Thursday, March 9, 2017

The SIMPLE WAY to Change Your Life NOW!

Hey guys!

After almost 6 months of filming and working with web designers, my new website is almost done.  Over a year ago I released my book Flawless Texting and launched The Flawless Man Forum and I learned a lot from that process.  The first thing I learned is that being one of the best dating instructors in the world isn't enough, I have to also be good at providing a wonderful learning environment for anyone who will listen.

So I read your emails, I looked at and joined all of the leading websites in the dating industry, and I came up with a plan to make the best website in the entire dating industry.  The way I figure, our industry has a couple big problems:

1.  We're charging HUGE amounts of money for workshops where guys are only learning the basics.  

My solution:  Teach ALL of the best dating skills ON VIDEO and online and don't charge $1500 or more to learn basics in a workshop.  Workshops should be for me to checkout the game you already have and to give you individual, customized advice.  The function of a workshop should not be to charge you huge amounts of money to learn concepts that can be learned for $75 a month.

2.  The information out there is OLD and DATED.

My solution:  Teach the NEWEST stuff.  This is super easy for me because I literally have an arsenal of skills and techniques that the entire industry has no clue about.  My one-on-one students know this well and if you're reading this blog my guess is you're aware of this.

3.  "Pickup" lines and routines aren't fun or easy to learn and memorize, and "Natural" game really isn't natural at all and.  Why isn't there a learning method that lets guys SUCCESSFULLY develop themselves into the most alpha version of themselves AND still not have to memorize a bunch of crap they wouldn't normally say?

My solution:  Ditch pickup lines and "natural" game that isn't natural at all and use ONE SIMPLE SENTENCE that allows you to attract women and learn how to be alpha at the same time.  I've been testing this on clients for about a year now and most guys have instant, one-night results.  Now it's time to teach that online.

4.  Student's need individual, specific questions answered.  And not just on a forum.

My solution:  Weekly VIDEO online chats where I answer any question you've got on video.  You can see my facial expression, tonality, body language, or anything else that you wouldn't be able to learn just from a forum.  AND!  If you miss one you don't have to worry, because they'll be saved and posted on the website so you can go back and watch any or all of them that you'd like to, anytime.

If any of this sounds good to you, then please join me for the Beta launch of my new website, coming soon.  I'm letting in the first 20 guys who email me into the site, and that's it, NO MORE.  You'll get my first three video action plans: "How to Flood Your Life with Women," "How to Meet Her," and "#LifestyleDesign."  You'll also get to join me for weekly "Office Hours" video chats where I discuss anything you'd like.  You'll get access to my updated private forum and you'll also get access to a closed Facebook "connect" group where you can meet other members, like for real.

If you're interested in being one of the first 20 guys to enjoy a BRAND NEW dating site that's destined to me the #1 dating site in the world, simply shoot me an email to and I'll send you a private link to join the website, as well as a coupon code for 20% off your first month.  Just put "FIRST 20" in the subject line of your email.

And!  If you happen to not be one of the first 20 guys to send me an email, I'll automatically keep your place in line for the next time I open access to the website.

So that's it for today guys.  The new website is just around the corner here, so send me your email now to and be one of the first guys who get access to the newest, best dating website in the entire industry.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in there!