Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Sex Trade

I had a great question from a student today and he had an issue that's a very common one so I'd like to share it with you guys.  First of all though, if you haven't read my post "How to NOT get into a relationship," I'd recommend you to read that first before continuing.  

The student said:  

I went on a day 2 with a girl to the beach. We made out there then went back to her house, but she said she only fucks guys she's in a relationship with. So I havent been talking to her much.  How can I deal with this?  

This is a pretty common ploy women use to gain control over men, and it's a pretty easy frame to break once you understand how to, because girls know on some level that it's bullshit.  They only get away with it when guys let them get away with it in hopes it'll get them laid. And even if the guy does agree to the relationship in hopes for sex, the woman already knows he's not dominant and will often get rid of him before the sex even happens!  

It's a wonderfully tough situation for any normal guy to deal with, that's why Cosmopolitan Magazine puts it in their magazine every month.  Think about it.  What, are you going to say "Sure!  Let's be in a relationship" and then she's just gonna lead you into her bedroom, roll down her panties, and spread her legs for you cause you said you'd commit?  Of course not, retard!  Instead, you're gonna say "Sure!" hoping to have sex, then you'll be gone.  Odds are if she's saying this in the first place to you then it's FAR too soon for a relationship anyway.  Why would you commit to a girl after only a month of seeing her?  If you're inexperienced, that's why.  

Okay, so since you're reading my blog I already am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you're not a total retard (like I was in the past when I fell for this), so to aid in the retard recovery process that took me so long and save you from the hurt I experienced, let's talk about the single best most comprehensive solution for this problem that exists on the planet and NO ONE anywhere can possibly top.  

Girl:  "I only have sex with guys i'm in a relationship with."

You:  "Really?"  

Girl:  "Yep.  Blah blah blah..... (more mouth vomiting)."  (BTW she always will say yes here and usually go into explanation.  Regardless of what she says, you say the following):

You: "Wow, hmmmm that's pretty weird.  It's almost like you treat sex like it's some type of business deal or something.  "You give me this and i'll give you that" or "I'll trade you this for that."  That's fucked up.  You know I don't claim to be a relationship ninja or anything, but when I feel like having sex with someone I usually just try to go with my emotions and whether or not I feel attracted and connected with someone."  

The girl will often backtrack like hell when you say this, and when she does you can go further with it by teasing her.  I'd be like 

Me:  "Hey, so what else can I get for being in a relationship with you, will you give me a car?  You know mine is kinda needing an oil change right now and i'm pretty lazy, so I was thinking if you could throw in a nice BMW or something we might be able to make a deal.... wait!  Okay I got it.  The car plus you gotta pay some of my student loans, and i'll shake on it and sign the papers right now."  When I do this i'll stick my hand out like we're making a business deal that we're going to shake on. 

For advanced students:  To hammer this whole point home with the girl you could even setup a word game of sorts where you substitute the word "relationship" for the word "sex."  I'd be like:

Me:  "It's almost like relationship and sex are the same thing for you, huh?  

Me again (in a girly voice acting like a girl rubbing her pussy while hitting on a guy): "Hey hot stud! Wanna relationship me tonight. I'll relationship you all night long for 20 bucks, come and get it."  

After this she'll laugh and I'll usually push her away from me by her shoulder and I say something like "Get outta here weirdo" or "You're ridiculous right now" or "you're such a dork!" then i'll pull her close a second later and nuzzle up cheek to cheek in a genuine way. 

No phasing that one.  Pure dominance.  

So let's Recap:  

Often with these types of "chains" the pattern I use to deal with it is:

1.  Ask her to repeat herself
2.  Argue it on "her" terms, using emotion as your ploy
3.  After you've made your point, make hers sound even dumber in one or a couple of ways
4.  Tease her for thinking that way and absurdify how the world would be if her way was the most extreme it could be
5.  Come back to reality with telling her she's a weirdo or a nerd or something
6.  Takeaway
7.  When she responds with submission like laughing or backtracking, reward her with genuine affection.  

The desired effect of this whole process is that she understands that you're no fool and that she won't be able to use thoughtless "girl ploys" against you in the future.  Now she has to think a ton about how to get you into a relationship using another strategy, and that thought she puts into you is a huge investment by her that will make her more attracted to you.  She'll know that she's not going to be able to use sex as a bargaining chip with you, and it'll be more or less understood that she's going to have to level with you as more of an adult if she's going to get what she wants.  Nice work!

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  1. Damn. It's like some kind of bait hook reel GAFF and merciful release.

    I feel more dominant just reading it. You're the fucking man.

  2. Thanks man! I had to lookup gaff: "A stick with a hook, or a barbed spear, for landing large fish." Niiice, I like it.

  3. Question: What if the girl is not verbalizing the fact that she is trying to get you in a relationship but instead just keeps giving you a lot of resistance. IF you bring up the fact that she is trying to game you into relationship in the heat of it she can always deny it and you will look stupid. What do you think?

    1. Sorry for the latest reply ever, I apparently missed this one.

      If the girl's not verbalizing that she's trying to get you into a relationship then that I talk about above never happened and you've got a totally different form of last minute resistance.

      I certainly wouldn't bring this type of thing up on my own if she didn't bring it up first.

  4. Great advice Jake! Funny... I get asked the same questions by my students as well.

    And if I might add, if that's ok with you since it is your Blog i don't wanna intrude?!

    What guys have to look forward to when they finally get good at pick-up and seducing women and when they firmly have a grasp on female psychology as well as becoming a TRULY ALPHA MALE with tons of sexual experience under his belt(No Pun) is that.... When women know you are this type of guy they wouldn't dare say some shit like that to you! Especially at the moment right before you're about to eat her little pussy! Their anticipation of having you sexually is going to be way to high. She'll already be so turned on by you and how you act and what you say that when you get her back to your house or hers she would've already committed herself in her own mind to being just fine with having sex with you!

    Best way to avoid this question by a woman is being the guy SHE WOULD NEVER DARE ASK SUCH A LAME ASS QUESTION TO!

    Also, I'm running a little promotion on my blog. Just click on the link below and take my POLL and you will have a chance to win a FREE 30- Minute phone consultation with me. Good luck guys!

    P.S. call me Jake!!!