Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fuck 6 girls a week using this 1 Weird Trick!

So I was about to get up out of bed this morning when I noticed an ad at the side of my computer screen.  It read "Fuck 6 girls a week... using this 1 weird trick."  Then at the bottom of the ad it said "Free video reveals 1 weird trick that makes girls want to fuck you... no matter WHAT you look like."   Today I'm going to give you a REAL quick trick to really get laid with 6 girls a week.  Yes, it's possible and many guys do it, so here you go...

A simple click lead me to a video page where a voice comes up asking me "When was the last time you got LAID?"  This didn't take much thought... last night.  Well, and this morning.

The voice continues:  "I mean when was the last time you put your dick in a girl's pussy, and FUCKED her?"  Ummm, same answer?  I think that's the same thing as the first question.

"Well chances are, if you're watching this video it's been way too long."  Fuck off jerk!  Just cause someone is sexually active doesn't mean they give up masterbating, though i'm sure you're about to tell me that somehow I will if i'm getting laid "enough."  What a myth!

"I'm about to tell you about an unusual breakthrough in the science of blah blah blah that allows you to forcefeed feelings of lust and desire into the unconscious mind of any woman you meet within seconds!  It doesn't matter how old you are, when you use this on a woman her panties will drop regardless of what her impression was of you when you walked up.  Oh and by the way don't shut this video off yet cause i'm gonna tell you some other shit at the end that'll surprise you!"

Huh?  Okay hold on, this is a good quiz.  Ummmm.... *(thinking)*  OKAY!  I got the answer!  Yes!  I knew I was good.

I select answer "A."   ROOFIES!

No?  Okay fuck let me think harder..  Hmmmm ... One weird trick that'll do all that shit... Hmmm.

Okay I got it!  I select answer "B."  The one weird trick is to spend from 1-5 years of your life truly doing the hard work it takes to learn dating skills from beginning to end through talking with hundreds, even thousands of women until finally you have made huge personal growth and you have the ability to attract and subsequently accurately gauge the personality of a woman you meet so that you can make a decision about what she offers your life and whether or not you want her in it.

No?  Wait just a second here.  I know the answer is for sure B, but you're saying it's not and you want me to input my email address just to watch another video.  This time you say you're going to give me the #1 secret of getting ANY woman begging to be with me in seconds with ZERO chance of rejection.

Now I know this is bullshit.  After all, I try to be humble about my skill, but I'm a legit pro dating expert, and I know FOR SURE that this isn't true.  First of all, if I wanted to use something that would get ANY woman it would be watered down, cause to get every chick to talk to you it has to be.  Maybe I could ask her directions? Secondly, I know it takes usually over a month before a woman starts beginning to beg to be with a man.  Thirdly, zero chance of rejection?  Ummmm... can I call obvious bullshit here?  If I talk to a chick, isn't there a chance of rejection every time?

Oh wait!  I got it!  This is actually a bunch of marketing.  Wow, it's pretty good.  I mean basically the whole speech thing is designed to cure every lazy bullshit excuse I might have in my mind in a matter of seconds while simultaneously stimulating me with words like "science" and "breakthrough" and "actually put my dick into her pussy."  Okay, you know what I will signup right now... for a marketing class that you teach.  I'm not interested in your class on women though thanks.  I don't want to learn your "1 Weird Trick."  As a matter of fact, I saw that phrase "1 Weird Trick" on four other ads since then, and my friend who makes like eleventy-million dollars a year uses the same marketing to sell products because people respond well to that wording.  I even used "1 Trick" in part of a title to one of my blog posts awhile back to test how the response would be versus other posts.

Let me tell you guys the truth about what's going on, because the truth is what we're good at.  The truth is that you're lazy and i'm lazy too.  Basically we're all lazy fucks and we want to do the same with our attempt to get women, so we want to make it as easy as possible.  The problem with this mentality is that skills in life that are really worth getting (the ones that do things like build self-esteem, identity, confidence and self-worth) aren't skills you "pickup" (no pun intended) with 1 Weird Trick... even though I do have a great trick that you can use below.

Oddly enough, I actually think this whole ad is a GREAT thing.  It's designed to take lazy masturbating fucks who otherwise wouldn't hear about self improvement at all and get them in the mix of our little self-help world under the ruse of meeting their sexual needs.  I think it probably works well too!  I just don't really like that on some level it lies.  Why not say something like "Getting laid is hard, but we've figured out the fastest way to fix what's wrong with you, and we'll personally help you do it."  (well, it's because people won't respond as well cause we're all mindless monkeys most of the time).

The truth is that dating skills can be difficult to learn and it often takes a long time.  Guys don't want to put in that commitment and effort, so it's best to start them off small with a couple tips and tricks to spur them into action and get them some positive tangible results that'll keep them on the path to improvement.  Understand that the best way to get through this process is to keep taking actions that put you in a positive feedback cycle in your life.

The first two months of learning are the hardest, and once you start getting some positive reactions and maybe a couple phone numbers, it just gets easier and easier.  So do the hard work until that happens and take your lumps like all of us pros have many many times.  I'm one of the best because i've failed more than most anyone, so when you fail you're on the same path I took.  Keep fighting the good fight, steer clear of bullshit ploys and "1 Weird Trick" bullshit, and remember that the hard road is the right one.

And!  If you do need help getting all this crappy work done at epic speed, that's what I'm here for!   I literally have made it my goal in life to SAVE YOU TIME!  I can make the process of fixing your dating life very simple, quick, and as pain-free as possible.  So without further ado, let's talk about the actual mechanics of installing women into your life.

Almost to the 1 Weird Trick... But first!   

If you really want to have sex with 6 girls a week and you're currently not having sex with any of them, you're going to need to do a couple of things first before the 1 weird trick will work.  So here they are:

1.  Meet tons of women - This requires multiple income streams of women.  If you're curious about what this means, Click here.   If you don't want to read that, basically it means using multiple avenues to meet women, like maybe you meet women out at night, maybe during the day too, maybe on Tinder/Bumble/OkCupid, maybe you go to some yoga classes, etc.  You're meeting tons of women.  To bang 6 women a week, you'll need a continuous flow of new interactions with women in your life because women come and go.

2.  Convert those interactions with new women into dates -  This means you've gotta be good at getting phone numbers and texting women, PERIOD!  Texting and online messaging is an absolutely necessary skill, and if you want a quick and easy way to do it, I wrote a step-by-step book to show you exactly what to say.  Click here and buy it now!  Simply read the book, write out the stuff I say, and you'll be getting dates.  Yes, you'll make a few mistakes at first, but on my forum you can post what the girl is saying and I'll tell you exactly what to say and do.  Save yourself a TON of time and learn from me.  I've texted thousands of women and boiled all the crap down into 2 SIMPLE TEXTS YOU CAN SEND that'll get women to respond to you and go on dates.  Oh, and I teach your how to get her to send you dirty pics and how to get her to let you VIDEO her on your phone too...

  Or I Also Teach At  Click Here to Check it Out!

3.  Convert your dates into sexual partners - To convert your dates into sexual partners you've gotta have a plan of action for your dates that's simple to execute.  This is quite simple to do, but most guys have to see it in person to believe how easy it is to do.  For this most guys like to do a live training with myself or one of my instructors.  If you're interested in a live training, simply email me at and I can answer your questions.

So Here's the 1 Weird Trick to Fuck 6 girls a week:  

The 1 Weird Trick to Fuck 6 girls a week and the secret to getting what you want from women is what I call Opposite Polarization.  Opposite Polarization means saying the opposite thing of what most men would say in a particular situation, and doing so in a polarized, bold manner.

For instance, maybe I'm out with a couple girls and guys and one of the girls says "How you do you like my outfit?" When she asks this one of the girls says "Ohhhhh, it's cute!  I like it.  Where did you get it???"  and then the guy next to you says "Yeah I like it too.  I really like the floral pattern and the purple color."  The other two kind of go along with what the first two have said, and then when everyone naturally turns to me I'll say something like "I think it's the worst ever.  I would never wear that crappy thing."  Then right as I get the attention of the group and they start to wonder if I'm joking or not, I'll crack a slight smirk to let them know I was completely joking.

This technique literally sets me apart from every guy I ever meet, and it lets women know that I'm different, I'm bold, I'm not worried about social pressure, and I'm fun and challenging to be around.  When mastered, this weird trick alone can get you woman after woman literally for the rest of your life.  However!  Still when you use this trick, you're going to need to be able to get the girl's phone number and message her to get a date!  So use my weird trick, then get her number and get a date using the simple technique I've developed over the past 10 years in my book, Flawless Texting.  To get it, Click here now!   You'll get to see what I do and see hundreds of examples in The Flawless Man Forum of what other men are doing to apply my simple step-by-step method.

Cheers and thanks for reading.

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  1. Good post. I've seen this on porn sites as well. I've seen PUA artist use tricks like this as well. Not to tread, but pop video is similar, but not the same. Marketing is marketing. I'm glad you've acknowledged that there is no ONE routine, ONE opener, or one anything that'll get you good. It's all a holistic learning process.

  2. hi Jake. I like a lot your blog. It's very non-bs. I like a lot the philosophy behind UDS. It's the perfect balance between inner game and pragmatic stuff.

    I started work on my game almost 2 years ago. I went through the typical process: approach anxiety, develop my lifestyle, pump attraction, dates and fuckbuddies, manage large groups alone then more agressive game and one night stands. This summer I banged ~10 girls and now i'm calming down my game, keeping a rotation and testing 'slow track' (more compatible with my schedule)

    My game is getting decent BUT (big BUT) there is three problems, and I don't know how to work on that.

    - Entitlement: I'm 26yo, my game runs very well on "normal-professional-25/30yo girls", but when they are hotter and younger my game sucks. If I want to get laid, i'm very effective. But if I want to get laid to SPECIFIC girl, i feel like my "normal" game, doesn't work. Friends who are more "nice-rich guy" seems more effective picking up hotter girls. I'm kind of tired of picking up 6s and 7s. Sometimes i think that maybe i should set hardcore boundaries and not pick up 6s/7s, but in some cases I feel that this is an excuse.

    - Social circle: I'm not shy, I'm not weird, I'm very charming now and I can manage big groups. but I don't feel real "interest" when I'm talking to people. Game made me a bit sociopath. Then for me going out, getting a number and fucking a girl is a lot easier than having real friends. How do you choose when having "female friends" and "burning the interaction to the ground". It's weird being "good with girls" without knowing how to made "female friends". Not having a social circle makes very difficult going to nicer clubs and knowing high quality girls.

    - Sex talk: do you know good references or exercises to develop sex talk (in dates and in bed)? My kino is strong but i'm to soft during dates because is more conversational. I do some sexual innuendos but i'm not very good going harder with my dirty talk.


  3. Thanks for the comment jojo. Shoot me an email at and i'd love to give you a more in-depth personal response.

  4. I used this weird trick and fucked 0 girls...

    What am I doing wrong? Helllllllllllp....

    Glenn P

    ps... Awesome post Jake!

  5. Just for the record, my blog got SEVEN (yes, seven) times the normal number of hits I would get on the day I put this post up! Twenty bucks says most of those people are off in KJ land looking for more weird tricks at this very moment.

  6. yeah pick up is WAY harder than i ever thought. And I feel like I fail more than anyone else but im slowly getting better. I won't give up like a pussy though so I already won. The truth sucks a lot but it's reality I gotta deal with it. This was an inspiring post thanks man

  7. the wierd trick that works realy well is you can pick up any weird girl walking the street if you have enough cash lol

    1. Actually, men all over try this method and it works HORRIBLY. I have many clients who have more than enough cash to do exactly what you speak of, and here's what happens:

      1. The girl very quickly profiles the guy as a "provider" type .

      2. She seeks to gain as much as benefit as possible from the man.

      3. To extract maximum possible benefit, she witholds sex from the man as long as possible.

      4. Sooner or later, she feels guilty enough about accepting stuff from the guy that she begrudgingly sleeps with the guy (if at all).

      5. She feels remorseful and guilty about sleeping with the guy because she feels no romantic connection, but since she doesn't want to destroy her source of being provided for, she repeats these steps again until finally something eventually ends the relationship.

      Often men that provide for women in this way will provide and provide until they get frustrated with the process or another woman comes along who is "better qualified" to be provided for, then the process repeats. Men who engage in this process over and over understand that this isn't a healthy way to get women, but nonetheless they engage anyway because it's the best option that's available to them that they know of. Sooner or later, a very small percentage of them come to Brad and I for our services. They want to be able to get women free from this process, we teach them how, and only then are they free from engaging in this process in their lives.

  8. So. How 'bout them STDs? 100s of women. That's a lot. Or is that a little from where you sit? Regardless, they're out there. After you've gotten her shirt off and a condom on, at what point do you say "I should ask her, cause this condom might not be enough" if at all?

    1. I use condoms and i've never had an STD.