Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dude! I Banged the Hottest Chick the other Day!

Wow, guys!  I certainly didn't expect such an overwhelming response to the coaching deal that I put out a couple of posts ago, so thanks to everyone who took me up on it!  Unfortunately, it's been so much of a response that I need to cancel the deal immediately.  I simply don't want to overextend myself, especially with this new website on the way and all the filming and preparation i'm doing to get things going.  Right now I'm literally spending day and night working on filming, writing, working with web designers, etc.  and I don't see that workload getting any smaller anytime soon.

So, just to not be a dick to you guys, if you were still wanting to get some training for anytime in 2017, I'm going to give you until Wednesday, December 15th to either purchase your training or to email me if you've got extending circumstances of some sort.

That's a few more days you have to take me up on the coaching offer, then I'm calling it quits.  Again, the deal is $850 for a one-on-one session with me (or 3 sessions for $2350) or $180 for an hour on the phone (3 sessions for $500).  Use the training anytime you'd like in 2017.

I know sometimes guys are wanting to get paid, etc. and that stuff doesn't happen on your schedule, so if you're in that category just email me before Wednesday and I can try to work with you.  Again, I apologize for running the deal short, I just didn't expect this kind of response, so thanks again and I'm sorry.

Again I really can't stress this enough!!!  This year and this new website are going to be a big huge deal that will change the whole dating industry, so this really is your last chance to train with me affordably because as the new website grows in popularity the amount of time I have available will shrink and my prices will continue to rise, so please act now and don't be the guy who wishes he had taken me up on the deal when the price was low.  That deal is now, and now only.

In other news, please don't be a fucking braggart...  Nothing to me is more annoying than the guy who MUST tell you how big his cock is, how great he fucks his girl, how every girl comes with him, how great his mojo is, how amazing he eats pussy, how much girls love to suck his dick, how he got laid this morning, how he banged two chicks last week, etc etc etc.

How is the guy you're telling about all this shit even supposed to respond to it???

REALLY?!?  Like, really?  You know it's one thing if you get laid and you're excited about it and you wanna tell a buddy or two about it.  Congrats.  It's a totally different thing when you're consistently looking to others to maintain a position that you think you have where people respect you or like you more or think you're more of a man when you say this type of stuff over and over.  The reality is that we men, as a group, go entirely too far with this behavior.

A guy who has true abundance simply doesn't talk about it much or at all because it's not that big of a deal.  Period.

So I challenge you to be a guy who doesn't have to talk about your latest conquest with other men.  Instead, keep your own secrets and be the guy who people wonder about.  When you're a very discreet man, people will happen to see evidence from time to time and they'll surmise much much more about you (that you'll then deny).  There's really no need to search for and seek approval from others when it comes to your relationship or relationships with women.  I think it's best to do what you like to do and to be discreet about it.

I almost forgot!  Shoot me an email me right now if you'd like to take me up on the training offer before it expires Wednesday.  Last chance!  Paypal me: and Email:

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Move

It happens to all of us, all the time.  There's a point in time where we know we're supposed to "make a move" on a girl.  Whether the move is just to start talking or it's to start flirting during talking, or even it the move is to try and touch a girl's chest, the reality is that many guys are scared of these opportunities with women and it causes them to NOT act.  This is the worst choice of all and today I'm going to tell you why...