Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kill "Who is this?" Before it Happens

We've all gotten the whole "Who is this" response from texting a girl.  So how can we keep it from happening altogether?  I like to preemptively strike the whole texting chain right when I get the girl's phone number.  To do this, I simply take her number and tell her...
"I'm texting you right now, did you get it?"  Then I text her simply "Jake" or something like "Jake is so hot"  or "Jake, the hot guy from sky bar" etc. This allows me to verify her number, then when I text her next, she'll see my previous text with my name and have a chance to remember me and that i'm hot (small bit of NLP).  This way I don't get a "who is this" text, and if she wants to ditch me she'll have to not respond at all, and then i've got my answer as to our future.  If i'm taking a number and the girl tries to tell me that her phone's broken or some other bullshit excuse then it gives me a good idea that my effort with her wasn't as solid as it could've been.   Knowing this information, I can try to get her attracted more and try again or I can simply fold my hand and go on to the next girl.

Now once you've gotten her number and texted immediately, you might text the girl at the end of the night if she's in-venue dependent and looks like she wants to hangout that night, or you can text her anytime in the next 1-3 days depending on your personal preference.  Some guys like to strike when the iron's hot and text the next day and others would rather wait a couple days, even a few.  I've found that both ways can be effective, and there's really no right or wrong answer here.  Just make sure if you get a girl's number on a Friday or Saturday night that you're texting her before Wednesday of the following week at the very latest.

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  1. I've done this a lot, works pretty well and usually she has her phone out so I can see the text. Sometimes it's in her purse that's with her friend or something like that. It can be hard to tell if this excuse is legit; some girls clearly don't have pockets so I figure they likely do have a purse sitting somewhere. I usually assume it's legit and take the number, but I'll try running more attraction first and see if that starts getting them to change their story.

    Do you ever just program your number directly into her phone? My preferred way to number close lately, is if the girl pulls her phone out, I just have her hand it to me, and I'll program my number in, then I'll send myself a text. The text will be something where I'm writing it as if I'm her, and she's confessing her attraction to me. Then later that night or the next day, I'll respond to it as if she had really written it and do a short roleplay to build attraction and set a chase frame.