Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Live Training Review

Yo!  So here's the newest review from training a couple weekends ago with a Girlfriend Fastlane member Wayne.  

So Wayne attended the infamous NYC workshop with myself, Brad P, Glenn P, Hyper, and another old coach where a bunch of crazy things happened.  Unfortunately at that time I didn't get a chance to work with Wayne much and see his game, and since then my understanding is he's had a couple girlfriends and kind of gotten out of the game, worked on his career, etc. and now he wanted to get back into it.  

Wayne showed up and his clothes and hair were bad.  I don't want to rag on him too bad, so let's just say his look was dated and he desperately needed an update.  So we took him to my hair guy who I take all my clients to and got his hair cut and styled.  I decided to go with a kind of rich hipster look for him, so we kept his hair simple and decided to go for shirts as showpieces.  

We chose a couple busy looking hipster shirts for Wayne, which he didn't like and had to trust me on. He trusted me until we got to the first bar and upon walking in got about 10 compliments on his shirt. Compliments literally started less than 1 minute into being at the bar, when a guy came up and said he loved that shirt and asked where he could buy it.  After that, girl after girl were complimenting him on it as well, and if you're wondering what else we bought, we did some skinny blue jeans from Diesel that were dyed black and would wear through with some blue.  For shoes I picked some Yves Saint Laurent black leather shoes that slip on.  These are $1500+ brand new and we got some very slightly used ones for $350.  They looked incredible and really step up his look.  

For anyone reading who is curious about fashion, it's really something that can take you from a guy who is a "no way" for a girl and turn you into a "who is that" type of guy.  This was definitely the case with Wayne.  His look turned out fantastic, and literally now he can talk with any 10 he wants to and she'll give him a shot.  

So the first night we're out we got a ton of attention right away and on our first lap around the bar these two really hot girls opened me.  We all talked and the girls were in high state and super attracted, so we decided to all bounce to a new bar, where Wayne made out with his girl.  He said in this video that I did too, but in actuality I didn't.  It's an honest mistake from a guy who was sucking face and just thought I was too, lol. 

The next day we hit a super busy daytime beachy hot spot and the girls here were hot hot hot.  Holy shit they were hot (think short shorts and none are wearing bras).  Wayne again was all day getting tons of love, and the birthday girl was into him but in my opinion was not in his league with his new clothes, haircut, etc.  This is something that happens when you get a makeover.  Remember, your value to women is only perceived by them in the moment they meet you!  

In Wayne's case, he was hitting on a girl (the birthday girl) who was now (because of his new look) not even close to hot enough for him.  Literally if he was dating her other people would think he was dating down.  Let this be a lesson to you!  Your value isn't what it was when you were 13, or even what it was last week.  You should continually be striving to raise your standards.  

Soon enough we walk to the bar and two other girls open us.  One is a super hot Asian girl who offers to buy us drinks, and the other is not hot at all, so guess who i'm getting... lol.  Anyways, I pair off with the unattractive girl to lead her on and Wayne ends up making out with the Asian girl after some coercion from me.  We all decide to leave and the girls ask us if they can meet us later.  We agree, but they ended up not coming.  Could have been that it was 45 minutes away from them where we went, or it could have been the line was too long (the owner let us by the line).  I suppose it could have been that they both wanted to hookup and knew I wasn't touching the friend as well.  Who knows.  

So we grab food and Wayne's in-state and starting to naturally talk to hot women even in line at the pizza place.  This is an amazing thing for wayne, who up to this point has been pretty apprehensive.  Nice work Wayne!  

We went out that night again and had more great results.  I got to show Wayne how to use his look to his advantage when girls open him.  When I walked in I was opened by two girls and then another two girls opened within a minute, so I merged the groups and then got number closed by a girl.  This brings up another important point about game that's seldom talked about:

When a girl opens you, it's important for you to be neutral and reserved, to test the girl, and then to show her attraction.  After that you should attract her a little bit.  In other words, when you're approached, your game should be to do what girls do normally when you approach them!  A lot of guys mess this up and try to get the girl attracted right away when they get approached.  Just let them try and try while you sit back and judge.  

Overall this was a great weekend and a complete transformation.  Wayne went from seldom approaching to being one of the best-dressed and most complimented guys in every venue we went to.  He was able to approach hot women and make out with them and he got some phone numbers as a result.  

Thanks Wayne again for making the trip to Hollywood!  

That's it for today guys.  If you're interested in some training and transformation, shoot me an email to jake@girlfriendfastlane.com.  I'd be happy to answer any of your questions and we can make arrangements.  

Also, don't forget that girlfriendfastlane.com is currently open for the next 18 members who would like to join!!!  If you're still frustrated and it might possibly slightly help to have me explain everything to you on video, this is the place for you!  We've got 5 tutorials up and running so far, each with TONS of HD VIDEO and full written explanations.  They are "how to flood your life with women", "how to meet her", "lifestyle design", "how to attract her," and "how to get logistics."  I even do weekly live Q& A sessions and our next one is this Thursday at 3pm pacific time.  You can ask me anything you want, personally!  

Oh, and this is just a checkout page.  The site is so new I haven't gotten to the marketing yet.  There's a full money back guarantee as well, so you've got nothing to worry about.  

Thanks for reading, can't wait to see you in the website!  


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How to Sneak Into Bars on a Horse

Two days left on the coaching special!  Email me jake@girlfriendfastlane.com for details or just look for the blog post below.  Also remember!  GirlfriendFastlane.com Office hours live video chat tomorrow, Thursday June 28th 3pm Pacific.  Be there!  

Thursday, June 22, 2017


So there you have it!  A reminder that TODAY, Thursday June 22nd, 2017 we will be doing the very 1st Live questions and answer session on the girlfriendfastlane.com at 3pm Pacific time, so if you're interested in getting your personal questions answered by me, shoot me an email to jake@girlfriendfastlane.com and I'll get you in on the action!  Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Holy Shit, GirlfriendFastlane.com is finally HERE!

The wait is over!  GirlfriendFastlane.com is now up and running!  That's the great news, the bad news is that if you're not in the first 20 guys who emailed me for access, you can't get in there yet!  I still need to limit the amount of people in there cause we're brand new and I wanna make sure all the kinks are ironed out.


If you do want to be on the list for entry, email me jake@girlfriendfastlane.com and I will put you in the next group that I let in.

And just in case you didn't know yet, the Girlfriend Fastlane is:

-Me teaching anything and everything I know on HD Video in easy to understand tutorial format.  I walk you through learning dating skills from the ground up.

-Weekly "Office Hours" Live chats where I answer your questions on video through YouTube Live.

-The Girlfriend Fastlane Forum, where I personally answer your posts daily.  Nobody else does.  It's me giving you personally tailored advice.

-Girlfriend Fastlane "Connect" group.  This is an exclusive group for Fastlane members where we all chat, post, and get to know each other.  I'm going to start having monthly live meet ups that I'll post here once we've got enough guys who can come to the meetings.

So that's it man!  I've been working my balls off on this for over 9 months now, so I hope you like it!

Shoot me an email if you want in!  jake@girlfriendfastlane.com.

I'm SUPER EXCITED to show you guys what i've been working on!  Enjoy.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

I must be completely crazy..

Hey guys,

With the new website launch drawing near and half of our year gone, I wanted to do a last coaching special before launch so that those of you who loyally read my blog can get a training with me before my prices skyrocket upon website launch.  After that you might get a 10% deal from time to time, but you certainly won't get the deal i'm about to give you.

This is literally your last shot at a deal on coaching with me, either live in-field or on the phone, so I wanted to make it an extra crazy one.

The next chapter of my life is starting.  You can see my face finally on youTube, wow!   And that's because i'm 10 years into coaching and approaching and it's time for my next learning curve as that of a marketer. Bring on the periscope, youtube, twitter, Facebook, and all that other stuff that (with enough effort) will let the world know that there's a place to get coaching from someone who really truly cares about you and your personal progress!

Yes, you will still be able to get coaching from me, i'm just about to be much much busier.  My plan is to start doing some podcasts, radio shows, etc. to get my visibility up.  With that comes more travel and less availability.  In addition to all of this, the learning tutorials i'm creating will come at a rate of 2 per month for members, and since each tutorial can have 40 or more videos in it, I'm spending a huge amount of time in front of a camera crew as well.  What's happening is i'm shifting my focus away from the needs of a few after this and towards the needs of many.

When this new website launches everything changes.  I'm going to make my prices high enough that people are excluded from being able to afford coaching from me, not included like you will be today. This is because again the demand on my time is going to be high.

So here's the deal... and like I said, last chance.  This year I've been selling coaching sessions for $1500 a night and phone sessions for $250 per hour.  The special for this month and this month only is 50% off.  Thats:

$750 for one night of coaching (6 hours in-field)
$125 for one hour of coaching on the phone or via Skype.

Buy as little or as much as you like.  The one requirement is that you use your training by the end of this calendar year.  That's it!

Email me jakepulls@gmail.com with questions or simply paypal me (my ID is jake@bradp.com) and we'll jump on the phone to schedule or get started at your convenience.

And get your asses ready for what's about to come!  I'm so excited I can barely control myself.  I simply cannot wait to show you guys what I've been cooking up.  It's going to blow your mind.

That's it for today guys.  I really do hope you take me up on this, especially if you've been a loyal reader for all these years.   What better chance will you have than RIGHT NOW to have a true pro look at your game and handle your personal needs.  Get past that one issue you've got in one night with me or get a much-needed jumpstart back into being motivated in your dating life!!!  I promise you you'll kick yourself if you don't act now.  Time is quite literally running out...

Hope to see you very soon.

Jake P.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Relationship Pacing

Got this message today from one of my students:

"Hey Jake, Whats up? I coudlnt get together with this girl, first there was a storm and i chose  to postpone it, later she was coming to watch a play im workin on(not acting though) but her grandma was sick, and today we were meetin after she got off from work and she says that she cares a Lot about me but says she is not sure if she wants yo "date" me. She says she'd see me but without an agenda, like if it comes up ir Something. Tonight we were going to a bar to have a drink.  What should I do?"  

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The SIMPLE WAY to Change Your Life NOW!

Hey guys!

After almost 6 months of filming and working with web designers, my new website is almost done.  Over a year ago I released my book Flawless Texting and launched The Flawless Man Forum and I learned a lot from that process.  The first thing I learned is that being one of the best dating instructors in the world isn't enough, I have to also be good at providing a wonderful learning environment for anyone who will listen.

So I read your emails, I looked at and joined all of the leading websites in the dating industry, and I came up with a plan to make the best website in the entire dating industry.  The way I figure, our industry has a couple big problems:

1.  We're charging HUGE amounts of money for workshops where guys are only learning the basics.  

My solution:  Teach ALL of the best dating skills ON VIDEO and online and don't charge $1500 or more to learn basics in a workshop.  Workshops should be for me to checkout the game you already have and to give you individual, customized advice.  The function of a workshop should not be to charge you huge amounts of money to learn concepts that can be learned for $75 a month.

2.  The information out there is OLD and DATED.

My solution:  Teach the NEWEST stuff.  This is super easy for me because I literally have an arsenal of skills and techniques that the entire industry has no clue about.  My one-on-one students know this well and if you're reading this blog my guess is you're aware of this.

3.  "Pickup" lines and routines aren't fun or easy to learn and memorize, and "Natural" game really isn't natural at all and.  Why isn't there a learning method that lets guys SUCCESSFULLY develop themselves into the most alpha version of themselves AND still not have to memorize a bunch of crap they wouldn't normally say?

My solution:  Ditch pickup lines and "natural" game that isn't natural at all and use ONE SIMPLE SENTENCE that allows you to attract women and learn how to be alpha at the same time.  I've been testing this on clients for about a year now and most guys have instant, one-night results.  Now it's time to teach that online.

4.  Student's need individual, specific questions answered.  And not just on a forum.

My solution:  Weekly VIDEO online chats where I answer any question you've got on video.  You can see my facial expression, tonality, body language, or anything else that you wouldn't be able to learn just from a forum.  AND!  If you miss one you don't have to worry, because they'll be saved and posted on the website so you can go back and watch any or all of them that you'd like to, anytime.

If any of this sounds good to you, then please join me for the Beta launch of my new website, coming soon.  I'm letting in the first 20 guys who email me into the site, and that's it, NO MORE.  You'll get my first three video action plans: "How to Flood Your Life with Women," "How to Meet Her," and "#LifestyleDesign."  You'll also get to join me for weekly "Office Hours" video chats where I discuss anything you'd like.  You'll get access to my updated private forum and you'll also get access to a closed Facebook "connect" group where you can meet other members, like for real.

If you're interested in being one of the first 20 guys to enjoy a BRAND NEW dating site that's destined to me the #1 dating site in the world, simply shoot me an email to jakepulls@gmail.com and I'll send you a private link to join the website, as well as a coupon code for 20% off your first month.  Just put "FIRST 20" in the subject line of your email.

And!  If you happen to not be one of the first 20 guys to send me an email, I'll automatically keep your place in line for the next time I open access to the website.

So that's it for today guys.  The new website is just around the corner here, so send me your email now to jakepulls@gmail.com and be one of the first guys who get access to the newest, best dating website in the entire industry.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in there!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The 3 Questions Everyone Asks Me When They Find Out I'm A Pro Dating Instructor

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel guys!  More videos to come... Oh!  And let me know what you think by leaving a comment.  Gracias.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Flawless Texting Price Reduction!

Quick & Easy today.  

This weekend I taught a Flawless Texting Member who got to witness a 4 girl pull on the first set of the night then later we brought back two women to an after-hours spot where it got very crazy.  He's working on his review now, so I'll post that as soon as possible.  It'll definitely be an entertaining read!

Also, I've dropped the price of the Flawless Man Forum!  This is the only forum predominantly devoted to posting screenshots of your texting convos with women and where the "guru" personally analyzes your posts and answers them.  At this point there are hundreds of screenshots posted so even if you don't have your own to post, you can learn TONS of info just from reading the text conversations of other guys and other women.  Here are some other popular posts and responses you might find interesting:

There's much much more where these came from, and if you still haven't checked out The book Flawless Texting, you can pickup your copy of the book (and bonuses!) TODAY for only $67 by CLICKING HERE or clicking on the book picture on the right hand side of your screen.  When you do, you can opt into the Flawless Man Forum for free for 2 weeks.  If you like it, $19.99 will be billed monthly to you and if you don't, simply cancel and you won't be billed... although at that great of a price, I'm now sure where you'll find anything better!  

Currently I'm PERSONALLY answering EVERY POST on the forum almost daily.  That's right, there are no "coaches" who are actually students like you.  Instead, it's just professional, personal advice on whatever topic you're interested in.  Good luck finding anyone in our industry who is willing to give you their advice for $19.99 per month.  I might be making a crazy mistake even doing this!

If you're a current or a past Flawless Texting and Flawless Man Forum customer, simply cancel your current account (if you have one) and then CLICK HERE and signup for just the forum using your regular login information and your price will be modified to $19.99/mo.  Contact me at jakepulls@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.  

This offer will not last very long, and I'm not joking!  If you've been checking out my blog recently you know I'm working on a new website that will arrive soon.  When that happens I will no longer accept new sales for the Flawless Texting Forum, so this is quite literally your last chance.

Thanks for reading, Happy New Years once again to you, and I look forward to seeing you on the Flawless Man Forum!  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How to Re-Engage with a girl. Get her back in your bed NOW!

Seems like there's always some girl in each and every guy's past who he wonders if he could ever have back.  Maybe the timing wasn't right the first time but the attraction was there, or maybe for whatever reason there wasn't closure and now the relationship feels oddly unresolved.  Well, the reality is that to move on, sometimes it's a great idea to reach out one more time to the girl and see how she responds to you.  After all, circumstances can and do change in women's lives, and if she changed maybe it's for the better.  Wanna find out?  Here's how to reach back out to the woman or women you're thinking about.