunch of women and then get married and have kids and live happily ever after.  Yay!  :|

Wow, how great for all those guys.  I'm so completely excited for them (not).  

For the rest of us, learning that I AM COOL and I AM GREAT LOOKING and WOMEN LOVE ME almost never happens.  If it does, it happens at a much slower rate than it does for natural alpha males, simply because we don't receive as much positive social feedback as they do.  After all, we lack confidence in all or many areas, and we often doubt the feedback we get even when it is positive.  

This sucks, so to cure the sucking in life in the fastest way possible, you have to engage in rapid socialization.  

Rapid Socialization is the process where you start getting TONS of positive feedback NOW.  This positive feedback from those around you changes you into a different person than you are now.  Your self confidence shoots through the roof, you stop doubting yourself, and best of all women tell you're cool and hot all the time and lots of them want to have sex with you.  Awesome, right!?!

Now I'm sure you're saying "But wait, Jake, this sounds like total bullshit and it'll never happen to me."  

I understand.  Listen up though... 

The reality is that it takes FOUR things to make rapid socialization happen, so if it hasn't happened to you or for you, it's because haven't done the four things that you MUST do to socialize yourself rapidly:  

1.  You MUST find an expert mentor
2.  You MUST get continued hands-on coaching from your mentor
3.  You MUST take massive action
4.  You MUST learn from your mistakes  

Fail on any of these and your process of rapid socialization will slow down or even completely stop.  

However, if you do these things, here's what the process could look like...  

First, you find your mentor.  He takes you to get a professional makeover and professional grooming. This makes you feel fantastic.  Next you take action by going out and talking to women.  You start receiving compliments like you never have before and you feel amazing.  This causes you to want to talk to more women to see what your potential really is.  During the process you make mistakes and you don't judge yourself harshly for them, because after all you still look and feel amazing and your mentor helps you interpret your failures and explains how to learn from them when you can't on your own.  You start getting laid in short order, and with your new-found knowledge, you make less and less mistakes, get laid more and more, and you continue receiving positive feedback.  

At a certain point, you look back on your past and you realize that you've been having success for awhile now.  You remember the "old you" and how much that sucked, and now it's hard for you to understand why more people don't do what you did.  After all, it's just seems so easy now...  

Well, right now is Friday the 13th.  It's July of 2018.  Three months from now it'll be October of 2018 and people will be gearing up for Halloween.  What will you be doing?  Will you be finished with your 3rd month of rapid socialization ready to take home a "slutty nurse" or will you still be where you're at today?  

Regardless of your where you're at right now and regardless of your income, I've created some resources for you to rapidly socialize yourself.  

The first and NEWEST RESOURCE is a video "face-to-face" meeting with me online using Zoom.  If you want to get me on video, you simply signup using the link at the top of this blog page and we chat for as little as $35!  When we're finished I send you a download line and you get to keep the recording of our session!  If you want an hour of coaching it used to be $250 (not joking, this is the rate on, but for a limited time I've dropped that rate to $100 for an hour!  

The second resource I've painstakingly created for you is   I'll save you a huge explanation about this, it's quite simply the single best dating skills instructional website anywhere.  We launched over a year ago now, so in addition to the HUGE amount of content on the website we've got over 50 HOURS of live video chats that I do weekly where I answer members questions.  It happens every Thursday at 3pm Pacific time and a monthly membership is only $75, making this the single best resource available anywhere for learning dating skills.  Oh, and you get ME, not some idiot who learned from a friend of a friend of a guy who hung out with me once.  Please forgive my homepage right now though as I finish off the coming marketing you're about to see coming down the line.  

The third and final resource is FIRST HAND RAPID SOCIALIZATION using me as your mentor.  This starts January 1st, 2019 (or sooner I suppose if you're really chomping at the bit for it).  In short you move to Los Angeles and we make this happen.  In a year you're a different person.  To learn more about this checkout THIS POST and if you're into it shoot me an email to and we'll jump on the phone for a free call to answer any questions you might have.  

That's it for today guys!  I hope you'll take me up on these fantastic opportunities before it's too late and I become old and lazy, lol.  

Thanks for reading!  

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Lesson In Front of You

It's easy to dream when you start learning about women.  We dream about getting that one hot girl we like.  We dream about maybe getting a girlfriend or even a wife.  Some of us don't even dream about marriage cause we're too busy dreaming about threesomes and dating multiple women.

Regardless of what you're dreaming about, when we dream we're thinking about the future.  In fact, we're focusing on it.

So is focusing on the future okay?

Well, if you're the type of guy who seems to dream a lot and you seem to not be getting very far (or as far as you'd like) with your dreams, then today I'd like introduce the idea to you that your focus may be off a little bit...

Monday, May 14, 2018

See, Here's the Problem...

We all know that women "want" (or think that they want) long-term relationships, marriage, etc.  We see this idea repeated in mainstream media over and over, and women will even tell you to your face that they want long term relationships.  So then why is there a HUGE divorce rate in the US?  What's the huge problem causing this???

The problem is that women's natural actions don't support long-term relationships.   

That's right, I said it.  The actions of women are what cause divorce, not men.  In fact, I'm quite sure that most men are perfectly chill and happy in a long term relationship, and the majority of us certainly aren't taking actions to kill our relationships.  The majority of us just aren't wired that way.  

But back to women.  Why are they killing relationships they get themselves into?  

Because it's in their nature.  

You see, women are constantly unknowingly taking actions (however small) to gain dominance in their relationships, and it's because there is a strong biological mechanism at play.  You see, if a woman can mate with a dominant man and then somehow turn him into a beta-male, then she gets to go out and mate with another dominant male, and if she has another baby then her genes now have a better chance of success than they might have if she only mated with one man.  Pretty simple, right?  Well, this kind of thing happens in a lot in nature.  

So here's how this plays out in real life:  

Man and woman meet.  They have sex and get into a relationship.  Dominance amongst them is established or not established at whatever level happens naturally between them.  From that point on, the woman continues her screening process of trying to gain dominance over the man.  As she attains dominance bit-by-bit over time, she loses attraction towards the man at that same rate.  

Why?  Because... 

Women are attracted to dominant men.  

If you're a dominant man, women will be attracted to you.  Once you "have" a woman, as your level of dominance wanes, so does her level of attraction to you.  

This is where it gets bad for a man.  

When a woman gains dominance and loses attraction to the man she's with, the amount of fights, drama, bullshit, and unhappiness skyrocket until the relationship is over.  As the woman is losing attraction to the man, she'll blame it on HIM.   From that point her mission becomes getting out of the relationship in a way that benefits her the most.  After all, it's his fault.  Remember?  

So who is to blame?  

Well, nobody is to blame really.  Women aren't knowingly engaging in this process, they're simply continuing their screening process during the relationship.  The man's not to blame either because he has no idea how to deal with all the woman's tests over and over.  In my experience, most men simply want to avoid conflict so they can have a peaceful, happy day.  So if the woman is upset or mad, they seek to quell the matter at hand, and in doing so they often give up small pieces of the dominance they once had...  

It's like men are constantly trading their dominance in the relationship for peace that they never get.  

Why does it work out this way?  It works out this way because women are wired to screen constantly for dominance in men (like I mentioned earlier).  It's how they obtain the best suitor for them.  And once they've "chosen" a man, they need constant reassurance that they've chosen correctly.  The way they do that is through small dominance "challenges" throughout the relationship... and yes, this continues even through the course of a marriage. 

So everyone loses.  The women loses a man who could have been (and probably is) a good man.  The man loses his relationship (and half his shit), and any kids are completely fucked over from having a chance at a decent loving upbringing independent from our government's family court system (also quite fucked).  

Ouch... like big fucking ouch.  

Oh!  And by the way this doesn't just go for straight couples.  These roles are often played out among homosexual couples and transsexual couples as well... 

So what's the solution to all of this, you ask?  

The solution is education and practice.  As men, we should educate ourselves on how this happens so that we can practice handling these individual bouts (or dominance struggles as I call them) as they happen in the moment.  To me, this is the only solution to the problem.  

What's this process called?  It's called Maintenance Dominance.  In other words, you should establish dominance early on in your relationship, then when small dominance struggles come up, you should use them as opportunities to maintain your dominance (and therefore her attraction to you) in the relationship.  

It's that simple.  

We recognize that these situations are going to happen, and we simply handle them one by one, and in doing so the woman stays attracted to us because she's reminded of our dominance.  

That's all she really wants anyways...


Ever feel like this has happened to you?  A woman loses her attraction towards you and then blames you for it and leaves immediately and in dramatic fashion, taking whatever she can from you in the process??? 

Well you're not alone, and the bad news is that you're doomed to repeat this agony throughout your whole life unless you learn to handle these struggles effectively.  

Step 1.  The first step to handling this stuff is to educate yourself.  When a little "struggle" happens to you, try recording it on a voice memo on your phone, or if you can't do that then do your best to remember what was said and write it down.  

Step 2.  Find a way "through."  Once you've failed at being dominant, you now are aware of one way NOT to get things right.  This is a prerequisite to getting things right, so instead of beating yourself up, brainstorm some other ways of handling her ploy for dominance, or simply login to your account and I'll tell you the answer on the forum.  I'll even show you visually how to handle the struggle in my weekly "office hours" live chat and you can see first-hand what you should have done.  

Step 3.   Once you know the proper way to handle that particular dominance struggle, you simply wait for it to happen again and you fight the battle when it happens.  You DO NOT talk about fucking Fight Club, lol.  In other words, you don't tell the girl the theory behind what she's doing.  She won't get it and you'll just end up looking weird to her.  Just let the next struggle happen and dominate when it happens.  In this manner you are taking the lead in your relationship by ensuring it's longevity  through your preparedness and conscientious approach.   

Congratulations, you've now got a legit shot at happiness...


For more on this topic or for a $7 trial membership and personal access to me (Jake), simply join by going to:  

Dude, what are you waiting for???

Pssst.... I didn't mention this in the article above, but I also create these struggles to win them because it's faster and better than using pickup lines.  So if you're over using lines then you really should just go and checkout the website already...  It's $7.  You want a chipotle burrito, or to get laid?  Dude.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Pickup Mansion 2018/2019

I've got some EXCITING NEWS for you today!!!

Years ago, guys would fly to Los Angeles to change their lives by joining the "pickup mansion."  They lived in a purpose built home for picking up women and participated in weekly theory sessions and once monthly weekend bootcamps.  Although the program was 12 months long, many of the guys stayed 2 or even 3 years just because they loved the atmosphere of going out with like-minded guys and having so many women around all the time.

Our success was wild...

100% of the guys got laid more than they dreamed of.  Many of the guys got married, got girlfriends, got multiple girlfriends, got rotations, became more successful in business, and overall every single guy grew leaps and bounds in his level of confidence.  Today our students run their own companies, travel the world, have kids, and some are teachers themselves.

That program ended as our industry started to see a decline in TV promotion and people started to wonder if pickup was a thing anymore.  In fact, if you're 21 years old today, you were 11 years old when the "pickup" industry was hot, and you probably wouldn't have even heard of this type of thing in any form of mainstream media since then.


Well, I'm happy to say that right now there is a resurgence happening (at least from my point of view) in the level of interest in learning dating skills. has been active for 6 months and people have been emailing me and texting me asking about the possibility of starting another program like the mansion program we had years ago.

The answer to the question "Will there be another pickup mansion program in Los Angeles" depends on YOU.

Right now I've got 3 guys who have been seriously asking me to start up the program, and it's enough interest that I've decided to get everything going as soon as everyone is ready.    We've talked about a date of January 1st, 2019.  However, I'm willing to start as soon as guys are ready.  After all, summer is around the corner and there will be no shortage of pool parties and bikinis in Hollywood.  It's already begun!

So here we go!  As of TODAY, I'm officially opening up slots for Pickup Mansion 2018/2019!  And as of today I'm officially taking deposits to reserve those spots.

The BAD NEWS:  Unfortunately you can't just send me money and get accepted to this program because I'm not about to let just anyone in.  The right group of guys will be motivated to change their lives, and I plan on creating a positive dynamic for everyone involved.  This means I must have met and trained you personally before I'll even consider your involvement in the program.  One exception to that would be if you get a personal recommendation from Brad P.  because he has trained you before.

The other bad news is that right now I've got solid interest from 3 guys, and I only plan on taking 4 guys unless we get 8 guys total (so that we can have two residences).  There are no guarantees on anything obviously, however if you are interested you should at least shoot me an email ( to ask me any questions about the program that you have.

The GOOD NEWS:  The good news is that there's still time to get into this program, and as of today there are slots open.  The other good news is that if you're interested in being a coach for me, this training program is the way to do it.  Think of it like college for pickup coaches in training.  Obviously I'm not requiring that anyone work for me, but if you're the type of guy who might want a future in the dating industry, this is the way.

The PROGRAM is simple.  You live with fellow students (not me) and we go out in the field to bars and clubs two nights per week.  One night per week we meet for theory and for arranging dates and doing phone game with the girls you've met.  In other words, this is NOT a one weekend per month training program, it's a 3 NIGHTS PER WEEK training program.  Oh, and full access to and more importantly, ME.  That means text me when you need a text to send her, call me when you need a wing, and invite me on your double date.  We'll make your success happen.

The COST.  This is the big one I'm sure everyone is wondering.  The "old" pickup mansion program was $5000 per month and as the program got bigger we were able to offer the program for less than that.  For that price you got 4 hours of theory per month and one weekend group workshop.   ZERO 1-on-1 training was given for that price.

As I'm sure you're aware, right now I charge $1500 for a one-night training.  That means that going out two nights per week with me and doing theory session would alone be over $12,000 per month!

Obviously the program is NOT going to be $12,000 per month, and it's not even going to be $5000 per month like the old mansion program was...   In fact, the program isn't even going to be $4000 or even $3000 per month...

This program is $2499 per month for 12 months with a $2500 deposit. 

Imagine fixing your dating life ONCE AND FOREVER.  Imagine never worrying that you'll be alone ever again.  Imagine a year of your young life spent in Hollywood living a DREAM that others can't or won't.  Imagine looking back when you're 60 and remembering that one time in your life that you WENT FOR IT.


A place specifically designed for picking up women.
Training every week with a top pro.
Guys on the same path as you.
Mornings with sweaty, snoring hotties next to you.
And much much much much more!

Email me and we'll jump on the phone to discuss details, availability, and start date.

I can't wait for you to join us!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Single Best Opener in the Entire World (And it's NOT "Hi"...)

Today I'm going to tell you what the absolute single best style of opener is in the entire planet.  It's something I use (and you probably already use sometimes), it's NATURAL af, it's canned because it's planned, and NO GIRL will ever suspect just from your opener that it's something made up to talk to her.  The best part about that is you're not going to open girls and immediately have them say "I have a boyfriend" like you see in every YouTube video where guys claim the best opener is "Hello" or "Hi, my name is Josh" or some other terrible load of shit like that.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Come see me speak in Chicago!

Yo!  So i'll be speaking in Chicago on Thursday night, March 1st, 2018.  Yes, that's 1 week away!

This is a free event hosted by a member of the Chicago Lair, so if you're interested in coming, email me or and I'll send you the details.

Hope to see you there!