Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Flirting with a Co-worker

Hey guys,

So yesterday we had a great turnout for the first live Periscope!  I believe it was 56 total users, so I'm very happy.  I joined you from just below the Hollywood sign here in Los Angeles, and we talked about the BMW motorcycle I freshly built, about dominance struggles, AMOGGING techniques, about Brad's car collection, and about how I used to be black.  Yep, you read that correctly.  We even had an actual female join us for the Periscope, and if you're reading this Madii, thanks for joining us.  

If you'd like to see yesterday's live periscope sesh, I've archived it in the Flawless Man Forum HERE  

And if you wanna tune-in for my next session, it's going to be coming up here this week.  I haven't quite decided whether or not to do it on Wednesday here in Hollywood, or from Scottsdale this weekend at the Barrett Jackson car auction.  Is there a rule against Periscoping while you're drunk?  

 Onto today's topic.  So I've been doing a quick 15 minutes on the phone with a few of the guys who purchased Flawless Texting, and one of them this morning talked with me about a situation he's got at work with a co-worker.  She apparently comes up to him daily, makes a fart noise, and pokes him in the butt.  Then she walks away.  Classy.  

Well up until today when this happens he just laughs a bit and goes off on his way.  But he needs to flirt!  Anytime a girl is initiating conversation with us, it's a great chance to use flirting frames with her as a means to flirt.  One of these frames is called a "You want me" frame.  To use a "you want me" frame you just take whatever she says and you tell her she's just saying it because she wants you.  In other words, you could simply say "You're just saying that because you're super into me."  

In this case, I wanted to address the girl's fart noise with a you want me frame that incorporates smell, so I told him that the next time she does this, he should flirt back with her by saying something like "I think you're obsessed with the way I smell.  You're so in love with me that you love any smell that comes out of my body."  Then the next time she does it I would say "I bet if I took my shirt off and left it in the break room that you'd take it home and sit there in bed all night sniffing it and dreaming of me."  

Once you've established a flirting frame of her doing whatever she's doing because she wants you, it's easy to solidify that frame using fictitious scenarios where her entire life revolves around thinking about you and wanting you.  After you've solidified the frame, you can literally continue using it forever indefinitely to flirt with the girl.  It's fun to get creative with this type of stuff, and once you've got it down, you'll never turn back.

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