Thursday, November 13, 2014

Coaching Review

Many of you know or have heard that I have 100% great reviews from students for the past 7 years i've been a dating instructor.  I coached a student last weekend and he sent me this review.  And remember if you'd like to see for yourself what I can do, i'm still available for free 1 hour consultations if it's your first time working with me.  Simply shoot me an email at and we'll make arrangements.  Until then I hope you enjoy this review.

Review of Coaching Session with Jake P.
What struck me the most about Jake was how much he listened to what I had to say and how genuinely interested he was in hearing my story. He was not just clocking in, and I could feel that his heart was actually in this. He would ask sharp, insightful questions that dug into the core of whatever issue was being discussed. I found him very intuitive, like he understood what I was trying to convey and had either been there or heard it before. In short, the guy is a teacher, a good one.
Being skilled at something is one thing, but being able to teach it? That can be a whole other story. He coached me on the way I carried myself, and gave me some pointers that really resonated with me. Simple things for sure, like “hold your head up higher”, or “keep one hand free so you can talk with it”, and “hold your drink this way” but they made a difference. The sprinkler thing is pretty cool. I ain’t giving that one away; you’ll have to ask the guy. They are things that I have now implemented into my life. He helped me look at some beliefs I had in a new way, showing them to be irrational. Probably the most useful thing he helped me with was identifying four fundamental areas that I needed to work on. Instead of being flooded with details, he was able to distill my behavior that night and give me some solid, actionable advice. All in all, I learned quite a bit, even from just watching him interact with other people. I noticed how cheerful he was and how he treated everybody there with respect and the same attention that he was showing me as a student.


Thanks again D!  Great working with you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How to handle her terrible excuses

We've all heard the terrible excuses women give us not to hangout, and we know they're complete bullshit.  "I know honey, I know.  You're deathly ill, you have a family emergency, your friend just broke up and you stayed over at her place last night, your grandma called, and your dog ate your fucking homework...  Now how the hell am I supposed to deal with all of your crap and still keep my sanity? "

Free Live Training

Although I may be a master with women, i'm definitely not a master at other things.  And with the writing of my e-book now complete, it's time for me to get a webpage up, get the book formatted, get some graphic design done, and get this thing out the door to you guys asap!  This book will change the community's theory on texting, shit tests, phone number closes, and much more, and I need you to be a part of it!  So if you're a guy who lives in Los Angeles and can whip out a webpage, marketing, copy, or some formatting and graphics for me, let's make a trade.  I get you laid, you get me online.

Email me:

Please include:  Experience level, past work/project descriptions, specialty, any other details I might need.  I'm looking to get this going ASAP!  Thank you.

Friday, October 10, 2014

How to Handle Her Tantrums

Anytime you're involved in a relationship, sooner or later the woman you date is gonna throw a temper tantrum to try and get her way.  Usually this means she'll leave wherever you're at in hopes that you're going to follow her.  She might have the taxi pull over on the side of the road and let her out, she might leave the bar you're in, or she might just leave your place or kick you out of hers.  One way or another, there will be a tantrum designed to get her what she wants, and one way or another you'll have to deal with it.  So what should you do and how should you handle a situation like this when it happens?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to Not be Needy

Many of us go through our daily lives being needy in a variety of ways.   We're needy of attention, of response, and needy to give response.  Are there actually needs in these places, or have we created them unnecessarily?  And if we've unnecessarily created these needs, then how does our creation of unnecessary needs affect those around us?  What is the actual minimum amount of neediness possible?

If you've ever wondered what the path is to total non-neediness, i'm going to outline it right here.  First i'll teach you how to be a total dickhead (you'll think) and then i'll explain an exact three step process to understanding when you're needy so that you can stop yourself and practice not engaging in needy behavior.  I'll even explain how you can use this new found skill to make women hit on you.  Are you ready?  Read on...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Updating Content

Hang tight guys!  I'm updating all my old posts one by one.  Some of the stuff I wrote years ago and it needs updated with the most recent info, so if you're missing your favorite post, rest assured it'll be back soon!  Now it's Saturday night, go meet some people :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Texting E-Book Update

Hey guys,  I've been getting a lot of emails wondering about progress on my texting e-book.  As of right now, I am finished writing the body of the texting e-book!  I'm currently searching out resources for internal formatting and external cover, spine, back design, etc.  then it'll be ready for you guys to swallow up.  I'm estimating it'll be about a hundred pages or so.  

I need your help!

 I would still like to add some more examples from the phones and lives of my students into the book so that I can explain some common texting issues guys have, so if you've got a texting thread that starts with callback humor, or you've got a shorter thread (20 total texts max), send it to:

I just might put it in the book!  And I assure you guys... it's on the way :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fulfillment in your Dating Life

In my 6+ years of coaching men, I've witnessed hundreds of different philosophies and strategies for being happy in life when it comes to dating and relationships.  At whatever stage of life they're in, men have different versions of what they think is the next relationship that will make them happy in life.  I've seen men who want to sleep with their first woman, men who want to sleep with their first woman without paying for it (no joke), men who want to sleep with their 300th woman, men who want to get married, men who want to get divorced, and men who have no clue what they want.  I feel like i've seen it all at this point.

So which men are the happiest?  How can you be one of them?

Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Get Attraction from Girls - Jake P Dating Podcast

Some free audio for you guys.  Let me know what you think about this interview by commenting below, and if you'd like to reach me via email to schedule a free 1-hour consultation, i'm still available for those as well.  Simply email me at:


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Monday, August 4, 2014

One-on-One Review

It's amazing what we can accomplish in just one night!  And since i'm still giving out 1 hour free consultations in the month of August, there's no risk in considering me for your dating needs.  Come meet me and take charge like "Particle Man" did Saturday night.  All it takes is a quick email to

Here's the student's review:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Passed out While Fucking

So i'm taking a break from writing my Texting e-Book to write this post...

 Germany just won the World Cup!  WOOHOOO!  Many of you know that I travel quite a bit, and one of the trips I took was to Germany in 2006 to watch the World Cup.  The excitement, the people, and the worldwide party turned me into a fan of the event of Soccer altogether...

And that's why I drank 22 Heinekens during the game... and passed out at 3am while having sex with a girl i'm dating.  

So here's what happened...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The BEST Texting e-Book E V E R is coming!

After years of thinking about a texting e-book and students asking me to write one, i've finally began writing!  In fact, i've been writing for 4 days non-stop and i'm already about halfway done with the book.  I can already tell you this will likely be the most pragmatic, comprehensive texting e-book on the market.

The days of wondering what the hell to do are about to be over!

And before I finish up the book, I really want to make sure that I include everything that you guys would like to see covered, so PLEASE comment below and let me know if there's anything special you would like me to include.

Thanks and keep tuning into my blog.  This will be the first place I will announce it's completion.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Free Coaching Consultation

You read it right, in an effort to gain some new clients i'm giving out free coaching consultations for the month of July!  Email me, we'll schedule a time and meet up for about an hour here in Hollywood.  We'll talk about you, your game, and what I can offer you, all free of charge.  It's that simple!

Oh, and remember to ask about my new special coaching rates.  If you're going to get good with women, for many guys just one weekend long workshop is both mind-numbing and wallet-emptying, so my goal is to make regular coaching affordable on almost any budget so that students have a solid opportunity to have regular consultations, even if it's only an hour or two a month.  And if you read that last sentence and were like "yeah,'s still gonna be $1000 or some crazy money I don't have..." I challenge you to come and see for yourself.  Just email me at :
Looking forward to meeting you guys!

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