Saturday, September 27, 2014

Updating Content

Hang tight guys!  I'm updating all my old posts one by one.  Some of the stuff I wrote years ago and it needs updated with the most recent info, so if you're missing your favorite post, rest assured it'll be back soon!  Now it's Saturday night, go meet some people :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Texting E-Book Update

Hey guys,  I've been getting a lot of emails wondering about progress on my texting e-book.  As of right now, I am finished writing the body of the texting e-book!  I'm currently searching out resources for internal formatting and external cover, spine, back design, etc.  then it'll be ready for you guys to swallow up.  I'm estimating it'll be about a hundred pages or so.  

I need your help!

 I would still like to add some more examples from the phones and lives of my students into the book so that I can explain some common texting issues guys have, so if you've got a texting thread that starts with callback humor, or you've got a shorter thread (20 total texts max), send it to:

I just might put it in the book!  And I assure you guys... it's on the way :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fulfillment in your Dating Life

In my 6+ years of coaching men, I've witnessed hundreds of different philosophies and strategies for being happy in life when it comes to dating and relationships.  At whatever stage of life they're in, men have different versions of what they think is the next relationship that will make them happy in life.  I've seen men who want to sleep with their first woman, men who want to sleep with their first woman without paying for it (no joke), men who want to sleep with their 300th woman, men who want to get married, men who want to get divorced, and men who have no clue what they want.  I feel like i've seen it all at this point.

So which men are the happiest?  How can you be one of them?