Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Radio Silence

Hey guys just checking back in with you all today to let you know I'm not dead.... quite the opposite, in fact!  I've been SUPER busy with the new website I'm preparing, and since it'll have video tutorials about every aspect of game, you can imagine how much work it takes!  The good news is that I'm hoping to have it up in the next month or so here, so standby...

I've been getting some emails about availability to live with me and do a pickup mansion style training, and right now unfortunately i'm only training one student at a time so I won't have an opening in the house until November 15th.  I still haven't selected a student yet to move in at that time, so if you're thinking of taking your game into hyper-speed, then shoot me an email to ASAP and we can jump on the phone and talk details.

I absolutely cannot wait to show you guys what I've been working on, so thanks for your patience!  You're going to love what's coming next...

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