Monday, March 7, 2016

Free Approach Anxiety Interview

Hey guys,

Lots of changes happening lately in my world.  I just got back from a bit of vacationing in the Bahamas on a rock cruise (that I got for free from a band member I know) and then to Las Vegas (another free trip) for a movie premier with an up-and-coming rapper.  Vegas is changing, wow!  I checked out the new club OMNIA that they reportedly spend $107 million dollars making, and man was it impressive... unlike the ratio of men to women in it, lol.

In other news, not only is the newest version of
My Website up and running, but I've also been busy writing an email newsletter, putting up a YouTube page (which I finally realized I had already done), and recording a free interview to share with you guys today, right here.


Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well.  I'll be putting up free unreleased recordings there of me teaching, including a podcast I did on attraction a while back.

As many of you have figured out, I'm on my own these days and I've been in the learning trenches again, this time in the website and marketing realm.  I'm in the middle of finishing my website and getting everything integrated:  YouTube, Facebook, my new blog, my website, etc.  In a few months I'll have another website up and I'll be well on my way to complete world domination, lol.

Oh!  And the Flawless Man forum is kicking ass lately too.  I've got new exclusive tips & tricks uploaded, we've had some amazing texting analyzation threads online, and I'm still answering each and every post myself, unlike any other dating forum on the entire internet!   Because of that, I'm currently limiting the amount of people who join the site to 5 for this month, FYI.  I want things to grow slow and I don't want to get overwhelmed yet to where I can't take care of each post and train each student personally.  So if you click to buy on the website and it stops you, I apologize in advance and you'll just have to try again next month when more slots become available.

I'm also currently weighing out which things you guys value and which things you don't.  If there was anything at all you could learn from me, see from me, or watch me do (like maybe via YouTube), what would you wanna see???  Comment below, and who knows... I might just do it!

That's it for now guys.  See you in the future.

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