Friday, May 13, 2011

Cancun Street Video

After some attempts at adding a video feed from YouTube to my page, I've decided just to include videos as posts so that you don't have to watch videos of cats instead of me.  This video's from a year ago in Cancun at Spring Break.  I met a Spanish speaking girl and wrote my name and a smiley face on her chest and we're hanging out on the street watching a guy puke.  Super Awesome.

BTW... keep checking my blog.


  1. Actual videos of you picking up? That's great man. I'm glad that Brad P Presents Coaches are slowing starting to come out. You guys are the best and this will shut up the other wannabe coaches.

  2. Thanks man! Yep, actual videos of me picking up. Not sure yet how we're going to film, where, etc. but I think i'm sure we'll get some good footage. Brad thinks it'll shock the community. I'm looking forward to seeing what the result is. I'll be sure and keep you guys posted on when this is coming out. Maybe i'll throw up a sneak peak for my blog readers before we put the videos out mainstream.