Thursday, June 9, 2016

Are you a "Fast Mover?"

When it comes to choosing men, women have a tough job, so they employ many sneaky tricks designed to filter out men who they deem might not be the best for them.  This is a biological mechanism at work, and unfortunately biology just doesn't favor everyone.  However!  The good news is that for those of us who are smart or experienced at seeing the traps women set before we fall into them, we can improve our chances of snagging the ever illusive chupacabra of the fairer species... the "10."  Today i'm going to talk about one such trap women set that I like to call the "fast mover" trap.  After all, just because you're not biologically superior doesn't mean you're a bad guy...

So what exactly is a "fast mover?"  Well, a fast mover is a guy who would have sex with a woman very quickly after meeting her.  Society and biology tell women to stay away from fast moving men because they have less potential to stick around if the woman were to get pregnant.  In addition to that, women learn at a young age that men who are immediately willing to have sex with them are often needy or desperate, and will commonly have many bad personality characteristics that come along with a lack of abundance in their lives.  Men who don't get their sexual needs met are often pushy, inexperienced, nosey, way too nice, passive aggressive, etc etc etc.  As you might imagine, women have a HUGE motivation to stay far far away from fast movers because of all the crap they bring along with them.

The reality about fast movers is that most men fall into the category of a fast mover quite at some time or another.  It's not a terrible thing.  What is terrible, in my opinion, is when an otherwise good guy loses his chance at dating a woman simply because he falls victim unknowingly to a woman's fast mover trap.

What exactly is the fast mover trap?  Well, when a woman is meeting a man, sometimes she'll feign that she's willing to comply with a man's wishes (sex, dates, meet ups, etc).  The woman knows it's far too soon to be doing whatever she seems to be acting like she's willing to do, and she acts like it anyways.  If the man takes the "bait" of agreeing to sex, dates, etc. before he has created what the woman deems to be a necessary amount of attraction, comfort, or connection, then the woman shuts the man down and often gives him no reason why.  She has simply decided that he's not worthy of her because she now has "proof" that he's a fast mover, and therefore not an alpha male.  If this happens to you then you can say bye bye to your chances with her.

Let me give you an example.

On the Flawless Man Forum this week one of the members posted screenshots of his Tinder account where he sent three messages back and forth to a girl using the simple steps I outline in my book Flawless Texting.  Everything was working as planned and as often happens on the girl's third message back to him she decided to test him because she wanted to test his level of dominance.  After all, moving fast isn't a terrible thing for a woman if she happens to find what she really wants.

So they're texting and she asks him "Is there a cure for missing you so much?"  to which he replies "You should come over tonight."

So what did she say?  She said "Lol as if"


What happened here?  Well she laid a trap, he fell right into it, and she instantly nexted him as a result.  After all, women are MASTERS at laying these traps, and the only way to avoid them is to read about them in threads like his on the forum so you can recognize the traps before they happen.  Or, I suppose you can fall into them and lose girl after girl until you realize what happens and map them all out like I have.  But do you really have the time to hit on 50,000+ women like I have so that you know all of the traps and can avoid them every time a woman sets a trap for you?  My guess is that you don't have that kind of time.  That's why I'm here.

This woman acted like she wanted the guy to ask her out because she knew that if he asked her out it would be far too soon to do so because they don't have enough of a connection to warrant going out yet.  And if the guy asks her out way too soon, then he must be a fast mover, especially when (like in this case) he says he wants her to come over tonight.  There's a way to get women to come over tonight if that's what you'd like to do, and falling into her traps like this isn't the way.  However, if you can avoid it and create some additional attraction and connection with the girl, then you'll have a much better shot at sleeping with her or getting a date with her, or whatever else you're after.

So how can you beat this test when it happens?  Simple.  Recognize it first by learning it beforehand, understand her sub communication, then send her the correct message so that you get around the test. In this case when she wrote "Is there a cure for missing you so much" I would have messaged her back with something like "Nope.  You're completely fucked."

The reason a text like that works is because it shatters the woman's expectations and it does so in a very polarized way.  I understand that she's trying to get me to ask her out too soon as a ploy for mental dominance, and so I choose to interpret her text message somewhat literally and I tell her she's fucked, as in "there's no cure for missing me, you'll be missing me forever."  This was a great chance to demonstrate confidence in a very funny and somewhat asshole-ish way, and women love that kind of thing.

Do you feel like you're falling into these traps a lot or just getting shot down a lot and you don't know why?  Are girls even texting you back?  Are you even getting phone numbers?  I know when I wasn't getting messaged back I felt like I would never figure all of this out, and now after 8 years of teaching guys about it, I've finally made a place where you can one simple quick text that gets woman to respond and you can also learn these pitfalls before they happen to you.  If you're interested in not feeling like a chump anymore when it comes to women and instead you'd like to feel like the man when girls keep saying "YES!" to you over and over, pickup a copy of my book Flawless Texting and jump on the Flawless Man Forum, the only forum on the internet where men post screenshots of their text messages with women and we all get to learn from each other's mistakes.  Heck, you can even post on there and I'll tell you exactly what to respond to her if you don't know.  Oh, and I'm the only one offering advice right now, not some guy you don't know and you've never heard of.  But this won't last forever so take action and join us today!  You've literally got nothing to lose.  And thanks for reading.


  1. Isn't the standard advice in the industry has always been to move fast and "strike wile the iron is hot" to show her you are the man and can make shit happen?

    I understand this might be too general to answer here but how fast is too fast? Should we err on the side of moving too fast or too slow?

    Dr. Ray

    1. You're right, the standard advice is to strike when the iron is hot, however, "fast movers" are willing to strike far BEFORE the iron is hot, and most all women pick up on this and view it as a very bad thing.

      In a face-to-face meeting, the successful man is aggressive enough to push the woman's limits for how far she'll go while being perceptive enough to slow down or slip by the traps that the woman sets for him. And for the record, my version of "aggressive" is probably 100 times as aggressive as most guy's definition. This is something most people have to see in person before they truly believe what's possible. Most often, what's really possible is completely outside of a student's reality.

      For maximum percentage returns, the idea is to gauge when you have enough attraction/connection/comfort to really push aggressively, and then to push the gas pedal with all you've got.

      Texting, however, is different than in-person game because we don't have the luxury of using physical aggression as an emotional stimulant. Instead, texting requires careful attention to how far through the process of attraction/connection/comfort we are. Women are more sensitive to eagerness via text because it's a different energy than physical aggression and domination in a face-to-face encounter. In addition to this, they have much more time to plan and calculate their game.