Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Dominance Struggle (2/2) "In-depth" Theory

That old adage you've heard "hot girls don't get hit on much because guys are all scared to hit on them, so if you hit on them you'll probably stand a good chance" is total bullshit.  Hot girls get hit on all the fucking time, and have been getting hit on since their nipples first grew into golf balls when they were twelve.  How many times is this?  Well it's probably a few times a day minimum, maybe a thousand a year conservatively... so if she's 21 then she's already got 5000 "approaches" under her belt, and if she's  40 then that number is more like 20 to 25 thousand, and that's a conservative number!  Do you have even 5000 approaches yet?  And if she's got even 10,000 approaches under belt and she's only slept with 10 or 20 guys, then that means only one out of every 500 approaches leads to someone fucking her.  Wow!  So I ask you this:  How does a hot girl keep from getting fucked every night she goes out?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Dominance Struggle (Part 1/2)

Everything in a pickup is about the struggle for dominance.  Sure there are pre-requisites to the dominance struggle, like presence, BL, blah blah fucking blah but where the rubber meets the road in pickup is how you do when it comes to the dominance struggle.  Sure, you can get around it and not totally dominate.  Guys do it all the time.  Girls need to get laid, so they give a guy some room for error, he uses it, and then they both get their sexual needs met.  But that doesn't mean that the relationship is working or is going to work in the long run.  In fact, I believe that this margin for error is where the first fault in any relationship could happen.  The girl says "Well he wasn't the best, but i'll give him a shot."  Then you've got pregnant chicks trying to get married asap before they can fart the fetus out.   Never a good model for how a relationship should happen.