Friday, May 20, 2011

I Believe

I believe that everyone in life chooses their level of happiness.  I believe that happiness results from understanding the things we want in life and being patient and motivated enough to form our lifestyle around getting them.  I believe that motivation comes from both inspiration and frustration at times, and regardless of which one we've got I believe we often still need the guidance and support of others as we go through the process of learning.

I believe that success comes from doing just what we can do today, and I believe as we attain success we feel more inspired to enrich the quality of our life and the lives of those around us.  I believe that teaching what we have then mastered brings joy to us and those we teach.  I believe in becoming a student again and again.

I believe that each and every man in the world has the capacity to thrive as an attractive, elite man.  I believe that during each man's journey he deserves to feel the warm comfort of a females body up against him, the softness of her touch, and the ferocity of her passion.

I'm the type of person who likes to have control over every aspect of my life.  In everything I do I challenge the status quo.  I challenge the status quo by thinking differently and living a chosen lifestyle that floods my days with happiness.  Part of that lifestyle is teaching dating skills, and my students just happen to have great success with the women they meet.

Would you like to be a student?  Would you like to finally fix this empty area of your life?
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  1. hey Jake, i'm a math geek too and i find your blog very interesting. i was reading a book called "stress for success" and they talk about the importance of having rituals.

    I also saw the same idea of a ritual (or game plan) in BradP's diary... and for me having a GAME PLAN (warm up sets, do some social freedom exercises, prepare a good stack, sleep before go out...) is doing A LOT of difference in my game. (i turn crappy nights into good nights only by being serious about my game plan)

    i wanna know if you have a special routine or some rituals that you follow religiously before the field and in the field (food, sleep, get in state, warm up sets, when to "choose" your final set, etc) to have some ideas for my own game plan.


  2. @jfdZzz

    Brad told me a long time ago when I was starting out as a coach something that stuck with me and is still in my mind most days before I head out to teach. He told me that I should view myself like a thoroughbred racehorse. You should do the same.

    Now I don't know shit about horses, but I can imagine that there are people who take crazy care of them before races. They make sure they're groomed perfectly, have eaten and slept correctly, are getting the proper amount of water that day, etc. and when it's time for that horse to run, that sucker runs his heart out.

    What this means for me is I make sure I don't drink (or do drugs/smoke pot for those of you who do) the night before and the day i'm teaching and I make sure to get enough sleep and proper nutritious food on the days where i'm going to teach (and everyday for me recently). Often i'll chill and relax for an hour or two before workshops as well, because it takes a ton of energy to be in-state all night no matter who you are. Many guys in workshops struggle to keep their energy levels up throughout the field time in the workshop, and I don't blame them. When you're starting out, getting in-state and hitting up 25 sets takes a huge amount of mental and physical energy.

    Also, when it's time to game it's serious business to me. I absolutely expect to astonish the guys i'm teaching with my game. There's really nothing else in my mind except the girl in front of me and what my goal is with her. I'm intensely focused on everything that's going on with me, my body, and those around me.

    As far as warmups, at this point I really don't need any, I used to religiously do three though, and I still use it as a mental reframe when my first set maybe doesn't go well. My warmup for a workshop is usually accomplished during the practice we do on sets before we go out, and talking with the students on the cab rides or walks to the bars we go to. I also approach/talk to the first girl I can while i'm in line for a club or the first girl I see as I walk through the door of the club. This sets the pattern for the night and doesn't give me any chance to start a pattern of not approaching via "I've gotta hit the bar for a drink" or "i've gotta hit the bathroom first." It's odd to write that because I wouldn't have a problem even if I would do those things first, I think it's just an old mindset habit.

    That's basically what I do these days before going out. When I was learning, I'd add that I kept a piece of paper in my pocket with my routine names on it and stack order for awhile, but that's about it man.

    Hope this helps you out!