Thursday, July 21, 2016

How to Fuck Whoever you want in Less Than One Year

Had the chance to train an amazing student this weekend using the method I outline in Flawless Texting and on the Flawless Man forum.  He wrote a review that I'd love to share with you guys.  Also, I've got some SPECIAL NEWS in this post and I'm going to leave a couple secrets in his review that I normally would keep to just forum members and my training students.  If you'd like to see the full review then click here.

Student's review:

I trained with Jake and Camo last Friday night in Hollywood. I have some solid experience with opening and pulling here in Vegas, but was never really good at attraction. So the focus of the night was going to be attraction – and Jake’s method of choice is to start and win a "quick talk" early on in the interaction.
Jake also explained that you have to let the girl wonder about you, wonder about if you are actually into her. That’s why we approach indirect, that’s why we start off at 90 degrees, that’s why we use the sprinkler technique to look away and give her a chance to check us out. It’s why we threaten to break up with her. I think roleplays are hilarious and I love the concept of "quick talks" within roleplays.
The other thing was Jake told me not to give her my name on the open (Hey what’s up, I’m Raza). Because one of the signs that she is attracted is if she asks you about yourself, for example she asks for your name or where you’re from. So basically avoid the topic of your name, her name, or where you guys are from – this way if she asks you, you can be sure it’s because she’s attracted and genuinely interested in you – she’s not just being polite and asking in response to you bringing it up first. This is a money concept.
The plan was for me to open with trading hair, go into smart hot rich, then try to get into some kind of a "quick talk" – either after she says she’s not rich or at any point in the interaction. I’m into cooking so I ended up threatening to break up with girls because of their bad meatloaf, haha.
The approaches are a bit of a blur, but here’s the good stuff –
I see a girl smiling, and I just start a quick talk right off the bat – No smiling! This is a bar, and that kind of thing is not allowed here! You know what? I’m breaking up with you. blah blah blah. She’s confused, but as I keep going she starts laughing and giggling, and asks my name. BAM. That was so awesome. My default opener before was introducing myself, and it was amazing to stop that, replace it with Jake’s advice, and see it work perfectly – don’t tell her your name, go with a quick talk, win it, and she should be attracted – and she’ll start asking you about yourself. Yep. She was going to the bathroom so I just kept on approaching other chicks.
A chick stepped on my foot so I gave her shit about it – “What the fuck? You stepped on my foot, that hurt! You didn’t even apologize! That’s it I’m breaking up with you. Plus your cooking sucks. That meatloaf the other night, bleh, gross!” She responded and said she doesn’t even like meatloaf. I said – “Exactly! You don’t even like it, so why are you cooking it!?” Her friend was like “yeah good point”. Lol.
I did trading hair on a girl, and she mentioned that her hair isn’t even real. Camo overheard and said I should check. I did some gentle touch of her hair, and Camo’s like “you gotta grab it for real to know for sure”. So I reach up behind her head and squeeze near the roots and she looks like she’s into it haha. I’ve never personally done that before. Camo was definitely showing me little glimpses of his physically aggressive game, and it was awesome to do it myself.
Best interaction of the night was a girl who just ate up the whole bit. I think she asked for my name, we shook hands, then I spun her, and tried to slow dance with her. She was into it, but said she has a boyfriend. I took her number anyway. Jake and Camo were going crazy after this one saying that was as good as it gets when it comes to getting attraction.
Obviously there were some sets I could have done better on, where the girl kinda stumped me on a quick talk. I went up to one girl and roleplayed – “hey i told you to wear a dress tonight! my mom’s gonna fucking freak!” she was like oh, cool your pick up line really worked. in the moment i just absurdified it, oh yeah i’ve been practicing all day, i have a phd in pickup, blah blah. the set kinda died after that, she didn’t really say anything and neither did her friends.
Some sets the girl just wasn’t giving me much, and I wasn’t sure how to proceed when she just looks away and ignores me.
One set I said you seem like a smart girl, and she said how do you know I’m smart. And I just didn’t have a good answer haha.
One girl – I said her dress reminds of the McDonalds hamburglar, so I told her to go get me a burger. (Jake recommends NOT teasing a girl for her fashion choice so I’ll avoid that next time) Anyway she didn’t get offended, but she did reject getting me a burger. I told her sharing is caring. She said it’s not sharing it’s stealing. I didn’t have a good come back, so she won that one haha.
A few times I said I wanna trade hair and the girl looked at Jake and said I should trade with him instead. Jake recommended saying – “what? i’m gonna trade with him? fuck that. i’m not gay etc etc” or “you know what – i dont even wanna trade hair with you anymore.”
So it was definitely cool to win a few quick talks and also lose a few. I’m ok with losing because at least it means the girls are flirting back! I just need to continue practicing and I’ll get better at winning them.
Throughout the night, Jake and Camo were doing demos, mainly of quick talks and roleplays so I could get a good sense of what they look like. The one I remember is Jake tells a girl – so your name is Clarissa….and my name is ….and you work at a pizza shop…and I work at . So she’s playing along. Then he runs with it and says he does my hair, but only gets $10 each time so he’s poor. And homeless. At some point he’s talking about their love child, and her running over it or something. It gets ridiculous but that’s what makes it funny haha.
One of the cool things I learned is that Jake is improvising pretty much everything. He works within the framework of quick talks and roleplays, and then just says whatever comes to mind that fits those and that is funny to him. He is also super expressive with his face and hands, he’s very charismatic and animated. He’s just fully expressing his personality in a very transparent, unfiltered way.
Jake and Camo also gave me a lot of solid feedback and adjustments throughout the night. My body language needs work – I’m fidgety with my hands, so he recommended keeping my right thumb in my back pocket, keep my left hand on my drink and keep the glass by my left pocket. Also raise my chin up a few inches as I’m talking to the girl.
Jake also talked about being less attentive to the girl – basically the sprinkler technique. It’s easier to explain in person – but basically you are dynamic with how squared up you are with the girl and how much your eyes and body are facing her.  It’s all dynamic.
Both mentioned that I could stay in sets longer. I totally agree, I think I was having a lot of fun with the high energy openers and roleplays that I didn’t feel like going into lower energy chit chat. But obviously leaving the set will never lead to sex, so I know to work on this.
We talked about the energy early in the night vs later on. I was pretty loud and energetic in the beginning, and that was too much for some girls. They weren’t loosened up, they hadn’t started drinking yet, and my high energy wasn’t appropriate for where they were at. Jake said the universal rule is come in with just a bit higher energy than the girls.
Jake also talked about movement. If everyone in the bar is fairly stationary, it’s a good idea for you to be somewhat stationary as well. Pick a good spot and just open girls that walk by or are nearby. So ideally you pick a spot with a lot of traffic and girls around.
So at the end of the night we debriefed. Basically Jake didn’t want to overwhelm me with a bunch of things to work on. The biggest thing for me is just to continue starting role-play quick talks with girls and winning them. Getting better at them. Knowing a specific quick talk so well that the girl can never stump me. I should have answers to all her possible responses. Beyond that were some smaller things – less fidgety, stay in set longer, more sprinkler. He said once I master the role-play quick talk, I’ll be in wonderful shape, and he has the next 12 steps ready for me to continue my journey.
Jake is an absolute professional. He’s an amazing teacher – you can tell he’s been gaming for a long time, but also teaching for a long time. Both are important. He knows exactly what you need to work on, and he doesn’t overwhelm you. You can tell he is super excited by this stuff, and genuinely wants to see you improve. Camo is a super fun and positive guy – his game is aggressive and he is absolutely someone I can learn a lot from once I’m better at getting attraction. I had an awesome time with them and learned a lot. I’m now planning my move to LA so I can game with these guys more often! If you’re on the fence about training, you should definitely go for it.



Thanks for the review, man!  And speaking of his trip to Los Angeles, I have some exciting news, and that news is that in the next couple months I'll be reopening a live-with-instructors training program here in Hollywood!  Many of you know that I coached the Pickup Mansion program here in Hollywood for around 7 years, and I've decided to offer a similar program again in Hollywood that will start very soon here, likely in the next couple of months.  HOWEVER!  This will be a very different program in that you will be living with myself, Camo, my fashion assistant, and one other student.  That's it.  3 coaches, 2 students.  You live with me.  We eat, sleep, and breath going out and picking up women.

I'm not trying to have students live with me for years on end to suck the life and money out of them indefinitely, I'm trying to setup a program where you literally knock out your troubles with women within 3 to 12 months and GET IT OVER WITH so you can move on with your life.  None of this "I've been doing pickup for 4-10 years now and I've spend $25,000 on training and I still can't get attraction" CRAP.    

WAKE UP!  This shit shouldn't take that long!  Throw a pile of money at an expert and get this women part of your life handled, once and for all!

Is this a conflict of interest since I'm the guy you'll be throwing money at?  Yep.  However, this is EXACTLY what I did to learn.  I took out a $2500 credit card and instantly maxed it out to take a workshop with Brad, fly to vegas, get a hotel, do my seminar, and get a phone consultation.  And now I never have to worry about women ever again.  The only thing I worry about is having so many of them text me all the time that I have to leave the girl I'm out with to go to the bathroom and answer all of my text messages by coming up with excuses why I can't have sex with them that night.  Not joking.

Just to give you an idea, the last student who I ran through the Live-in program with me went from having zero women for years to having a full 3 girl rotation in 3 months.  He was banging 3 women a week and still going on additional new dates, then he had the choice to keep going with his rotation or to take a girlfriend, and he decided to have a girlfriend for awhile and work on his business more.

That's it.  3-4 months and he moved on with his life.  Can you be here a shorter?  Maybe.  Will it take longer than that?  Maybe so.  But NOBODY in the industry will work with you to fix your game faster than me.  Have fun finding a guru to live with at all, period.

So, as you can imagine, this shit ain't cheap.  Right now I have one spot already reserved and so I've literally only have ONE SPOT LEFT!  Just the rent alone in a Hollywood Hills Mansion for a room is about $2000-3000 a month, so the minimum price for this room is going to start at $5000 per month depending on the amount of training and attention you'd like.  That price will include your training, your rent, your bills, and full access to everything I have to offer.  You'll be getting a makeover and walking past huge lines of people in hollywood to go into the coolest night spots around and hit on girls non-stop.  Often you'll have two coaches with you.  We pull girls back to the house all the time, so bring condoms and get your big boy pants on, cause you're going to be on a once-in-a-lifetime ride.

I'm looking for serious, motivated guys who want to change their life NOW.  If that's you, shoot me an email to

Sorry guys, there will be no discount.  Also!  I cannot and do not promise that this mansion offer will be around long.  I am working on some business endeavors that I cannot discuss publicly and that may cause me to be completely unavailable for public training in the near future, so if you've been thinking about getting a training with myself or Camo, NOW is the time.  I'm not joking.  I'll make it easy on you right now.  Signup for a training from now until August 1st and BOTH myself and Camo will take you out for a 6 hour session for $1200.  You can get a session with just Camo for $800.  Take your training anytime you'd like until the end of the year.  Simply shoot me an email to or paypal me: and we'll make it happen.  August 1st the price will go back up to normal rates.

Thanks for reading guys!  And good luck to those applying for the live-in program!  Can't wait to change a select few lives.

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