Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Female DHV

When a woman's trying to impress you and establish her value, there's a common way that she does it, and the way she does it has been confusing men for millennia, so today I wanted to talk about it.  But first!  A story...

Two days ago I had a friend who's a supermodel (not joking.  She's a full-on, $20K a day supermodel) call me up and want to shoot a game of pool.  I've hung out with her 4 or 5 times in social circle situations and she has had sex with a friend of mine a couple times.

I go to play a game of pool with her and she tells me about how Adrian Grenier (the hairy guy from Entourage) has been hitting her up and wanting to take her out, sleep with her, go around in his Porsche, etc.

That's it.  That's the story.

So my question to you is how would this make you feel if it happened to you?

Most guys in this situation would look at it like "How the hell can I compete with that shit?  This famous rich dude is trying to get this chick and I don't have X that he has."  Maybe it's money or fame or a car or who knows, but most guys would look at the area they're insecure about and reason that the guy in question has that, so she probably likes him and therefore she's explaining to me that she likes him, not me.

If a girl tells you about how guys like her and blah blah blah, there's a good chance you couldn't be more wrong.  You see women want men who are wanted by other women.  Because of this, when they like a guy they often try to paint the picture that many men want them, because in the woman's mind "If  I show him that many men want me, then it'll make him want me too."  This goes for supermodels and dumpster-diving chicks both.

Really what was happening in the situation I had with the supermodel is that she wanted me to like her. Wrap your head around that shit for a second.  Why would this supermodel who is getting hit on by the highest level of guys want to get at me???

Because game.  That's why.

I've literally shown this girl no signs that I like her, other than that we're friends.  I've also demonstrated my dominance and skillset repeatedly around her.  She knows my demeanor, my presence, my look, my humor, all of it.  And I've shown her zero sign that I like her, so she's confused as to whether or not she could get me.

This is the first step in getting attraction.

Next, I just wait and let that attraction mature from question into more thought, then into desire.  Yes, she has had sex with my buddy before, but she was really drunk and fucked up, she told me.  True?  Probably not, but the fact that she minimizes her involvement with my friend also tells me that she wants to be as distant about her connection with him as possible because she wants me to know she's available if I want her.

At this point, the game has been straight forward.  I wait for her to call or text, then if i'm available I go hang out.  If i'm not I tell her i'm busy.  Since right now i'm very busy in the female department, i've told her no about 50% or more of the time, and it's working out to my advantage.

What will happen?  Well, i'll continue letting her text me and hanging out when I can, then when the time's right and maybe we've had a few cocktails then maybe i'll go for it, but before that happens i'm going to make damn sure she's very ripe and wanting it.  There's nothing worse than a guy who gets chased and then makes a move too early.

So the lesson today is simple.  If you hear a woman talking about how so many guys like her or how a specific guy likes her, it's likely to be because she wants YOU, not him.  So don't lose hope or not try to get her, because you're closer to getting her than you might have thought.

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  1. How do you generally respond? With 'cool' or do you respond with your own story?

    Most of my thoughts around game over this year have been surrounding the principles of this article & 'she's not even in the fucking room'.

    After reading, I had a lot of nit-picky questions which seemed quite noobish so I'll just ask this... is the devil in the details? Does it matter how you go about flaking or acting around them vs others or as long as you stick to the overall message you're trying to get across in this post, it's all good?

    I imagine there's also a sliding scale of timeframe this can work in and the social value/quality the girl perceives herself & you to be in.

    1. So usually when they start talking about this crap I act a bit uninterested and a bit disconnected, then i'll tune it out until they stop talking and i'll say something like "Right on" or "okay." I might also try to frame the dude as being low value, like by saying "Damn, that dude must be hard-up for some vagina" or "way to be needy, dude" or something like that. Usually there's a detail I can pick on about the guy. Like in this case with the porsche I could say "Wait, so this dude just expects you to take a ride in his porsche then unzip his pants and start sucking his cock? Nice game dude."

      As far as the devil being in the details, this behavior above takes no effort for me these days. I instantly recognize it, process it, and i get mildly annoyed that I have to listen to another "look at this guy who likes me, you should too" story. So what comes out naturally is me losing interest in the story and being minimally interested and paying minimal attention, then I say "cool" or whatever, and in doing so I give minimal attention to her when she engages in this type of behavior. The end result is that she has to try harder to feel like she's getting compliance from me.

      The other thing going on with this type of game is that I know i'll see this girl again because she's already in the habit of texting me and reaching out to me to hangout. In other words, I know i'll see her again. If I had just met the girl and she started with this type of story or if i didn't know if or when i would see her again, I would be a bit more active or engaged with her story possibly, because I want to let her think her shit is working. That would be the only case where I might bounce back with a story of my own. And when I bounce back with a story of my own it's because we can create a commonality that people like us and blah blah and the two people in our stories might both have some weird thing they do to impress us or whatever. Translation - we're both super high value. The only additional note would be that the girl in my story i would portray as having actual high value, it's just that "you know how some people aren't your type, like even if other people might think they're super hot? I'm just not into blondes, you know?" or something along those lines.

      So the general formula is she says some dude likes her and i paint him as low value, then i rattle off a story where the chick who chases me has actual value and isn't making a mistake, i just happen to not like her. We establish a commonality that we're wanted, high value people, and then we're off to the races.

      If you're getting good at this try a dominance struggle added on at the end. I sometimes will turn this whole thing into "well, OBVIOUSLY the girl who likes me is waaaaay cooler than the guy who likes you. In fact, I bet the guy who likes you could never get the girl who likes me." This'll quickly be interesting and fun for her and you can argue on unfair terms about a hypothetical situation that there's no real way or details to argue about. When you win this you'll have the girl pretty locked in.