Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How To Learn Dating Skills As Fast As Possible

Hey guys,

I've got some updates for you today.  I'm currently in the mode of trying to get as connected as possible to you guys, so if you want to learn dating skills as fast as humanly possible, here's how to get connected...


If you didn't read my post yesterday, I'm starting to make YouTube videos.  I'm shooting for two videos a week about 3 minutes in length on common dating topics.  If you haven't seen yesterdays video yet, Here's the Link.   This is the first time I've shown my face to the dating world publicly.  Make sure to Subscribe to my channel, it really shows your support and it'll help you get access to the videos the second they're live.  Oh, and you can also see a video of me teaching in Cancun where I signed a 90 lb girl's chest, a video I took in San Diego of a girl singing me "The Rape Song," an approach anxiety interview I did with Glenn when I was in Vegas a few months ago, and if you're into the movie Swingers like I am (because it's about women and LA, so how could you not be?), I posted a video from The Dresden of Marty & Elaine performing "Stayin Alive," just like in the movie.   So go check all that stuff out.

The Flawless Man Group:

Today I've just created a new exclusive Facebook Group called The Flawless Man Group, where we can all meet and discuss dating, upcoming events, etc.  When I'm on there I'll be chatting live with people.  Post your funny videos, approach videos, ask me the dirt on approach or dating videos and I'll give you my opinion, stuff like that.  Join it now by clicking here.  I'll be checking in there everyday and it's free, so there's no reason not to get connected.

The Flawless Man Forum:

If you'd like to learn my most heavily guarded secrets and get specific advice tailored just for you, the Flawless Man Forum is the place to be.  Right now we're coming up on 1000 posts, so I'm very excited about the growth and progress that I'm seeing!  The guys wanted me to jump on Tinder this week so I did, and I had a 75% response rate with a message I sent girls.  Of those 75%, 100% went to phone numbers and I've posted the screenshots of my entire conversations from Tinder so that you can see for yourself exactly how women give me their phone numbers without me even asking!  What could possibly be better than that?  I even posted screenshots from the one girl I didn't get to go out with me at first just so you can see how I handle non-responses from her.  And guess what?  After 10 days of not responding, my non-response game was good enough to get her to give me her number.  BAM!  Nobody is better than me at texting, period.

And!  If you think Tinder or online dating is dead and doesn't work and you need proof that it definitely can work, there are plenty more threads with other guys' screenshots of texting on the forum too.  Every day my forum members come first for me and I give in-depth advice on every single thread, so don't miss them!

When we hit 100 members on the forum I'm going to raise the price to $99 a month, so get in before then!  Right now I'm even making video answers to individual student's questions in the forum, so if you've ever wanted a personal answer to a question, The Flawless Man Forum is the place.  You simply purchase a copy of my book for $67 and you get two weeks in the forum for free to check it out.  There's no risk at all and you can cancel anytime you like.   


Yesterday I started a snapchat account and if you haven't added me yet you missed out on having a glimpse right into my Hollywood life.  I hit a bluegrass/rap show in Silverlake, I switched faces with a super hot big titted blond girl I pulled to Harvard & Stone then home, and I filmed a dude against his will who was sitting next to his huge puddle of puke outside of Good Times at Davey Wayne's here in Hollywood.  He told me his name was "Great."  Why are you missing this?!?  I'll be out again tonight doing it all over again, so add me on snapchat.  My handle is snapjakep

Oh, and by the way, holy shit is snapchat a game changing app!  I'm going to make a post in The Flawless Man Forum about Snapchat Game, and a video is on the way as well, possibly even a full-on product.  What a great way to open and flirt with women.  What could be easier!


Although I'm not currently posting any pics to my Instagram, I've come up with a killer strategy for Instagram that allows you to open women effortlessly and get their contact info with little to no effort!  I'm going to post this strategy today in for my forum members.  It's a killer one so check it out.

Video Reviews

Part of the journey of learning and growth is to give back to those who aren't as far along on their path towards learning as you might be.  I'd like to thank those of you who have already volunteered to record video reviews of yourselves talking about your training and time with me!!!  It GREATLY helps others in their decision making process of finding someone to train with, and I think it's important that guys just like you get to hear reviews from other guys who have met me and trained with me personally.

If you've trained with me in any way and you'd like to help out guys just like you who might be wondering if I'm the real deal or who might be on the fence about signing up for training, then I'd love it if you'd grab your phone shoot a simple and honest video of yourself talking about your experience with me.  Send it to me via email at or via dropbox and I'll throw it up on my website or YouTube page.  I gratefully have made it my life's work to give back my knowledge to others, so I hope you can join me in that work.

Your Mom

I've been giving your mom nightly "updates" for awhile now.  She loves them.


So that's it for today guys.  I hope you'll really take advantage of this unique moment in time as I build my business right in front of your eyes and I seek out my passion to become the world's best dating instructor.  I love entrepreneurship, working for myself, having everyday be my Saturday if I want it to be, not wearing khakis and dress shirts anymore, having an abundance of amazing women in my life, and building my future.  Please utilize me now before I'm so damn popular you won't be able to reach me.  And I promise you, it's on the way.

Have a great rest of your week!  And get connected, dammit.

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