Friday, August 31, 2012

Don't be a Whiney Bitch Boy

I've seen it over and over, so many times it makes me wanna vomit.  I see guys in relationships who are so afraid of making their woman mad that they'll do anything to keep it from happening.  The process is simple:  Guy gets girl, guy doesn't want to lose girl cause she's his source of pussy and he's not quite sure if he can get something like her again, guy does anything girl says and anything he can to appease her, eventually girl gets bored and cheats, guy loses girl, guy is whamboozeled and can't for the life of himself understand what happened, guy wants the girl back, guy turns into a whiney bitch boy riddled with post-breakup drama and one-itis.  You don't wanna turn into a whiney bitch do you?  Good.  Let me tell you now not to turn into a whiney bitch.