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So this weekend was a great one.  Camo and I have been coaching for a couple weeks now and this saturday night we pulled a bunch of girls back to the place and had a really amazing night!  I asked the student if he would write a review for the trainings he got since Camo is new, so I'll throw that review up once I get it.

The main lesson from these two trainings was aggressiveness.

If you're like many students then you're probably not even close to as aggressive with women as you need to be.  Camo continues to demonstrate night after night that he can makeout with multiple women in one venue through being aggressive.  The first night with teaching out with me he made out with the first girl he talked to and he did it right in front of the student in about 2 minutes.  Can you do that?

Why not?

Well if you don't know the answer to that, I'll tell you.  Getting a makeout is all about aggressively timing your kino with the woman's response to you.  The first training, this student talked to the hottest women in the entire venue.  He was able to do opening, attraction, palm reading, and even isolated her in a dark area of the venue, where he continued to talk more until she ended up leaving.  The problem?  She left because it took him too long to kiss her.

So this training we worked with the student on his aggressiveness.  Sometimes the first answer you get from a woman is no, so I decided to demonstrate aggressiveness.  I tried to kiss a girl and when she said no I turned to the student and said "Okay, now are you ready?  Watch me turn this into a yes."  Then he watched me being aggressive for about 15 seconds maybe until I kissed her.  She did so begrudgingly at first, almost trying to get away from me, then she let loose and just went for it.  The result?  She wouldn't stop following me around all night and then brought 4 of her girlfriends to a party with us where we closed them.   And I didn't even really want her, I just wanted to demo aggressiveness.  She was hooked.  

So how is it that guys like Camo and I can repeatedly demonstrate this over and over and almost no guys can actually do it?  We know how to touch, when to touch, what signs to look for, and how aggressive to be.  These things all need to be present and working together harmoniously.  We know when no means not yet and when no means no, and we know how to change the "not yet's" into "yes's" in very short time periods.

The cool thing about this is that we can do this with anyone's game!  It's really not that tough.  When I was a beginning student, I learned this technique very quickly and was doing it in my first workshop.  Most guys can do it with not too much training.  It's surprising to me how easy it is for a lot of guys to mimic when they're given the proper guidance and technique.

So guess what?  This student got the guidance he needed and he had an amazing night!  Details are on the way in his review, I don't wanna spoil things by telling you much more than I already have.

Are you ready to be able to get girls quickly and quit wasting your life alone?  How much longer are you willing to wait before you finally get yourself trained by professionals?

Don't be willing to wait any longer.  Do it now.  I'm gonna help by making it as affordable as possible for you right now.  If you don't take me up on this, please stop reading my blog cause I don't know how else I can help you!  EVERYONE needs to have a pro look at their game and now is the time.  Quit waiting for your life to turn around and quit wasting your mornings waking up in your own bed.

But before I give you the good news, I want to first offer my members of the Flawless Man forum $100 off any of these prices!  So if you're not yet in the Flawless man forum, join at the link below.  It's $67 a month, so just by joining and purchasing a training you're already going to save $33 on your training.


Camo is ready to train you One-on-one.

4 hours for $549!
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That's right, you can get a ONE-ON-ONE training for $549 right now!!!  You'll meet up in Hollywood and get to see demos and work on your game for 4 solid hours straight for only $549!  If you've been waiting for some magic deal to help your game, this is it.  If you buy two sessions then you're only paying about $450 for each night of training!


And if you'd love to still have the chance to meet me and have two pairs of eyes on you for the night, you can do that too.  I'll be right there with Camo, ready to back you up and give the deeper perspective that it's taken me the better part of 10 years of approaching to learn.

You get Jake & Camo for:

4 hours for $599!
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Also, if you'd just like to have me alone train you, I've decided to offer a deal on training with me as well.  Lately I've been getting $400/hour for my training and doing 4 hours for $1600 or 8 hours for $2500, but for the month of April I'm going to drop that rate.  Again, this offer is only good for trainings purchased in the month of April.  You may schedule your training for a later date as well if you'd like, but you must purchase the training this month.

4 hours for $799!
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Email me: and we'll make it happen.

Still not convinced?  Well if you'd like to train on a weekday I can offer you a little bit better deal, and many of the spots in Hollywood are just as good on weekdays as they are on weekends.  Shoot me an email and we'll arrange something.

Can you find cheaper training?  Probably.

Do you want that training?  Fuck no.

Listen, every night I go out and train guys in Hollywood I see guys from other companies training.  There's always 3 guys (or more) and one instructor, and the same thing happens every time.  The students huddle around in the group, wait to ask questions to the instructor, maybe try a few approaches, and end up leaving the training having not learned much.  I can see the despair a mile away.  They certainly aren't getting the phone numbers and lays that you've read my students getting in their reviews for over 8 years now.

Instead, the students of the other guys got what they paid for.  Go try this training and I promise you you'll come running back to me just like other guys have.  Worse yet, some of them have gone elsewhere and gotten messed up because the instructors had no idea what they were doing.

So there you have it.  That's the best possible offer I can give you guys and it's only for the month of April here, so take advantage of it.  $450 for a training is badass!  Do it!  I won't let you down.

email me: or shoot me a paypal to ID: and I'll reserve your training dates.

Oh!  And I'll be posting that review as soon as he sends it to me.  You'll wanna read this....

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