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A New Evolution of Game

Our student "B" from this past weekend just wrote a review in the Flawless Man forum of this past weekend working with myself and Camo.  I've edited out some of this review because "B" likes to give away my training secrets, so even though I've left some of this review up, if you'd like to read the part where "B" breaks down my individual pickup techniques one-by-one, you're going to have to go on the forum.  If you're not on the forum yet, pickup a copy of my book and you'll get 14 days for free to check it out!  Simply CLICK HERE, purchase a copy my book Flawless Texting, and you're in!

Even though I did omit some of best stuff in this review there's still tons of juice here, so strap yourselves in...

Here's the review:

You're reading a post on the forum of a guy who is, in my opinion, undoubtedly the #1 pickup artist on the planet right now. The fact that you're reading a Live Training Review means you might be wondering if it will be worth it to sign up for a Training with Jake P and his Top Instructor, Camo. If so, read on--this post is for you.

Over the few weeks I’ve enjoyed two awesome training nights with Jake and Camo, and the experience far exceeded my expectations. I want to tell you what it’s like to go out with these two rock stars of the pickup world
--it’s training, yes; but it’s also like hanging out with Batman and Robin, if Batman and Robin were two of your best friends who are just the coolest guys in the room and super-motivated to give you the success you’ve always dreamed about with women.

Camo is a natural, a Hollywood actor who has consciously honed his game to the degree of being able to score two threesome in one night, which Jake observed and therefore hired him as Camo as his Top Coach. Jake offered a discount because it was Camo's first time teaching, and that was an offer I couldn't refuse. I've trained with Jake before and I know it's a matter of pride for him to deliver beyond your wildest dreams.

Jake is not only dedicated to giving his clients extra value--he also simply has one of the best vibes I've ever seen, and the most effective understanding of the social matrix--he's like the Neo of pickup. With his long blond hair and tall stature, a major presence in any room, Jake is also like the Thor of pickup, dispensing thunderbolts of wisdom to enlighten any humble seeker of wisdom and pussy (not necessarily in that order).

For me, this training has been a huge leap forward in my life's journey of becoming the man I’ve always wanted to be. If old school pickup was about knowing the best lines and closing techniques, well--that gained a reputation for being sleazy and manipulative. New School Pickup, which is a what Jake epitomizes, is about who you are as a person, and what you bring to every moment of your life. It's about building relationships and facilitating dreams. It's about being a kick-ass, awesome guy who "gets it" with girls on a deeper level than anyone else, a guy who can vibe and be warm yet, when the time is right, also be dominant and pull the trigger with aggressive sexual energy. That's been my big sticking point.

Just to give you a little background about me, well, my name's "B", and my friends say I'm a walking contradiction because I'm a spiritual guy, yet I'm also a veteran of four combat tours in Iraq as a medic with Marines. The irony is that I never hesitated to volunteer for  dangerous missions in Iraq, but when I got out of the military and moved to LA, I would often see at a hot girl at a club or on the street and be terrified to approach her, for fear of not knowing what to say and what to do. That bothered me, and I made the smartest decision of my life--I decided to seek help. I'd read The Game between deployments, so when I first came to LA I started taking pickup training. I made a lot of progress, but I always felt on the verge of a breakthrough that never happened, until just recently, after training with Jake & Camo.

It's really quite an accomplishment for someone like me to have the problems I do with women. It all stems from not being confident and dominant enough, and that comes from negative self-beliefs, and expectations of failure, that come from childhood issues. Every man has issues with women at some level, because women are an important and influential part of our lives. But for some guys, I think their past gets in the way of their future, and for a while that was me.

Personally, if I wanted to teach you how to have my problems with women, I'd start by having a mom who was always the dominant force in the household, always getting angry, punishing people, crying to get her way--and my dad always appeased her. She did everything to get me to be very submissive to her, and I hated it. And personally, my mom did a lot of cool shit for me like drive me to karate 5 days a week for like 5 years, but she also called me fat, ugly, scared of women, incapable of loving anyone. (Strangely, she was also a wonderful cook, exacerbating my chubbiness).

There were other roadblocks which caused me to feel shame around women--for example, I took a lot of women's studies courses in college, but they really just fucked up my perspective, because I came away thinking women are totally disgusted by any man who is sexual with them, and that intercourse is basically rape, semen is a toxic substance, that I should be totally passive and never make a move...that "equality" between men and women means treating everyone the same regardless of gender. That's egalitarian, but it's suicide for the sex life. I was the Top Orbiter of some of the hottest women women I've known in life, but never the guy they slept with.

I even trust you guys enough to share that a female family member of mine was gang-raped and left for dead--she survived because she was a badass, but it was obviously something traumatic for my family, and it made me vow to take all aggression out of sexuality. I've also had friends falsely accused of rape, and I've always been concerned about that.

So when you read Jake's recent post about aggression, well--that was something he did for me in my training, and it was really mind-blowing for me. Jake, thank you--that was a gift that's helping overturn so many false beliefs I had. Jake went all out, and Camo did too, to show me things that would really help me understand and believe in what's necessary to improve my game, they really opened my eyes and lit that fire in the belly again that gets me motivated to go out, let go and have a little fun.

Before I break down the training for you, I'll give you a glimpse of the immediate benefits I've enjoyed from it. Here's something that just happened: I wanted some caffeine to fuel this post, so I stepped out onto the sunny Venice Boardwalk to grab a Spanish Latte from this trendy cafe, Menotti's. Inside was a slouch of hipsters sitting around, chatting and waiting in line, and at the counter, a male barista with tattoos, and a female barista with a nose ring, kinda cute but with a bitchy vibe and a frown.

Picture this as I walk in--bearded hipster heads turning towards me, eyes flashing towards mine...girls, guys....what to do?  I'm a nice guy, so I always thought the polite thing to do is to make sure to look back at everybody, give them a big smile--but sometimes it didn't seem to have the positive social effects I wanted.

One of my biggest takeaways from Jake's training and blog posts is that the more social value you have, the more value you can share with others. Every social mammal has behavioral cues to show where it is in the status hierarchy, as well as mating rituals which involve struggle, dominance and submission. Alpha male gorillas beat their chest, and betas grin to show submission; alpha male wolves hold their tails up high, and submissive beta males put their tails between their legs. You get all kinds of perks for being on top--but being on top just means acting in ways that are congruent with seeming as if you already are on top. For us, the best way to do this and gain social value is to model the high-value behavioral traits of celebrities. Imagine if you became a super-successful celebrity, your best and most successful self--how would you naturally behave, carry yourself--how would you be, what kind of energy would you have as a person? Well, your approval would be hard to get, but the reward would be high. You wouldn't necessarily be seeking anyone's eye contact and you might even avoid it.

Last time I was in Menotti's, I complimented nose ring barista girl on her tattoos, and she really didn't seem to give a fuck. I was giving away too much value for no good reason, so it didn't mean anything. This time I stood in front of her with my chin held about 3" high, kinda like a football player might look down his nose at a cheerleader. It's a new, casual stance Jake helped me with that feels really natural and works wonders over my old "perfect posture" stance. I got her attention, like "Hey." She looks at me. I point to the corner of my lips and break into a cheesy grin. She instantly cracks up and starts laughing. I'm like, "that's better! Before you were like 'bleeghgghghh' (and I lean in close and make a ridiculous face with my tongue stuck out) and now you're a little better, but if you ever do that again, we're over!"

Well, she loved it, and started telling me about her day and I ended up making her morning a lot more fun. Actually we made each others' mornings a lot more fun, but it only happened because I took action, and did exactly what Jake taught me to do--dominance struggle within a role play, dynamic her out on immediate nonverbal cues and violations of social order....high radius of awareness with a low perceived radius of awareness, as I walked in. Smile opener

Oh, and last night? There was a cute yoga teacher in my voice class, smoking little body, and she would chime in whenever I made comments about the nervous system and shit. In the past I would have complimented her, like "hey I really love how you contribute to class." But this time I went over, got in her face and I go, "you're so rude! you're always interrupting me! if you ever do that again we're OVER!" She fucking loved it, and I got her number (using Jake's technique from his ebook) after class as she was waiting for her live-in boyfriend to pick her up, and she texted back within half an hour "hi bryce! nice singing with u today"
The point is, I used to act like way too much of a boring nice guy, and I was scared to tease women or give them any dominant energy or sexual aggression, for fear they'd get upset. But the thing about the modern woman is, she might bemoan the patriarchy by day, but by night she feels only disgust and contempt for any man who doesn't mentally, physically, and socially dominate her. It's the times we're in--like we're finally sexually free enough that women get to choose the men they want, and who they want turns out to be cavemen. Cavemen with a heart of gold, I guess.

Okay, so that just the introduction.  Now I'm gonna break down my trainings and structure it in a way that will hopefully help you learn what I did from Jake and Camo.

So This is the meat and potatoes of the review, and I'm going to structure it like a recipe for a night of going out and picking up girls, because that's exactly what I wanted from my training, and it's exactly what my training gave me.
For me, the recipe for a night of pickup, and the structural progression of our night, went like this:
  1. Pre-Game
On the Lyft ride out to meet Jake and Camo in Hollywood, I was feeling nervous and not knowing what to expect. I hadn't approached women in a long time, but I had spent that time figuring out a procedure to overcome my A.A., which had been so bad that even at pickup mansion I only approached a few girls the whole month I was there (and one night Jake actually told me it was like I was suppressing all positive vibes). So I ran through my Approach Anxiety Eradictor. It's a little program of NLP techniques and meditations I put together, and basically I imagine seeing a hot girl, feel all the negative feelings of anxiety, hear the negative self-talk, and then do a bunch of pattern-interrupts, self-cognitive-therapy, and energy-breathing techniques to interrupt the negative cycle and get back on track. So that's what I did on the car ride out.

I had the Lyft driver drop me off a few blocks away from the club, so that I could do my Social Freedoms on the way to meet Jake and Camo. Basically I would just ask people "hey do you know where [X] bar is? oh cool is it any good?...alright thanks, I'm meeting some friends there, have a great night." Doing meditations in the car, and then social freedom exercises before I got to the venue, might sound like small potatoes but they are HUGE in helping overcome my mental and emotional obstacles to approaching.

2. Vibe Walking Around

I went into the venue to meet Jake and Camo, and it felt like greeting two close friends. Very positive energy and it made me excited for the training. As we walked out onto the balcony overlooking a crowded dancefloor and bar full of people, Jake taught me a lot about maintaining the vibe as you're out and about between sets.

Basically, it comes down to this simple equation: high radius of awareness + low PERCEIVED radius of awareness + low telegraphing of interest = massive social value and attraction from women. What this means in layman's terms is that whereas most men are constantly looking around them, desperate to see who's looking at them and if there are any hot women around, high value people are a lot more focused on the people they're with in the moment. For a high-value person, the party's wherever they are, not somewhere else. For us this means:
      Never turn and scope out crowd. (Jake is dead serious about this - how he’d whack me and be like wtf are you doing? when he caught me checking out the crowd, it was just the tough love I needed) Always be facing friends and look out sides of your eyes. Also Jake demo'd how if he wanted to look somewhere, he wouldn’t turn his head, he’d casually turn his whole body, eyes forward the whole time.
Face your wing straight on, tap his shoulder, lean in like “oh get this!” Big energy towards your friends.
      Group of girls walks by - no direct EC (eye contact)--observe from side of eyes, then see where they go and catch one looking at you
The closer you can be to staying in one place the better. Slowly go thru room - build value in one area.
You wanna catch her looking at you, not the other way around.

Pickup is a combination of superaggressive cold approach and also warm approaches at arms length. You can stand alone in a club, but it's best to guard your value -- If she asks where your friends are--don't say I’m here alone. Be like "My buddy was here and his girlfriend went to the next place to grab her, let's go find them." Or "these are my friends" and then turn to a safe group like a cute couple, open them with "hey you guys look like a cute couple, how long have you been together?" compliment them and make a few jokes, oh hey you guys again - I just saw somebody eat shit on the stairs. You've just made new best friends. Now you can combine groups, pull people in - "oh hey this girl says X, what do you think about that?" Building local value--the party's wherever you are, wherever you put your attention.

3. Approaching & Opening

Establishing the right kind of pre-approach vibe gives you the best leverage for approaching and opening, because people see you not as someone out to get laid, but as a high-value person who they'd be lucky to talk to. So after we spent some time in our own little bubble of excellence, only occasionally glancing out the corners of our eyes to try to catch women checking us out, Jake decided it was time for me to start approaching. He sent Camo out with me, into the trenches as it were, to do some demos and some winging. Camo is a great, fun, high-energy guy, and I was really amazed to see how he'd go up to a group of women dancing, and just manhandle them--picking them up , twirling them. I take club dance lessons but this was a lesson in sheer confidence and going all-out, and the women loved it. Camo got a quick make-out in like 2 minutes from the first dance set he opened--impressive. I think Jake said it best about Camo when he goes "Camo's not the tallest dude, but watching him go, it's like he's ten feet tall."

What's great about Camo is that he's not about theory and routines, he's about showing you exactly what to do to get girls to fall for you. At first I was doing a lot of verbal openers from Brad P, and they went over okay, but I always underestimate how much energy and kino these girls want. So Camo told me what to do (technique omitted) and that worked a lot better. These guys were all about getting me to realize that for kino to be effective, it has to be challenging and really force her to make a choice--she's either got to reject you and walk away, or becoming attracted, stick around, and become submissive. This is what it means to take polarized action.

As far as opener routines, I got fantastic results from Jake's favorite approach of a dominance struggle wrapped in a role play. This means I got great results from:

(3 openers omitted here)
  • Towards the end of the night Jake had me go open a girl who was eating a burrito, and I was like, what opener should I use--last week's lay? And Jake's like, just go up and be like "What the fuck--you didn't buy me a burrito? What the fuck!?! If you ever do that again, we're done. " It was the perfect illustration of how you can do this kind of opener off basically any minor perceived violation the girl gives you.
  • I was doing an opener to groups of girls where I'd go up and say "Hey, were you girls talking about me?...Well, why not?" It made them giggle, but then Jake suggested adapting it to something more like "yes you were, you were talking shit about me! You wanna fight? Put up your dukes! (Putting up fists and starting to shove girl around playfully). You wanna take this outside? Oh I didn't THINK so! Listen if you ever talk shit about me again, we're done!"
  • I even ran past Jake an opener I'd been working on, a really genuine "hey I noticed you standing here with incredible sense of style, I wanted to come talk to you but--I dunno, you might be crazy." Jake patiently explained how I was laying on all the wrong messages with that--telling her I've been watching her, I already like her, etc. Jake is really big on the idea that the most important thing for a girl to feel attracted for you is, she's gotta not know if you like her, like really have no idea and be asking herself "I really don't know if he likes me--why doesn't he, what's the deal? does he not like the way I look?" and then she becomes obsessed with winning your approval. So with my opener, he said to go the exact opposite way and be like "Geez I didn't even notice you were in the room, maybe if you had better fashion I would have noticed you!"
  • (3 more openers omitted here)
The nonverbal elements of being in set after opening are key, and this is where going to a live training was essential for me. I never would have figured out how I was coming across, and how much I needed to change, without Jake's help. I was standing in front of girls like a statue, and Jake really helped make my body language and facial expressions come alive--I even took months of acting classes recently, and none of those helped as much as Jake did. 

The best part is, he didn't just give me a set list of alpha male behaviors; he also took the time to come up with some behaviors uniquely suited to my own vibe. Again, this is why a live training is essential; you can't get it just from reading. Some of the stuff, like sticking your face right up to hers and being ridiculous, would be really hard to learn on your own.
One thing I appreciate from that night is how Jake and Camo insisted I open every girl possible--even ones I wasn't necessarily attracted to. At first I hesitated because I was thinking "it's dishonest to flirt with a girl if I have no intention of fucking her." But this never became a problem. Instead, I added a lot of joy to a lot of less-than-stellar girls' nights, and I got a lot more in-state myself. 

I want to continue opening girls without taking the time to think "is she hot enough for me?" That kind of thinking is actually a sticking point that must be overcome, because it's based on false fears, deprives me of practice, and often I won't approach even when it is a hot girl if I start wondering, is she hot or not.

The only other thing I want to say about opening is that I also opened a number of girls who were with guys, and that's something that used to scared me, but it turned out being okay. (technique omitted, sorry dudes I know you hate me, but some of this shit isn't free lol)

4. In-Set: High Octane Vibing

Once you've built attraction with an opener and two attract routines, it's time for logistics, then comes what I call, after watching Jake, high-octane vibing.  (technique omitted).  This works with guys too, but for a girl, as you're telling her this, you may be holding her hand and pulling her in kinda close as you listen.

Truthfulness with built-in rapport breaking: this is where you tell her what you like about her, but also, instead of putting her on a pedestal for being hot, you honestly think about what objections you might have if the two of you were together, and voice them, so she knows you're still evaluating and you're not won over. In the case above, you might be like "graphic design? that's cool, but are you gonna be sitting in front of a computer all day? I want a girl who will go hiking with me," and when I tried basically just that line, the girl immediately qualified herself, "yeah I love to go hiking!"

5. Escalation aka "Pulling the Trigger"

On my first night, I opened the hottest girl in the club with stink face, then started twirling her, reading her palm, trading hair. When I could tell she was attracted (which was long past the actual point she became attracted), I even told her "it's too crowded here, let's go inside and talk." I successfully isolated her inside on a couch, and then I did something really stupid. I thought, "now's the time for comfort talk," and I spent like 10 minutes going through 4 magic questions routine as well as the 3 questions game. And at some point, I notice she starts crossing her legs away from me, then she gets up and she's like "Um I better go find my friends. You can come with me." And I started following her around the club, but after a few minutes even I could tell this was a bad thing and she was losing attraction for me, fast. So I stopped following her and went back to Jake and Camo, and Jake explained what happened.

He told me there's only a short window of time we have to make something happen, and if we don't pull the trigger quickly, the girl begins to lose interest and think "if he won't kiss me quickly, maybe he won't be the kind of guy who will fuck me quickly, either." This is the kind of thing that runs right up against all my prior conditioning about how it's wrong to be aggressively sexual with women. Only Jake and Camo showing and explaining this to me finally helped me understand.

When I had been leading the hot girl inside, another girl stopped us, a kind of cute nerdy blonde girl with librarian glasses and a nose ring, and she goes "I hope you two are a couple, because you're just perfect together!" At first I was like hmm should I accuse her of trying to pick us up for a threesome? But I was just like "thanks, you're adorable, what's your name?" And then I led my girl inside. Well, after then proceeding to bore my hot girl and lose her, I ultimately found this nerdy girl again, and I ended up pulling her home. Jake and Camo really helped me. I remember they took me in their car, and I had nerdy in back and I was running dirty old man, while the boys played "Day-O" and "King of the Road," and I felt great but I also knew I wasn't with the girl I wanted to be with.

Towards the end of my second night of training, I'm still having a little difficulty pulling the trigger, and this is when Jake steps in and things get crazy. There's a British girl who's with a group including several cute girls I lucked out with. They had some kind of role-play going on where she kept calling Jake her husband. (Yeah she wishes!) Jake whispers in my ear, "watch this. I'm gonna escalate and escalate and escalate and force her to stop me and walk away." Well--she never walked away. Jake would pick her up, smack her ass, and she'd be like "no!" and walk a few steps away or run to us like "help, your friend's crazy!" then run back to Jake. Then Jake would escalate even harder--at one point I see him lick her forehead and the entire side of her face, and then her elbow. Well my friends, this girl ended up coming home with us--back to Jake's house in the hills--and she brought her entire group with her.

Jake explained to me the principle, which is to escalate a girl until she is forced to walk away or stick around and become submissive. The principle is "no no no no no no YES!!!" This goes against the whole "no means no" paradigm which is drilled into us, but really, there are two kinds of no. There's a solid firm no, which is basically her walking away, and which must be respected. And then there's this other kind of no, which means "keep going," and if you respect it, you're a total loser. Because this process is incredibly arousing for girls, and really hot girls rarely get this energy because people are always putting her on a pedestal, telling her she's gorgeous, and being submissive around her.

So like I said, Jake's total domination of this girl, which was always done with a warm smile and warm teasing and role-play, led to her total submission and helped get her entire group of British friends to Jake's place in the Hollywood Hills. The final pull of the whole group was like a military operation--fast, decisive, get the fucking cars, get the girls into the cars, don't leave time for any objections.

(One of the most hilarious moments of the night was when a lady was trying to pull out of the parking lot but she was momentarily blocked by our cars, and she started honking her horn, and Jake's like "Keep honking your horn, lady, maybe it'll finally work" and a bystander's like "you're being aggressive" and Jake's like "what? she was a social violator!" It's really funny to see how other people react to displays of social dominance and assertiveness.)

It was at this point that Jake and I see a blond girl, who I thought was pretty hot but had this reserved superior vibe, talking to some guys while eating a burrito and Jake's like "go open her!" I'm like "what opener should I use--last week's lay?" and he says "just be like, 'you didn't get me a burrito!?--what the fuck!?!" and I'm like cool, that's awesome, I'll try that. So I walk over and I bust it out, and this girl hates it, she's like "get away from me, stop touching me." One of the guys gets super defensive or protective and says to me "Dude, you're being ridiculous." I say, "I'm the most ridiculous guy ever! But what about you, fella?" I see he has a chewed up straw tucked behind his ear and I'm like "why do you have a straw tucked behind your ear--do you chew on that to help quit smoking, or something?" And he says "yeah actually I just quit, and this helps me" and I'm like cool, good for you, what's your name? And we had a somewhat friendly chat.

I go back to Jake and then this good-looking British kid comes up and starts talking us, I really like his energy and his confidence so I compliment him on it. Turns out he's in the process of getting coked up, which could explain part of his confidence, but he's also a successful actor who just got nominated for a BAFTA. And it turns out, he's in the group of the girl who's face Jake licked. Next thing you know, the girl who just hated my burrito opener wanders up, and SHE's in the group too! Man, all the pieces of this pull are coming together like it's fated.

So Camo takes all the girls in his car, and Jake and I take a Lyft ride, during which Jake debriefs me about the night. I'm tentative to talk about game secrets in front of the driver, but Jake doesn't give a shit, which displays admirable social freedom. At one point, Jake's telling me "You could have committed a lot more energy to most of those sets," and I'm like, "I know what you mean, and I think one problem is, I have trouble caring about these girls." The driver burst out laughing, and he's like wait--are you guys pickup artists? Is this a training? We're like, yeah, and Jake gives him his card and tells him about it. As the driver pulls up to Jake's place, there's also a carful of hot girls pulling up with Camo, and we're like "check it out--no better advertisement than this!"

So now we're in the house with the girl who Jake licked, the two girls who rejected me during the night, a coked-up British actor and one other guy friend of theirs. It was so useful for me to see how Jake and Camo continued to maintain the playful, sexual, aggro vibe, while leavening it with some comfort-type stuff. Camo continued to pick up girls who were taller than he was, dance with them, even once hugged their heads like a loving grandma, then when they wanted more attention he was like "you're too demanding!" 

As for Jake, I got to see him tell some of his stories, which I really enjoyed. There was one especially where he had to kick a guy's ass for stealing liquor at a party, then he walked back in all cool to the hot bartender and says "I'll take a heineken," and the bartender's like "You just kicked a guy's ass then walk back in like it's no big deal and order a heineken? God, I'm so wet right now." I really liked how that highlighted how Jake's aggressive side could be very sexy to girls. 

Then I also heard him deliver an impassioned disquisition about why all the best music comes from the heroin experience, how even though we may not have done heroin, there's clearly something in the experience we can all relate to.  As I watched him tell this, he came off like a passionate guy who thinks about the world he lives in and comes up with theories about what interests him. I admire how Jake, like a great actor, embodies all the different facets of his human experience.

Finally, Jake happened to mention that he tells the girls he's dating when he's finished teaching a workshop, so if they feel weird, they can come over and check it out. I really like how honest Jake is with girls he dates about being a dating coach. 

I'm not doing justice to it to the entirety of what Jake said, but he was speaking such self-evident truths about relationships, I can only imagine any sane person nodding their head in agreement.

Alright guys, that's the end of my review. To sum it all up, I can say that my training with Jake and Camo has been the turning point I've been seeking in getting my game, and a lot of other parts of my life, headed in the right direction. I want this post to be useful to you, as well as something that honors what Jake and Camo gave me, so I may edit it a bit for readability in the future if I decide it's too long and disjointed. In the meantime please feel free to ask me any questions, and know that yes, I do intend to sign up for training with Jake and Camo in the future. Thanks for reading!

~ B.


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