Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fuck 6 girls a week using this 1 Weird Trick!

So I was about to get up out of bed this morning when I noticed an ad at the side of my computer screen.  It read "Fuck 6 girls a week... using this 1 weird trick."  Then at the bottom of the ad it said "Free video reveals 1 weird trick that makes girls want to fuck you... no matter WHAT you look like."   Today I'm going to give you a REAL quick trick to really get laid with 6 girls a week.  Yes, it's possible and many guys do it, so here you go...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Sex Trade

I had a great question from a student today and he had an issue that's a very common one so I'd like to share it with you guys.  First of all though, if you haven't read my post "How to NOT get into a relationship," I'd recommend you to read that first before continuing.  

The student said:  

I went on a day 2 with a girl to the beach. We made out there then went back to her house, but she said she only fucks guys she's in a relationship with. So I havent been talking to her much.  How can I deal with this?