Thursday, September 17, 2015

Identity and Identity Development

I hear the same question all the time from men...  "How can I have an attractive identity and how can I use that identity to get women?"  Today I wanna give you a simple formula that'll keep women entering your life for years to come...

Monday, September 14, 2015

Breaking Her, and the "Secret" to Lifelong Happiness

A special thanks today to the guys who responded to my last blog post and took me up on the phone coaching!  Wow, what a weekend!  I had such a crazy weekend I can't even write about parts of it.

After talking with so many guys for so long, i've been able to isolate and combat many of the behavioral patterns I see in women.  One thing i've noticed in my years as a dating coach is that women don't know how to make themselves happy.  Yep, I said it.  Women don't have a clue how to make themselves happy.  Are you tuned in?  Because today I wanna talk about how to "break" women of their pattern of self-destruction using some dominance techniques.  And i'm going to show you the actual breaking process of a woman via text.  This is the first time anyone has shown this online (because i'm the one who came up with the theory), and this is probably the single most important lesson a guy can learn, and one that so few do...  In other words, today is special fucking treat day for you.  Pay attention, class is in session.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I'll get her for you

So i've been doing this thing lately with some of my regular phone coaching students where I text a girl for them.  Sometimes the student wants to make sure that he gets a date with a girl whose number he just got.  Sometimes he wants to have help getting a girl he's already dating to chase him more.  Sometimes he wants to just keep her because he's losing her, and some guys just want to re-initiate with a girl who they lost a long time ago.

Regardless of the situation, when you have the courage to send a girl the text that I recommend you'll learn a huge amount about dating and i'll learn a huge amount about your relationship and your mentality with women.  Obviously, this information is extremely valuable to you!

If you're interested in me helping you out with texting a particular woman, all you have to do is take screenshots of the text messages you get, send them instantly to my personal phone, then i'll send you back what to respond to her with.  Of course we'll need to talk a bit about the situation with the girl and i'll need to explain some things to you as well.

For a short time here, i'm going to offer this entire service for $199!  For that price i'll text one girl with you and we'll chat for one hour on the phone.  We can use that hour however you'd like.  Maybe 10 minutes at first then 50 minutes later, for example.  As far as how many texts i'll send, i'll send as many as we need to in order to accomplish whatever goal we establish.  This could be turning the tables so she's attracted, getting you a date, etc.

Take action now!

Simply paypal me to id:  jake@bradpcom

Then shoot me an email:

Include your name and phone number please.  Then i'll shoot you a text message and we'll get started immediately!  Get the girl, and get her for cheap!  $199 is what a lot of guys would spend in just one night out or for a couple bar tabs.  Why not quit worrying that you're doing something wrong in texting and just get the situation fixed so that you can go on to the fun part?  This is the easiest way, so why not handle it today, once and for all?

I look forward to hearing from you!  Take action now!