Thursday, January 31, 2013


Women are tough to understand when you're new to gaming and even sometimes when you're at an advanced level.  When I was new to learning dating skills, I had NO CLUE whether or not a girl liked me or not.  Not one.  Knowing whether or not a girl liked me was a complete guess from beginning to end, but now that i'm a bit more seasoned, there are signs that are so obvious to me that they glow in bold like big bright neon signs.  AND!... even when those signs don't exist, I've got some methods that I use to make it obvious to me whether or not I should keep trying with the girl.  So let me tell you about how I like to gain clarity...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Multiple Income Streams of Women

Many guys who are learning dating are simply at a place where they'd like to start having sexual experiences with as many women as they possibly can.  For most guys this is a stage that I hope they'll pass through eventually, but I get it, they want to "sow their wild oats" as my parents would say.  And obviously, people have been sowing their wild oats probably since the beginning of time.  If you're a guy in this stage just trying to rack up some numbers, i've got some advice for you to help you maximize the amount of women in your life right now, so that hopefully later you grow mature enough not to want to bang the world anymore.