Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beginner Kills his personal Record

While normally i'm spewing out what's in my head to you guys, it's still just me talking about myself... a lot :)  So today I wanted to share a review with you guys from a student who I taught this past week.  He flew in from Canada and was able to more than double his approach record for one night and learn a ton!  Congrats!!!  Hopefully it'll remind you guys to get out of your house and come to Los Angeles and train with me before things get huge...  Things are always changing at, and what's around the bend will surprise you!  So without further ado, here's the review... and if one isn't enough for you, jump on the 30/30 club forum and checkout the others, there are tons.  We boast 100% amazing reviews, we're the best, and it's because we put the most effort into our students.  Now for your reading pleasure...

Review of one on one with jake p
Hello All,

I recently had a one on one with Jake P. However, in this situation Fadeaway was also there. Fadeaway was shadowing Jake for the night.

Now a little background on me cause I want other students to get the most of this. I signed up for the 30/30 in April of 2010 but I never fully committed to this adventure. I would half ass openers, start and stop the program and only reaching up to month 4. Then start over again.... I knew that trying to get this done on my own was not going to work. On to the one on one....

The one on one was done on Thursday June 20th in LA. I travelled from Canada to get this done.

The one on one itself lasted just over 8hrs. The amount money spent I could of gone to amazing vacation but the session with Jake P and Fadeaway was more than worth it. Absolutely worth every penny. Trust me....

We started with dinner and getting to know each other. Jake was figuring out where I'm starting from and where I want to be. In other words why am I here. At first I was nervous and after a few minutes he made it easy to talk to him. After dinner we left the restaurant and he demonstrated different ways of approaching (body language lessons). After this I had to learn 2 different openers and 2 attraction routines + learning how to get logistics down. It took me awhile to learn this things cause I kept fucking it up. We were practicing on the sidewalk. Even then I was not getting the hang of the openers. Also do remember before this one on one I would do the openers in a half-assed manner. And that pattern kept repeating itself. After what felt like an eternity of trying to learn the basics, we were off to a piano bar.

This venue is loud. I was told to do 3 approaches which did not count then the next 10 they would critique my approaches. Whenever I do go out at home, I'm usually pretty drunk and stuff comes out of my mouth that pretty hilarious. But approaching SOBER was completely nerve racking. I could not do the 3 approaches right as I was hovering and doing stupid shit like that. However Jake and Fade eased my mind and I completed my required number of approaches and it was AMAZING. I did not know that one could have so FUN much sober. From now on I won't even drink anymore. I drink because I wanted to amp up the fun but after being a part of need for drinks..While I did not get any phone numbers or make outs, the end result was worth it. I did more approaches than ever in my life.

Jake P is amazing at what he does. He fucking hilarious and easy to talk too. However at the same time, he can give you a kick in the ass when its needed. Fadeaway is also amazing, his style is completely different than Jake but non the less very effective. They both did a lot of demos of me. And what's amazing to me other than these guys running game was the fact I could stand right up to Fade or Jake and listen into the conversation. And to the girl I did not exist...HAHAHA

I'm leaving out ALOT of details cause I don't want this to be a novel.

I would absolutely recommend a one on one with Jake P. After seeing and experiencing first hand there's no going back for me. I know what I'm capable of. As a parting note, learning game is like going to the gym. If you half ass it you get half ass results or no results at all. In the gym, if you don't give your body a reason to change it won't change.

I have a lot of things to work but Jake gave me a solid game plan of how to tackle these.

Yes if you can afford it then hire Jake or whoever you can afford cause seeing and experiencing it first hand is worth your hard earned money and time.

Thanks all


  1. so he didn't get any numbers or make outs yet this was a successful night? ok..........

    1. Great question, and YES! The night was very successful. Not everyone is to the point where they can get a number or a makeout from the first night they're out doing pickup, and for any student in a workshop or one on one training our goal is to always take their game to the next level. I also don't like to judge my own results or the results of my students based on any factor they cannot control. A girl might like a guy and not give her number out or makeout with him for a variety of reasons that are outside his locus of control, and I don't believe scenarios like these necessarily indicate failure on the student's part. Great question!

  2. The dude decides to give up drinking as a result of realizing that he was using alcohol as a crutch, that's more than successful, that's fucking triumphant and life changing.
    I'm super impressed.