Monday, January 18, 2016

Dump Her When She Does This

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Yes, I'm aware that my free texting course isn't completed yet.  I assure you it's coming soon!  I just wanted to get the book and the products out as soon as I could.  Be sure also to click through to the order page of the product if you'd like to see what's included with the e-book.  Although you'd definitely be amazed if you saw me in the field talking with women, you wouldn't be so amazed at my marketing skills if you really knew how terrible they were.  So for now you'll have to wait if you wanna see some huge marketing spiel discussing everything in-depth.

Now for the meat & potatoes...
Today I wanna talk about when the right time is to dump a chick.  We're all familiar with women nagging and complaining from time to time, but when is enough enough?  When't the right time to just give a girl the boot and move on to the next one?

For me, the answer of when to give a chick the boot comes down to a simple rule that I call the 10% rule.  For anyone who isn't good at math, 10% is 1 out of 10.  In other words, If I hangout with a girl 10 times, and more than one of those 10 times isn't the best for me for whatever reason, I dump the girl.  Maybe she's irritable one day, maybe she's on the rag, maybe she's in a particularly bad mood, or for whatever reason I'm just not left with the best impression of her for that day, and that's fine.  However, if I have a bad experience with her two days out of 10, I'm gonna take my attention away from her all the way.

Now 10% is still kind of a high percentage of time that sucks!  If happiness with women is our goal and we're only experiencing it 90% of the time, then personally for me I'm going to take a serious look at my relationship and try to decide what's going on and whether or not to continue.  For most guys though, 10% is a good place to start.

In my experience, guys will put up with much much more abuse from women before they would start taking away their attention from her.  Many men will give a woman more attention when they get mad, bitter, or angry.  When a man does this, he essentially trains his wife that she will be rewarded with more of his attention when she acts to drain his happiness.  Ouch!!!  Dude!  Wake up!  Just wtf are you doing?  I've seen many guys experiencing 10 bad experiences out of 10, and only after hundreds of these bad experiences do they decide it's time to kick the girl to the curb!

So just how do you kick her to the curb?  And how long?  Like forever?  Well the good news is that once you breakup with a woman one time, you've basically proven to her that you will leave.  Seems simple, but this is one of the most powerful motivators for women to work to make you happy.  Leave a woman and sometimes she'll go away forever, but a much much more common occurrence is when she leaves and begins contacting you again after as soon as three weeks after your "breakup."

In cases where you breakup and she returns, she's highly likely to not do what she did before, because she knows that you'll leave.  Yes, this concept is simple, but trust me, when you try it for the first time you will be filled with tons of fear-based emotions and scarcity mentality.  "What if I can't get another girl??"  "What if I don't get to have sex for another year???"  "But it's so hard to get another girl!  Maybe I can work this out and still stay with her..."

If these thoughts are coming into your head, it's likely that it's a great idea for you to give breaking up a shot so that you can see what really happens when you breakup with a girl.  So when in doubt, remember the 10% rule!  If more than 1 out of 10 experiences you have with a women leaves a negative taste in your mouth, then give her the boot!

Thanks for reading!  And if you haven't yet picked up my book, don't forget!  To coincide with widespread release of the book and more affiliate marketing, I'll likely be raising the price of the book and the forum, so go pick it up at  Cheers.

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