Friday, August 19, 2016

Avoid the EPIC Trap and Become a Dominant Alpha Male

There's a HUGE difference between what men who are REALLY successful with women are doing and what the dating community has been teaching for all these years.  It's really quite alarming, actually, and it's because as teachers in the community we've got a huge task at hand when we try to take a submissive nice guy and turn him into an alpha male...
Here's what happens.  Submissive beginner "I'm Scared of chicks" guy comes out and starts to learn about women.  He's really nice and he's got this idea in his head that he can just be himself and learn natural game (whatever that is) and he'll just be okay and everything will be fine.  So he goes out, gets marketed to, and starts to feel like learning natural game and direct game are a great thing to do.  He tries it out and gets minimal results and he probably also tries out some routines.

Because of his current belief system and aversion to "assholes" and guys who "treat women bad," he doesn't learn or seek out any dominant behavior whatsoever.  He reads about it and might think he "understands" it, but understanding something and actually doing it in your life are completely fucking different.  So now that he's starting to implement some routines and he wants to step outside of the box, he chooses routines that accomplish this goal.

Which routines does he choose to try out?  He chooses routines that are somewhat comical or humorous and with a positive, playful energy.  And by the way, I did this too, so I'm not just ragging on these guys.  I'm here to help.  So the dude chooses these routines and after awhile of using them and seeing better results than before, but still not what he wanted, he's starting to get the idea that these routines aren't working as much as he thought they were.  In fact, he's starting to get the feeling that they're wrong to use sometimes.

He's right.

As I do every day, today I personally answered one such post in The Flawless Man Forum.  A member there and someone who has taken one-on-one training from me is starting to deal with super hot girls, the kind where you meet them for your date and they're surrounded by guys already when you get there.  Sounds nice, right?

The problem is that routines and being "gamey" don't feel right with a girl like this, and it's because they don't work, and he's starting to know it.  The reality is that if you want REALLY hot women in your life, soon you'll have to ditch a lot of the  "gaminess" you've got.  And when you do that you're going to have to step your game up.  How?


And I'm talking about actually dominant behavior, not the behavior of "asshole" guys you see out and about, yelling at their girls, but rather the behavior of a dominant guy who doesn't need to raise his voice for people to know he's the leader in the group.  In my book Flawless Texting, I talk about this whole phenomenon of how "assholes" came about.  I explain EXACTLY what they're doing, how they're doing it, and why they continue to do it against many people's wishes.  I also talk about how to be better than that.

I believe men can meet supermodel-level women and they can attract them without being assholes, and that's what I'm teaching these days.  It's not about doing some gamey routine, it's about doing the simplest, most minimal version of game necessary so that you don't feel like you're being gamey, you don't actually come off to her as gamey, and you get to experience the top level of women in the world just like I do.

Are you in this group?  Are you a guy who feels too "gamey" and you want to learn the real way to do things?  Well the reason pickup artistry is dying is because many of you are finding out that what the dating community is teaching isn't working.

If you'd like to learn more about this, checkout my book Flawless Texting.  You'll get a free 14 day trial of The Flawless Man forum, a place where I'll personally take a look at what you're doing with women and I make it my business to guide you along the path towards becoming a centered, balanced, dominant man.  The Flawless Man Forum is also the only dating forum online where many men post screenshots of their texting conversations and I PERSONALLY answer every question on the forum.  Get in now because this won't last much longer.  Around the beginning of the year I'm launching a new website that will be flooded with traffic and sometime in the near future I won't be available to give you personally attention like I can and do now.  Hope to see you there!

Here's the Link to the book!

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