Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rediscover Your Body and your Potential.

I just woke up this morning from one of the best sleeps i've had in years.  After an exhausting two days and only three hours of sleep, I fell asleep last night about 6pm  and finally woke up at about 8am.  I feel amazingly energetic today and i'm enthusiastic about everything that i'm about to do.

It's odd waking up like this for me.  And by "waking up like this," I mean waking up free from influence of any foreign substance in my body.  Since I was about 16 and started drinking and smoking, i've been abusing everything from food and caffeine to alcohol, pot, and even ecstasy.  I've eaten and drank every thing i've ever wanted.  These days it's different for me.  I haven't drank since new years, I've taken no drugs of any kind for a long time now, I and I don't drink caffeine at all.  In fact, I seldom will even eat processed or non-organic food these days.  Now i'm not saying this to boast, i'm saying it because quite honestly I haven't woken up this sober since I was 16 years old (15 years ago)!  For the first time in a long long time I feel wonderful about waking up every morning and I feel like everyday that i'm free from foreign substances in my body I gain control over myself and I get to rediscover how my body really is supposed to work and what it can do.  This is one example in my life of how starting a positive feedback cycle is leading to exceeding my goals.  I feel so great that I'd love to share with you how i've gotten this far.  I also want to share what a positive feedback cycle is and how you can use it to make living your life the true pleasure it should be.  If that sounds good then I invite you to keep reading...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Avoiding the Back Burner

Girls have shit going on in their lives, tons of it.  They've got a dance class tonight (wait, it is Tuesday right?), one of their girlfriends needs emotional support, twenty orbiters are texting them to go out, they lost their cell phone, their mom is sick, they're emotional about something today (well everything), they're supposed to meet with their work friends tonight for a drink, and to top it all off their vagina is spraying chunks of blood and yeast everywhere six times a day.

Add to all this that you just asked them out and they'll have to get ready, put an outfit on, and look their best, and all of this can get overwhelming for a girl.  What the hell should she do?  She does want to hangout with you (you think), but there's just so much shit to deal with and handle.  Sometimes the best decision available to her is to put you on the back-burner until she knows exactly what to do about all this mess.  The only problem with this is that you have your own shit going on too and you don't want to feel like you're second best to her shit.  So when you're in the process of getting put on the back burner, what can you do to still get the girl without feeling low value or developing a pattern that will lead to her not respecting you?