Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Flawless Texting Price Reduction!

Quick & Easy today.  

This weekend I taught a Flawless Texting Member who got to witness a 4 girl pull on the first set of the night then later we brought back two women to an after-hours spot where it got very crazy.  He's working on his review now, so I'll post that as soon as possible.  It'll definitely be an entertaining read!

Also, I've dropped the price of the Flawless Man Forum!  This is the only forum predominantly devoted to posting screenshots of your texting convos with women and where the "guru" personally analyzes your posts and answers them.  At this point there are hundreds of screenshots posted so even if you don't have your own to post, you can learn TONS of info just from reading the text conversations of other guys and other women.  Here are some other popular posts and responses you might find interesting:

There's much much more where these came from, and if you still haven't checked out The book Flawless Texting, you can pickup your copy of the book (and bonuses!) TODAY for only $67 by CLICKING HERE or clicking on the book picture on the right hand side of your screen.  When you do, you can opt into the Flawless Man Forum for free for 2 weeks.  If you like it, $19.99 will be billed monthly to you and if you don't, simply cancel and you won't be billed... although at that great of a price, I'm now sure where you'll find anything better!  

Currently I'm PERSONALLY answering EVERY POST on the forum almost daily.  That's right, there are no "coaches" who are actually students like you.  Instead, it's just professional, personal advice on whatever topic you're interested in.  Good luck finding anyone in our industry who is willing to give you their advice for $19.99 per month.  I might be making a crazy mistake even doing this!

If you're a current or a past Flawless Texting and Flawless Man Forum customer, simply cancel your current account (if you have one) and then CLICK HERE and signup for just the forum using your regular login information and your price will be modified to $19.99/mo.  Contact me at jakepulls@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.  

This offer will not last very long, and I'm not joking!  If you've been checking out my blog recently you know I'm working on a new website that will arrive soon.  When that happens I will no longer accept new sales for the Flawless Texting Forum, so this is quite literally your last chance.

Thanks for reading, Happy New Years once again to you, and I look forward to seeing you on the Flawless Man Forum!  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How to Re-Engage with a girl. Get her back in your bed NOW!

Seems like there's always some girl in each and every guy's past who he wonders if he could ever have back.  Maybe the timing wasn't right the first time but the attraction was there, or maybe for whatever reason there wasn't closure and now the relationship feels oddly unresolved.  Well, the reality is that to move on, sometimes it's a great idea to reach out one more time to the girl and see how she responds to you.  After all, circumstances can and do change in women's lives, and if she changed maybe it's for the better.  Wanna find out?  Here's how to reach back out to the woman or women you're thinking about.