Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Still Stuck on Something?

Are you still stuck on some particular part of dating?  Maybe you're not even dating or you're "waiting" for something to happen before you start again?

Today I've got some very good news for you and some very bad news.

First the bad news.  That bad news is that your situation is never going to change unless YOU change it by taking action.  You can wait all you want, but really when you tell yourself you're waiting for something, the truth is that you're BLOCKING what needs to happen.  You're telling yourself LIES because you're afraid of what might happen if you face your fear.

Let me paint this out for you so it's clear.  That thing you're afraid of?  It's what you need to go through to grow.  

It's not going to be easy to go through it, but I'll give you some FANTASTIC news!!!  That thing you're afraid of is far far less difficult than you think.  Got some AA?  I'll cure it in like 15 minutes, face to face.  I've done it for 10 years now.  Need a jumpstart so meeting women becomes fun instead of seeming like so much damn work?  I've got just the thing.  In fact, I've been using it now on about the last 10 students I've taught and it's producing instant results.  Need to get over a girl?  Move on?  Get her back even?  I'll walk through what happened for you and give you the real truth about what happened.

It's that time of the year again!!!  

The end of the year is coming and nobody likes to celebrate alone.  What if you could nuzzle up in sweaters with a cozy new girl by the fire and watch a movie together, followed by some closer time afterwards?  Maybe go christmas shopping, ice skating, or spend New Years Eve together and finally be kissing someone when the new year strikes?  There's time...

As many of you know, I'm working my ass off on a new website where I personally teach you all of the dating skills I've come to know over the past 10 years.  In fact, my goal is to release it to a small number of people January 1st.  Once we've got any possible kinks worked out (I'm hoping there won't be any, but you never know... Flawless Texting release went very smoothly), I'm going to open the floodgates and the dating industry will never be the same.  I'm literally going to make the best and most comprehensively informative website the dating industry has ever seen.

Will it all be there immediately?  Like everything?


It takes time to record and edit all the video we're shooting, so new information will be coming out monthly or bi-monthly.

As you can imagine, as my time gets more and more valuable, the price for my coaching sessions is going to skyrocket as well.

So today, right now, i'm going to give you literally your last shot ever at a great coaching deal with me.  Starting January 1st my prices will double.  Then as demand increases again with the popularity of the website, I'm going to raise prices from there.  The reality is that I'm just not going to have time to coach much as this business increases.  In fact, if I have it my way I won't coach much at all in the coming years and instead I'll just teach what I can and live in Thailand or something.  Who knows...

So!  This is it.  For the rest of the month of November i'm selling one-on-one trainings for $750.  Want an hour on the phone with me?  $150.  Buy as much as you like and use the training anytime from purchase until the end of 2017.  You will NEVER see a deal like this again from me.

Stop LYING to yourself because you're afraid of what might happen if you take action to make a change in your life.  Make it easy on yourself and let me guide you through it.  Its the absolute simplest way to make lasting change in your life.  I promise you that if you come and see me it'll be much much easier than you think it will be.

And if you're not quite ready this month?  That's okay too.  December the price will be $850 for a one on one training and $180 for an hour on the phone.  Buy 3 trainings and get an even better deal.  Again, the idea is to buy now and use the training anytime from now until the end of 2017.

Not good enough?  Okay I'm going to sweeten the deal even more.  Take me up on my offer for a one-on-one and I'll give you're first learning tutorial on my new website and one month access for free.  You'll literally be in the first small group of guys to join.

And if that's not enough, then screw you.  lol.  Stop reading my blog and crawl in a womanless sewer of despair somewhere, cause that's the best I can do.  haha.

Anyways guys, BOOK NOW!  It's easy.  Simply paypal me ( is my paypal ID) and email me  We'll jump on the phone and make arrangements asap.

Have questions or concerns about this?  email me and we can jump on the phone and have a quick chat about your needs, free of charge.  I pride myself on commonly jumping on the phone with students instantly or on the same day I get your email, so don't hesitate.  The worst that could happen is I give you some direction for free and for whatever reason it doesn't work.  So do it!  Email me.  Or maybe this time next year when I ask you if you're still stuck on something, the answer will be yes.  You'll still be in the same place you are...  then when?  When will you fix it?  When will you take action?  When will you give yourself some happiness finally???

Now is the best time ever, and this end of the year deal is the last of it's kind ever.

I'm really trying my best to reach you guys before the mayhem starts from the new website and demand shoots through the roof for me and my time, so please take me up on this offer before prices double (and they will, I guarantee it) at the beginning of the year.

Thanks for reading, guys!  Now take action!  Email me now.

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