Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Flawless Texting

Hey guys,

I know it's been a complete and utter disaster that it has taken me so long to finish my texting e-book and website, but as promised it is finally here!  

After almost 10 years of approaching and learning about women and over 2 years of writing and editing, I've finally written out my best secrets about texting women in an ebook packed with over 180 pages of pure gold that no one has ever written about before me.  It's my own personal theory, straight from my experience.

So today I'd like to introduce you to the future.  I call it "Flawless Texting" and it's truly something i'm so very proud to offer to you guys.  

This email isn't something some marketer wrote.  It's me here, Jake P. 

Last night I launched my website and sent out an email to those of you who were on the early bird list for my book, and the response has been immediate and overwhelming to me.  I would like to thank those of you who read and love my blog.  For your loyalty I thank you! 

So since my blog readers are a special group to me, i'm gonna give you guys a special deal.  I'm not sending my system out via massive email lists yet because I want you guys to have a chance to be the first ones who get access to Flawless Texting and The Flawless Man forum, where you can post screenshots of your text conversations and get me personally answering your texting and dating questions.  I literally don't even have moderators, coaches, or any help yet for my forum, so for right now you literally get ME.  Not joking.  

In addition to my book Flawless Texting and access to the Flawless Man Forum, I've included some BADASS, never before heard stuff.  I personally walk you through how to build your confidence in an audio recording I titled "Unshakeable Confidence."  You'll also get to hear a never before released recording of me teaching the pickup mansion guys how to have "Unforgettable Conversation" that she will literally never ever forget. It's my favorite mansion session recording.  Next I teach you my personal technique for getting "The Flawless Phone Number."  

And if this wasn't enough yet for you I've included not one, but TWO interviews on getting sexual with your phone.  In the first interview, the once #1 PUA in the world Brad P breaks down his techniques for texting sexually and getting nude photos and VIDEOS on your phone.  In the second audio, I interview Tanya, a straight shooting super hot Hollywood girl, on the exact same topic!  Will her opinion of how to get nude photos match up with the #1 PUA's opinion???  You're gonna absolutely love what you learn from these interviews.  Again I'm very very proud of the quality and freshness of this information, and I believe it will shake the dating world.  

But wait!  There's more... lol (Sorry, I happen to love watching late night infomercials, so the fact that i'm writing all this out now for myself and you guys is somehow funny to me).  So I decided to teach my entire Flawless Texting System live to the Pickup Mansion guys and I recorded every second of it.  I didn't even edit it at all.  This took me 3 days to teach so when you signup for the free 14 day trial of my Flawless Man Forum, you get that 5+hours of audio free with your signup.  

Aaaaaand, there's still more.  I've included surprise bonuses that you'll get immediately when you finish your checkout process.  All of this stuff will come in a zip file that you simply open up, and you'll have instant access to my forum, where right now there are literally zero posts.  Will you be the first guy to make a post??? Bragging rights!  

So the best part is that all of this stuff is only gonna cost you $67   

In a couple weeks if you decide to stay in the forum it'll be $67 a month, and if you decide to wait and signup later with everyone else, then you'll be paying $99 a month instead of the deal i'm giving you guys today for $67.  

This deal is going to expire rapidly here.  I'm probably only going to give it a few more days  before it'll go out to some massive email lists and open the floodgates to everyone, so get in now while the getting is hot!  Click on the link below, and welcome to Flawless Texting!  

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