Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bloody, Cutting Edge Amogging

The ability to get yourself into a talkative mood (called getting "in-state") is an essential skill in pickup.  When you're in-state you'll do your best pickup by far.  You'll have great energy, be able to better think on the fly, extend routines naturally, and you can even seem drunk to others when you're totally sober simply because you're so talkative.  One of the best things that happens when guys are in-state is that they come up with new phrases organically.  These unexpected moments of greatness can be some of the funniest and best lines in pickup.  I spit out one such line last weekend while teaching a workshop, and I think it's one of the best and easiest lines to use i've ever come up with.  Interested?  Keep reading...

A long-time student and I were talking with two women that he opened.  We're talking with both of the girls, and at one point in the conversation I happen to be talking when another guy enters our conversation from the side and starts chatting up the girl i'm talking to.  I don't really like the idea of this guy barging in and trying to steal this girl from me, and I know that if i'm going to amog him it's best that I do it before he can establish some conversation, so acting on autopilot after he's been talking for about 10 seconds I turn towards the girl and loud enough for both of them to hear I say:

"Did you get off your period yet, cause this guy's kinda cute."

WHAM!  The dude was instantly stunned and couldn't muster a word.   The girl was stunned too.  Before either figured out what had happened, the guy was so deflated he had to leave.

So let me break down what's going on with this phrase, where it came from, and why it's such a zinger.  The first part "did you get off your period yet" communicates that I know the girl very well.  I know her so well, in fact, that I know her menstrual cycles and I even know that she's on her period right now.  This is the type of information that a guy might know who is already sexually involved with a girl or has been in the past.  I've had a lot of experience as an insider with girls, so this is where this part of the phrase came from.  At the very least, a guy who knows this type of information about a girl knows her very well.  Is it actually the truth that I know this girl that well?  Of course not.  The point is that i'm communicating to the guy that I know this girl well enough that i'm an insider with her, and he can't help but be thoroughly confused as to whether or not what i'm saying is true because he doesn't know my sense of humor at all yet.  At the very least, he has to try and process what i'm saying and figure out it's validity, and while he does that he's gonna have a dumb look on his face that'll make him appear totally flustered and feel really overwhelmed.

The second part of the sentance "cause this guy's kinda cute" is also thoroughly confusing to both the guy and the girl.  I'm essentially saying to the girl "you should have sex with this guy," and usually when a girl feels pressured to have sex with someone her automatic response is to think that she doesn't want to have sex with them, so this functions to plant into her head that she doesn't want to have sex with the guy.  I'm also communicating to both of them that it's obvious to me that he's hitting on her and wants to have sex with her.  In addition to all of this, framing the guy as cute is something very non-masculine.  It almost sounds like I could be gay or I could think he's gay.  Also very confusing.

The end result of saying this whole thing is that it's laced with so much meaning, both communicated and sub-communicated, that neither of them can process it without simply being stunned for a few seconds.  When I demonstrate mental and social dominance in this manner, both the guy and girl feel submissive and I win.

After the set was over, I immediately did what i recommend you do when you happen to say something you know is amazing:  WRITE IT DOWN!  After you write it down, try using it in your next five conversations! This will give you some immediate practice with it and also verify for you whether or not the material you came up with was repeatably good or not.  I told Brad about the routine shortly after talking with the girls and he cracked up, then he told me that the best part about it was that it's simplistic enough for any beginner level guy to try out.

So there you have it.  Use routines, learn and internalize what they teach you about women, get yourself in a heightened social state, and watch in amazement as you vomit out greatness, clobbering chumpy dudes in the face with your magnificent confusion game.  "Did you get off your period yet?... cause this guy's kinda cute."


  1. Fucking awsome x) its like were secret geniuses

  2. I'd love to hear more from you about amogging. Even the basics, I really suck at it.

    1. The basics are:

      1. Amogging doesn't happen a whole lot percentage wise, so if you're a beginner use your time developing your stack and learning openers, attraction routines, how to get logistics, etc. instead of dreaming about scenarios that won't ever happen and how Mystery would handle them.

      2. Don't worry about amogging or try to prepare. Instead, wait for it to happen, do your best when it does, then after you're done sarging for the night, think about what happened and what you would do if the same thing happened again, that way if the situation happens again you'll be better prepared.

      3. When amogging another guy or getting amogged, remember to be calm and assertive, not reactive and emotional.

      4. Being wary of who a girl is with and what her relationship is to the people she's with so that you can sniff out any lame attempts by guys to convince you that the girl is their boyfriend.

  3. Hi Jake,

    I have a question which is not related to this post nor any other, but I'd like your insight on this. You know how keeping a solid frame is so important. It's important for dominance as well. And it seems that it helps to have a solid frame when we do not take into account " reality " so much. For example; many of the natural Bad Boys out there who have a very strong frame, have this frame just because they lie all the time in order to keep a dominant frame, they lie and they are " right " all the time.

    It seems that guys who are too preoccupied about " not lying " and saying the truth, first of all they can get shaken off their frame quite easily, but also they are very " readable ", like others can predict them and thus can start to manipulate them, and thus those guys who are always trying to say the truth end up seeming weak.

    So my question is; should we completely forget about the " truth " JUST to keep a dominant frame. Can we say ANYTHING if it's to keep the frame dominant ?

    Like you know how the coaches teach if she says like: " I don't want xxx ", you reply " I was just gonna say ". If she says, " I have a boyfriend ", you are allowed to say " I have a girlfriend " even if you don't have one ? Just to keep the frame ?


    Michaël ( I'm in 30/30 ).

    1. I use obvious bullshit all the time to maintain a dominant frame. I'll say things like "Well you're just saying that because you're a woman, and women have small brains. It's not your fault, it's just that your brain is smaller than most.

      Lying is a totally different thing from obvious bullshit, because generally women refer to lying when they're talking about a detail or fact that is important to them or important to the relationship. For instance, if you bullshit about your job and tell a girl you work as an elephant salesmen that's different from telling her something believable but untrue about your job in an attempt to deceive her. The latter will be a "punishable" offense to her.

  4. Hi Jake, awsm routine!
    What about the routine "are you in a band?" is this just to jam the circuits of the amog-competitor or something more to that?

    1. "Are you in a band" is the title of my blog, not a routine :)

  5. Michael: I have not found it necessary to lie in order to maintain frame - and no one intimidates me or manipulates me. Rather, I have found that maintaining frame is dependent upon your level of confidence. When your confidence is congruent with your frame, no one can shake you out of it.